Are Female Thursday Boots worth it? Thursday Boots Duchess Review

Ladies have a big advantage as far as clothing and boot choices go. But while there’s a lot of female boots that look great, not many come with features that make them worth it, instead of boots that make life easier, you end up with boots that just look good on Instagram, boots that are a nightmare to wear. Thursday Boots? They make boots that destroy other boots at this price range as far as features go. At least as far as men’s boots go. But what about female Thursday Boots? Are the female Thursday Boots worth it as much as the male ones?

Are female thursday boots worth it main

These are the Thursday Boots Duchess in Black, and for us to recommend a boot, it needs to perform in every possible scenario whether that’s walking and running hundreds of kilometers/miles across the US, Canada, Ireland, and Sweden, in ice, snow, and rain, or playing football or soccer.

Are female thursday boots worth it a

The problem with a lot of boots reviews is that they do not consist of enough tests. They are merely a nice photoshoot and some light opinions. And that’s not good enough as far as knowing whether the female Thursday Boots are worth it. And that’s especially not good enough if you an only afford one pair of boots.

Blisters, slipping, constantly ruined boots and wet socks? Does that sound familiar to you? Our tests were made around these problems, because if these boots fail in these aspects, then what’s the point of getting them?

Female Thursday Boots Are Cheaper Than Male Thursday Boots

Some people will be happy seeing that, but some will also be bothered by it. After all, why are these cheaper than the male ones? What sacrifice was made to get them to be cheaper?


Are female thursday boots worth it a

That’s what I thought at first. Especially considering the male and female models are of the same thickness, same grip, and overall very similar, with a slightly different shape.

But that also didn’t make that much sense to me as while smaller feet could be a factor, it wouldn’t bring down the cost of the boots by $39 with the male Duke boots costing $199 and the Duchess just $160.

After some more in-depth inspection of the website, I realized that the female boots miss one major feature. Goodyear welt construction. Yes, not all Thursday Boots for males have it, but the majority of them do, or some other known construction. The female Thursday Boots? There’s no mention of any construction with them.

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The great thing about the Goodyear welt construction is how great it does at protecting the boot against water which has been the case with the boots that Michael tested in a river.

Are THursday Boots worth it thursday boots duke review standing

The female ones don’t come with that feature, and they also are not re-soleable. That tells me that the Thursday Boot company does not expect females to wear them in the very long-term.

And that brings the price down.

Is it as big of a deal as it seems though?

Not really.

If you ever had a pair of Thursday Boots, you would know that these are beyond durable. Whether it’s the grip or the leather, these perform, without eroding.

Are female thursday boots worth it ca
Can somebody send Pato some socks? Wearing white socks don’t fit our guidelines.

Is every pair perfect? No. These are handcrafted, and people mess up, so once in a while, there will be somebody that’s disappointed, but overall, these boots offer grip that shows very little signs on both their male and female models, since the same grip is used on both the Duke and Duchess.

Michael’s Captain Natural pair that he walked in every single day for 5 months getting several thousand kilometers of walking with, they had very minimal wear after a year, which for most people would be like 4 or 5 years of usage, but we will get more into that later on.

So while yes, we would like to see the Goodyear welt added to these for extra protection, and if you ever need new soles making them fully future proof, but logically speaking, these boots are great to a point that we don’t see an absolute need to it.

And logically speaking, if they last you just 5 years, and you wear them for a combined time of 365 within those 5 years, you are only paying 43 cents per day of use. The only bad thing about not being able to put new soles on these is that you will need to start the aging process again when you get a new pair.

Durability is Vital

This is where male boots and female boots differ a lot. The problem with male boots for a very long time was creating styles that match the world we live in. For females, the style was never a problem. Quality was. 

Female boots lack in quality from almost every single angle across. And social media has a lot to do with that. It’s no longer enough to wear something repeatedly. People judge.

What they don’t tell you is that if you get the right pair of boots, people won’t notice that you wore them over again. Something that stands out too much? That is a problem though.

Another thing that they don’t tell you is that if you put this pair of boots on versus a $40 pair, you won’t care that you are only getting one pair of boots, due to the comfort they provide, but more on that later.

Thursday Boots solved the issue of durability with female boots.

These have been walked and ran with, in all kinds of conditions all over the world, whether Sweden, Canada, the US, or Ireland, in the last 3 months. On all kinds of terrains, in all kinds of different environments.

Snow wasn’t an issue. Rain neither. The leather looks pretty much brand new after over 3 months of use, but to take the test of durability to the next level, I decided to kick a ball with these, a lot. Repeatedly.

And they survived.Are female thursday boots worth it Not only that they survived, but they also had no marks or signs of wear due to playing with these.

Are female thursday boots worth it a

And if they can handle that, then rest assured that these are durable, and not just boots that you will throw away after a year.

The only issue I had was with the strap at the back. Firstly, I found it pointless on this pair of boots since these are chelsea boots, hence easy to put on in the first place, but when I did use the straps due to it being there, both of them ended up ripping.

Are female thursday boots worth it flaw

When looking through the reviews of these on their site, it seems that this didn’t happen only to me, so perhaps that’s something Thursday Boots need to work on.

If You Are Looking for Boots That Will Look Great on Long Trips, Don’t Go for Black Leather

And that’s not due to the black leather being of poor quality, it’s just that black leather gets dirty very easily, and it’s too visible. Especially when snow is around.

Are female thursday boots worth it dirty

These get dirty very easily. Too easily. Black leather just isn’t the right color if you are planning to go on adventures and are looking for great photos, especially around snow.

Pretty Warm for Boots Without Fur Inside

When it’s cold, if you are wearing thin socks, and you aren’t walking in these, you can get cold pretty quick with these. Perhaps that’s due to this boot being a chelsea boot allowing some air from top to come in, but overall, they are still far better at keeping me warm than any of my other shoes/boots without fur.

Are female thursday boots worth it g

But females get colder much easier than men, and while Michael didn’t feel cold in his boots, thin socks when standing around will most likely make you cold if you are a female. Perhaps that has something to do with the lack of Goodyear welt construction used, perhaps it doesn’t, but I do wish Thursday Boots did insulated them slightly better, for women.

Boots That You Won’t Slip In

Are Female Thursday Boots worth it as far as grip? This is where a quality pair of boots really makes a difference, and the already mentioned grip that Thursday Boots have is amazing.

It’s not a 10/10 as these do struggle with heavy ice and especially melting ice, as just about all boots, but as far as snow goes, these work perfectly. 

Even more importantly, going back to durability, this grip is just fantastic. It’s a grip that doesn’t get event slightly as much damage in a year, as certain boots/sneakers in a week or two.

Are female thursday boots worth it h

Most Comfortable Boots out There

Michael has this saying that if you are a female and going out, that you should not wear anything with heels.

Now, these, don’t have a super long heel, but with that said, the grip on these does make a massive difference in control as far as walking is concerned.

But Thursday Boots are also the most comfortable boots I ever had.

Not only did I never get a blister with these, but these also come with leather lining inside that none of my previous boots/shoes came with. And that makes these comfortable to a point that I can go on full day adventures with these. What else could you want as far as comfort?

Boots That Keep You Dry

You might be asking how these do without the Goodyear welt construction, and while I didn’t put them into a river, they do what they are meant to do, meaning they keep me dry, whether in rain or snow, whether out of the box, or 3 months later.

And that’s what separates great boots from okay boots.

Sizing is Weird

This is a problem for me, and many others.

That fear factor of whether the boot your order will be the right size.

Sizing issues happen a lot with these, and on Amazon, people have only a 64% success rate with these. Not that great. That’s at least 4 out of 10 people having a size that doesn’t fit them. And that’s frustrating, especially if you don’t live in the US.

Thursday Boots for sure need to work on some sizing mechanism. Pretty much everyone has a ruler or some sort of measurement tool at home. Creating a system for measurement consisting of a few questions would go a long way.

Are Female Thursday Boots Worth It? 

Are female thursday boots worth it k

These are the Thursday Boots Duchess in Black, and they are lightly behind the men’s mainly due to the construction that’s not used with these, but overall, compared to boots at this price, they destroy their competition. That’s because Thursday Boots sell online, and in their stores directly, eliminating the need for a middle man, eliminating a bunch of costs, resulting in your boots being cheaper while of higher quality. They also make in smaller batches saving money on pairs that don’t end up being bought. Most importantly, they are a company that cares about people, and that is why these are so great. As it’s not all about maximizing profits.

With that said, they still stain your socks which is annoying, and the sizing issue is annoying, but you won’t find a better pair of boots at this price. So if you are asking are female Thursday Boots worth it, these absolutely are. We can’t speak about all of them, since this Thursday Boots Duchess in Black is the first female pair of these that we reviewed, but from our experience, these offer consistent performance through out all models.

This review was written by both Pato & Michael Smolski.

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