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In the first post about health tech that will improve your life, we talked about tech that can bring your health to the next level in 2019. It was a very popular post that we recommend you check out before reading this post.

In a world where a lot of tech makes our lives worst in the first place, we go on (slow) searches finding the tech (and just) and companies that create products that make our lives better. Often it’s not that easy to find the things we find because they often aren’t marketed well enough which is why we recommend that you reach out to us if you know any health tech/apps/supplements. It would make our lives easier. (

Before we get into health tech that will improve your life, remember that health tech doesn’t mean that you don’t need to take care of yourself. Health tech will only improve your life. It won’t solve the issues that you control and aren’t taking care of.

Upright GO

The most obvious health issue out there without even having to look at studies is…posture.

Yes, it’s true that genetics can often affect posture, but in many cases, it’s the tech that we use daily.

Look at how people watch their movies on a phone or a tablet. We are creatures of habits, and things that are comfortable such as poor posture can become a part of our life very easily.

Bad posture makes you look smaller and makes your belly look bigger, but the real problems of bad posture are the neck and back pains that so many people deal with. Experts estimate that around 80% of people will experience back pain at some point in their life.

But there’s also many other results of bad posture.


Think about it. If a plane tries to take off without being in the correct shape in this instance with the flaps being in the wrong position, it will struggle to take off. When we are in the wrong shape, we similarly will struggle whether we notice it or not because we aren’t in our optimal position. And with that comes problems such as neck and back pain, heartburn, and slower digestion.

Whether you want to fix your posture to look better or for pain reasons, fixing comfortable habits is very hard to do.

And that’s where technology can come in.

Upright Go is a device that we received just recently as it was a month late arriving so we are working on getting some images of it, but basically, you turn it on and put in on your back, and it tracks whether your posture is correct or not. All of that is also tracked in the app so that you can see whether you are improving or not.

To change habits, we need to take action whenever we are carrying out the bad habit. The problem with bad posture is that most of the time, we just forget about it. Upright Go will vibrate for you whenever your posture isn’t right so that you adjust it. That over time will allow us to get our good habits back. And that’s a good use of technology.

Frankly, this might be the most important piece of tech out there right now when it comes to health tech that will improve your life.

Red Light Therapy with Joov

Red light therapy despite being around for years isn’t something that most people are aware of.

And that’s because we often have issues believing in something that we don’t properly see working.

How can a certain color of light help our body after all?

Light isn’t just light. It’s a spectrum that consists of visible light, UV, and infrared light. All of these have some sort of properties.

Red light therapy is red light penetrating your body at a certain wavelength at a certain range, explained in the most simple matter possible. Red light is absorbed by the body and then converted into cellular energy.

Improved thyroid function, healthier skin, better healing, and better recovery, are just a few of the well-known benefits of red light therapy. You can find many more benefits of it, on Google.

And it just makes sense. Red light therapy pretty much makes our cells work at their full potential meaning our entire body just works better whether that’s our skin healing or our muscles recovering.

But that’s all if it’s done right.

Red Light Therapy needs to be done at the right distance with the right wavelength. And that’s where using red light therapy becomes hard for most people. Accuracy is a big cost.

This Joov Go that we rock costs $295. And it’s tiny. If you are going to be targetting just a specific part of your body such as your face or thyroid, it’s fine for that, but if you want to apply the benefits of red light therapy to all of your body, to do it with a small device like the Go will take far too much of your time.

Health Tech That Will Improve Your Life

Joov products, however, provide the right cooling to the device make sure you are getting the optimum benefits, but also provides the correct wavelengths. There’s plenty of other devices that are cheaper. The difference? How great they work.

Full body therapy with the Joov devices can cost you all the way up to $5,995, which is pricey. Joov Solo that’s much smaller than the full set but much bigger than the Go costs around $1195.

We absolutely recommend getting the Joov devices for red light therapy. We also know that most people won’t be able to justify paying over a thousand for a product they never tried and isn’t that widely used, meanwhile the Go while works great, isn’t convenient enough for most people to use. And that’s a hard sell.

That’s why we are searching for other cheaper alternatives that work just as well. If we find them, we’ll include them in future posts about red light therapy, and if we don’t, we’ll stick to the Joov which worth the money because of the benefits of red light.

Atlas Microbiome Test

Data is everything. We can’t change what we don’t know, and there are many new services coming out that are making it both easier to collect data about our bodies but even more importantly make it easier to understand that data.

We wrote about some great blood test services and DNA tests services prior, and in this episode of health tech that will improve your life, we are microbiome tests.

We wrote about Atlas all the way back in 2017 after discovering them during Web Summit. We right away found them promising and included them in our post about Startups from Web Summit Worth Checking out, and considering they are still around, better than ever, in 2019, it was a good call.

Health Tech That Will Improve Your Life

We all have an eco-system of different types of bacteria living in us. Many of them are very beneficial to us if enough of, some not. With a microbiome test, you send your stool sample, which then gets analyzed, and a few weeks later, you get your microbiome results.

The benefit of getting a microbiome test is that once you get your results you will know what’s going on when it comes to your gut health, and as a result, will be able to protect yourself far better against diseases that you could at this moment be putting yourself at risk of.

Health Tech That Will Improve Your Life b

There’s a lot of information to dive in to so we will have a full post about this too, but getting a microbiome test like this done gives you access to a tremendous amount of data about your body and bacteria living there, that would otherwise be unknown. And that allows you to take actions to be healthier.

Something I found very useful is that based on your results you will get a weekly overview of what foods you should try to eat to improve your health in the areas where you lack, for me, those being things such as butyrate, Vitamin B6 and vitamin B7

Health Tech That Will Improve Your Life

We don’t do these posts that often as there’s a need for a lost of testing and finding health tech that will improve your life isn’t as straight forward as it seems. Integrated design and manufacturing of electronic products for health is improving but like everything complex it takes a lot of time to perfect. Everything on this list just like on the other list is health tech that will improve your life and that we recommend that you try.

We are already working on episode 3 with some exciting tools and apps in it, as well as on a spin-off series around it that consists of things that aren’t necessarily tech but things such as shampoos or supplements that will also improve your life as at the end of the day, it’s all about feeling better and being healthier.

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