How to Get the Best Seat on Ryanair (For Free)

Cheap airlines? More like no comfort. Except, some low-cost airlines such as Ryanair take the lack of comfort to the next level. And if you are on their old planes, oh, you might regret being on a budget. But there is a way to make the flight better by getting the best seat. The best seat though? Well, you can buy it, or you can Google for how to get the best seat on Ryanair for free like you just most likely did right now.

Best Seat on Ryanair for Free

And we sure hope that you did just Google for that as you have to be insane to pay almost as much for your seat as for your flight.

Disclaimer: The Seat Isn’t the Only Factor Influencing Comfort

Sure, you can get the best seat on Ryanair, but the person beside you can still be smelly, or even worse, might think they are the armrest king, oh and nevermind the loud people, and the continually moving folks either.

This method will help you get the best seat on Ryanair for free, but while it might be the best seat in terms of where it is, the people sitting beside you might not be the best people to sit near.

Oh, and yes, this method ensures you can have the backpack that you are meant to store underneath you, in the overhead compartment along with no children at either side of you either, oh, and double leg space included.

Best Seat on Ryanair for Free

What Is the Best Seat on Ryanair?

Ryanair takes up all the space they can on their Boeing planes. Their business model is based upon offering cheap flights and the more they can fit, the better. And that often means that you, the passenger suffers.

Except, due to safety reasons, specific seats can’t have little leg room as if something is to happen, escape would almost be impossible.

These seats? The emergency seats. Those being the in the first two rows at the front of the plane along with the 16 & 17th row of the aircraft.

If you sit in an emergency seat, you get an incredible amount of legroom plus you don’t have to worry about your backpack not fitting into the compartment as it has to. There’s no other choice. It’s a rule.

But which seat is the best?

The first row of the aircraft? You certainly don’t want the window seat there as when they are closing the doors of the plane, that is quite problematic. On the other side, being at the front allows you to leave first which is great if you are tight on time. 16th and 17th rows are my recommendations though if you aren’t in a hurry, not that it matters as you don’t exactly get to choose the exact seat if you want it for free, this is just for reference.

Best Seat on Ryanair for Free

How to Get the Best Seat on Ryanair for Free

This method works 100% everytime provided that your flight is fully or almost fully booked. If it’s not, then there might be a problem with it. However, Ryanair tends to always have their flights booked out.

Ryanair is a low-fee company. Cheap flights but plenty of add-ons. Emergency seats? €15. A lot of the time that can be the price of the ticket or a hefty fraction of it.  Ryanair expects people to pay €15 for an emergency seat all for the sake of more leg room. That’s why they leave those seats until the end. I mean, what’s the point of buying a bad seat?

If you are the last or one of the last people to check-in, provided that people did not book all of the emergency, and the flight is almost or entirely booked out, you still need to get a seat. Except, all the bad seats are gone at this point due to the fact people checked-in early, meaning you just have to have a good seat as where else will you sit?


Best Seat on Ryanair for Free

Yesterday I was flying from Katowice to Dublin. I checked in around 18 when my flight was meant to be at 22. I got 16 E. A middle seat in the emergency. Except, I was the only one in that row. Eventually, they added an extra person but I was sitting at a window at that point and had that extra space in the middle for my hand and no need for armrest battles.

Best Seat on Ryanair for Free

For free.

If you want the best seat on Ryanair for free, it’s not hard. You just need to be smarter than the system, and in order to be smarter than it, you need to stop being afraid of checking-in late. I never forgot. I never was late. Check-ins are simple. Get the app on your phone and wait until about 3 hours until your flight. 2 hours before the flight is the max. 3 is a safe bet.

If the flight is booked out, you will get an emergency seat, and if it’s not, you will also very likely get an emergency seat.

Best Seat on Ryanair for Free

It’s simple, and it works. With Ryanair. I haven’t done enough testing with other airlines.

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