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This page is all about things that make your life better. Whether it’s clothing that makes you feel better or whether a piece of technology that can save your life. And when it comes to life, health is the most important thing. And luckily there’s a lot of fitness tech that will make your life better, from the outfit you wear to the supplements you take, such as sarms, which you can check other results before even start taking them, here are some sarms before and after pictures to see what are we talking about.


The thing about studies is that studies provide an average of average people. They are trying to find what works for most people. And that’s the thing. It ends at “most” people. You aren’t most people. What works for others might not work with you. Same with planning.

“The most important thing is to know ourselves, and to choose the habit strategies that work for us.” – Gretchen Rubin

FitnessGenesBut what if there was a way to find a balance between what studies are saying and what works for you? What if you didn’t have to go on a big search to find what works for you? What if you simply had to but your saliva in a tube and give it to your postman? FitnessGenes provides you with exercises and nutrition based on what you want to achieve and based on what works the best for your body based on your DNA.

FitnessGenes turns what works for “most” people into this works for “you.”  

You can’t change what you don’t know about. There are hundreds of different ways to do it, you won’t know which one is the best until you try it. FitnessGenes finds out which one is the best for you. FitnessGenes is part of fitness tech that will make your life better.


Minerals and vitamins matter in our lives.

Our body needs minerals and vitamins for growth and health. But when do we actually know that we have enough? Guessing that you have enough because you took a tablet is not enough. You can get a test done, but tests take time. You won’t see your results right away.

What if you had a tool that can help you. A tool that won’t necessarily help you know your exact intake but will provide you with a current outlook on how your vitamins and mineral levels are looking. Vitastiq does that. Now, by no means is it accurate, but it’s good enough. And good enough is sometimes all you need. Good enough can make you see that you need more vitamin C or such. And based on that, you can make tremendous changes. Vitamins and minerals matter. Fitness tech such as Vitastiq helps you with vitamins and minerals.

Vitastiq is an electropuncture device. As Vitastiq states on their site, “Vitastiq connects the EAV methodology to your smartphone. The EAV (Electroacupuncture According to Voll) was researched by a German medical doctor Reinhard Voll and his team. They established that acupuncture points differ from the surrounding skin and have higher electrical conductivity. The electrical conductivity at these points has been related to the vitamin and mineral balance.”

The cool thing about is that you can see your trends over time. If you have a log or such that shows your diet, exercise, and lifestyle, you can make tremendous changes based on that.

Jabra Elite Sport

You probably saw my recent review of Jabra’s top fitness earbuds.  Earbuds by themselves don’t have too much factor in health. They do help with workouts. That counts. But other than that, they need something special in order to help you with your life. And these are special.

Elite SportThese earbuds have GPS. They have a heart rate sensor. This means data. And data helps us improve our lives. We can improve if we have data. But these also have a coach. And that’s an essential aspect that really makes them better.

You can choose workouts in the app provided with these, and these earbuds actually count your crunches and so on. That eliminates the need for accountability. And that keeps us going.


LivesmartGo to a doctor. Ask for a blood test. He or she will ask you if there’s anything wrong with you. If there’s not, they will probably tell you that there’s no need. That’s what happens to me anyway.

When you go to a doctor, you don’t really get a health assessment either. LiveSmart mixes technology and science to provide you with health reports that can improve your health. You get a kit. You get your blood test done. You send it in. You get a report.

Based on that, you get a report with recommendations on what you can change.

Once again, that’s data that will improve your life.

Swanwick Glasses

This is the simplest tech on this list. Glasses. Yeah, you are probably thinking why the hell are glasses on this? Are these even smart? Nope, they actually aren’t. But you aren’t smart about your sleep either.

When you use electronic devices that emit light, you are exposed to blue light. Blue light at night is bad. It prevents you from falling asleep. It prevents you from having the best quality sleep. It prevents you from waking up with ease. Swanwick glasses will make everything oranger, but they will also make your life better. Sleep matters.

I was traveling recently, and I didn’t use them. And damn, I had real problems falling asleep.

Fitbit Charge 2

Now, not necessarily this device. Fitbit actually recently released the Fitbit Ionic. It’s a smartwatch. I’ll try to review it soon, but the point being is that a fitness tracker or such makes your life better.

My Father recently got himself a smartwatch. I can’t account for it because I didn’t use it. But, he has been walking daily since getting it. Things like step tracking help. You want to get your steps in. It’s those little things that trackers and smartwatches provide. I did a review of the Fitbit Charge 2 several months ago. Check it out.


This is a product that I’ve been using for a long time now. I had the initial prototype.  People say that I have sexy legs. Maybe, this contributed.


Phsyisclo provides activewear that has resistance bands in the fabrics. That means that you do more while doing the same because resistance is pushing on you. You get 23% more muscle activity while using these. Your heart rate increases by 9% too. If you don’t have time and want to do more without doing more, these are the choice. Now you have no excuse not to get your workout done.


DNA test. Blood test. Vitamin and mineral test. With the technology mentioned here, you are tackling your health from several points. Add some technology that helps you workout and sleep better, and you are on your way to the best health that you can have.

Why find the cure if you can prevent in the first place? Technology helps. This technology really helps. This is fitness tech that will make your life better.

A post about clothing that will make your life better is coming soon. In the meantime, check out the Succesisforall Instagram page.

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