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We were hoping not to do have to do this post, but we have to. Nobody else stepped up to it. People are ridiculously allergic to hearing or talking about sex with the public. And that’s mostly because of society. Anything sexual is inappropriate, and sure they give us the sex talk or some form of it in school, and there are some posts about sex, but these are ridiculously unpractical and talk from the point of view on how it should be rather than how it actually is. In order for safe sex to happen, you need to be practical.

How to have safe sex while having fun

At Successisforall we talk about products of all sorts that help. We also as human beings have sex. Everybody does. It’s human nature. In this post, we are talking about some products that will help you have safe sex while enjoying yourself.

And by the way, “Enjoying yourself” doesn’t mean that safe sex sucks, any sex can suck, it only means that most people enjoy unsafe sex more than safe sex.

Forget About Durex, Use Technology Instead.

Cars have been reinvented. The school system has…oh no, not that one, but point being, a lot of things have changed, but yet the condom stayed just about the same in the last century. Unless you consider flavoring and more attractive packages as a change.

2 years ago while scrolling through Indiegogo, I stumbled upon a company called LELO that stated that they created “The world’s first re-engineered condom.” I’ve never heard of LELO before then. With some light research, I discovered they make premium sex toys.

how to have safe sex condoms lelo hex a

Some time went by. Eventually, I reached out to LELO about their HEX condoms. I wanted to see test out these condoms for myself.

One of the big reasons behind young people but people in general not using condoms is that they do not give enough pleasure. If you have a choice between pleasure and less pleasure you will choose pleasure of course.

Just like you would choose a new phone over an old phone.

With the pills being available and the majority of males assuming they can just pull out before they erect to prevent pregnancy, it seems like a worthy trade, to choose pleasure. Oh, and let’s not forget how we tend to stop caring about safety once we hit that ultra horny mode. Of course, when males and women have sex with the same gender, they assume they also don’t need protection as they can’t get them pregnant.

Schools tell you to wear condoms. But that’s common sense. We looked at the reasons why people don’t wear condoms and found a solution to it.

LELO HEX is the first major renovation to condoms in 70 years.

They solve the problems that result in people not using condoms.

They are thinner but also stronger than a normal condom. This eliminates the idea of “what’s the point of wearing it if it can’t break anyway” along with the idea of “it won’t give me any pleasure.”

Oh, and if you are worried about slipping, worry no more. The Hex condoms do not slip. And with a majority of males having some sort of erectile dysfunction but not talking about it, this is a very important feature.

I did notice a difference between the LELO HEX and Durex when it comes to slippage prevention especially! With Durex, regardless of the type of condom, I often had to slip it back down in the middle of sex as it was going up. And that doesn’t make sex, safe. Imagine it fully fell out.

Another thing I noticed with the HEX is that they don’t have a powdery feel like most condoms do. Of course, the biggest visual difference to a normal condom is the hexagonal structure in the condom which makes this condom so different in terms of strength and performance. LELO stated that it wasn’t the material that needed to change but the structure, and they sure changed the structure!

But see what we mean, if you were hearing about having sex in school or read a blog post about having sex, you would just be told to wear a condom. WE AIN’T STUPID. We know to wear condoms.

The first step to safe sex is LELO HEX. LELO is one of the companies that makes sex better!

Condom use is decreasing, HEX = sex without the feel of a condom with the safety that competitors provide. 

But What About Buying LELO HEX?

LELO claims that they sell the LELO HEX in 7,000 stores worldwide. Great, but not everyone is near those stores and frankly not everyone likes buying condoms in shops.

They also ship. The big question? Is this discreet? Will your parents find out? Will your roommate find out? It’s important to ask these questions, and by the way, we aren’t promoting sex to a younger audience, we are merely realists knowing that the younger audience will have sex anyway.

LELO ship their condoms worldwide with DHL except you should not buy a few, buy a lot as it’s much more affordable to buy 36 than a pack of 3 or 12.

I initially asked LELO for these condoms. First time? I asked for 3. They claim to provide a secrete packaging. It wasn’t discreet. And those condoms were delivered to a public place as I wasn’t home on that day. They stated “condoms” in the biggest possible font. I was disappointed. I asked again. I got 12. Still, a lack of a discreet packaging except with a smaller font.

Then I decided to buy some myself and discovered that it’s only when they ship review units that they label them. It’s all safe guys!

STI Test by Let’s Get Checked Because You Will Get Naughty and You Will Get Too Shy to Visit a Doctor

When do you ever talk about sex with your doctor or parents?

We are too embarrassed to do so.

STI tests? Free in most countries.

Most people don’t take them anyway.

They are afraid of the results. Secondly, they are afraid of talking about sex. Thirdly they are afraid of knowing the doctor knows they are getting tested and knows everything about their sexual health.

If you order a kit on the internet, you will get the right results, without having to go through all these struggles.

I did both tests. It’s all the same. It has to be. This isn’t a toy. It’s a real test, in case you think it’s some scam.

Let’s Get Checked is an Irish startup and it does cost a lot to get a test, but for people that are afraid of going to a doctor and want to get still tested, this is the right choice.

Let's Get Checked STI TEST how to stay sex while having sex

Why You Need to Do an STI Test

We could say because you had sex without a condom or because you had oral sex which is also sex but most people don’t treat it as that. In fact, oral sex is done a lot because there’s no risk of pregnancy.  It’s a win-win situation, right? Except, in rare cases, you can still catch STI’s when having oral sex.

But it’s not because of any of this reasons, it’s because even safe sex cannot prevent you from STI’s. You can be a virgin and have an STI, whether by sharing a razor, towel or just by french kissing or being physical with somebody. Check out and their variety of products for you.

How to have safe sex Let's Get Checked

And due to that, you should get tested. And most people do not know that.

But you might ask if there’s a risk, what’s the point of condoms so? To protect yourself from the worst STI’S.

An online test will eliminate most of the stress, and frankly, if you have it, it’s not the end of the world, people live with it in the 21st century and still live happy lives. The problem starts when you don’t get checked, and years after, your organism is damaged. That’s the real danger.

Let’s Get Checked is available pretty much anywhere and make STI checks much less stressful!

You buy a kit in a shop or online and get a small sample of your blood via pricking along with having to get a small sample of your urine.

How to have safe sex Let's Get Checked STI Test How to have safe sex Let's Get Checked STI Test How to have safe sex Let's Get Checked STI Test How to have safe sex Let's Get Checked STI Test How to have safe sex Let's Get Checked STI TestHow to have safe sex Let's Get CheckHow to have safe sex Let's Get Check

All the instructions you need are there. It’s pretty simple. Oh, and free shipment included.

The thing I love about Let’s Get Checked is that you get an online system where you can do many other tests. Everything is there for you to see! With a doctor, you just get notified. Let’s Get Checked gives me data, and I love data. It drives me. It fascinates me. That’s why I always get DNA tests and blood tests of all sorts done!

Test Yourself Without Embarrassing Yourself

We know that a doctor is meant to keep your information private, but that’s not always the case.

Some people might choose to do unsafe sex at one point, whether that’s due to being in a relationship or having oral sex. If you want to have safe sex, and not die early, test yourself. And even if you don’t have sex, you can still catch STI’s.

Use the Right Underwear

The planet will tell you to grab a shower before having sex. That you should always be clean. Very easy to say. Sometimes hard to execute upon.


Why should we tell you this? Sure, you should but a lot of people won’t as their hormones just won’t let them. Instead, we can recommend something that will help you have safe sex.

Wear underwear that will keep you cleaner.

Normal underwear? It sucks. Sure, it might look nice but it’s also most likely made from poor materials that aren’t great for your body, and that won’t keep you bacteria free.

What does keep you bacteria free?

WAMA Hemp Underwear.

Hemp belongs to the Cannabis sativa plants and is one of the most natural fabrics on the planet. In fact, hemp itself has many properties that aren’t being used to its full as of now.

Not only is Hemp breathable making it a good choice for those warm days, but it’s also anti-microbial. And let’s not forget using natural fabrics is so much better for the environment!


This underwear comes for both women and men, is more comfortable than most although not the most comfortable I ever used and does allow for you to have much more safe sex than otherwise, but if there’s any complaint to make is that they are made in China.

Hemp fabric + not made in China would have been great.

Vitastiq 2 to Keep Your Minerals and Vitamins Right

This won’t protect you from catching infections directly, but we mentioned that erectile dysfunction is very common in men. It can make feel men ashamed and embarrassed and can often decrease the enjoyment of sex and lead to anxiety or even depression. This also applies to women in terms of their sex drive.

Vitastiq is a stick, sort of like a pen that lets you track 26 minerals and vitamins in your body. It’s not 100% accurate, and it isn’t a medical device or of medical accuracy as a test by Let’s Get Checked, but it is 70% accurate or over. And often having an idea of your health is more important than accuracy.

How to have safe sex Vitastiq 2

How does it do it? With electropuncture. If you tap the stick at the right spot on your body, Vitastiq 2 can get a reading and tell you about your health. Being able to just use a stick and have a basic idea of your health is often more important than accuracy because let’s face it, most of us can’t afford to get blood tests done every week or even month. Especially when we are younger.

I’ve used this stick for a while, and while the lack of accuracy due to me not placing the stick exactly on the right spot annoys me sometimes, if you do it right, you can get an idea on your health.

And when you have an idea, you can make changes!

This Is the Technology That Will Help You Have Safe Sex While Enjoying Yourself!

Nobody ever wrote a post like this. Not about tech that makes sex safer. Everybody is too afraid to talk about it. It’s too controversial.

And you know what? We are going to make a lot more posts about health and tools that help with health in the next few weeks. It’s a very interesting topic, and a lot of companies are doing some incredible stuff out there!

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