How to Stay in Places for Free While Traveling

You are looking for how to stay in places for free? There are four expenses of travel. Food, transport, entertainment, and accommodation.  The last one? The most expensive one. The longer you stay somewhere, the more it will cost, and now we will be releasing a whole bunch of tips about saving money when traveling so subscribe to our newsletter for that, but this post is strictly about how to stay in places for free.

You decide you want to go on a holiday. You get excited. That’s when it ends. You either get a great place and pay the price of your rent in four days or less, or you go away from the city center and stay in a place of lower quality. Unless you are staying in cheaper areas such as in Eastern Europe, and those absolutely fabulous by the way, you should totally visit them!

How to stay in places for free GuestToGuest

Maybe you can afford to go on a holiday but what’s the point of paying extra just for a good location, and by the way, a good location doesn’t just mean in the city center. It can mean in the mountains or at a lake. A good location differs depending on where you are, but every place has a good location and that costs extra.

And having a place is the key to you getting a free place somewhere else. And we aren’t talking about people staying in your home when you are there and vice versa. 

How to Stay in Free Places? It’s Called GuestToGuest.

How to stay in places for free GuestToGuest

GuestToGuest is an exchange service in which you exchange what you already have for what somebody else has in a different part of the world. This is the service that can make your travel free if you have a home.  But it’s not even about it being free. Most apartments that you get on Airbnb or what not, they are minimal. Don’t expect a good table. Don’t expect a hair dryer that won’t burn your hair. Sure, if you pay extra, you will often get a better place, but that’s not for certain.

On GuestToGuest? People are giving you their home, whether it’s the first or secondary one, and that means that the standard will be much higher as we tend to put far much more effort into our homes because we want to live comfortably.

And that’s what GuestToGuest is about. It’s about real homes that provide real experiences rather than commercial vibes.

I was in Paris, I stayed in a place that costs €300 per night on Airbnb. For a full week. Can I afford to pay that much for a place? Absolutely not. Not if I want to enjoy my life. GuestToGuest does not consist of such costs.

How Do You Use It, Can You Use It, and What’s the Catch?

How to stay in places for free GuestToGuest

Do you want to know how to stay in places for free? GuestToGuest provides you with that opportunity. But you need to be flexible. GuestToGuest isn’t a platform designed to work just for you. In order for an exchange to happen, somebody else must also be available. Whether it’s somebody going to your home or somewhere else, their home needs to be free. That means you need to be flexible.

How do the exchanges actually happen? GuestToGuest has this point system called GuestPoints which I confused with British pounds at. First, you use that system as a currency for exchanges. Instead of paying with money per night, you pay with GuestPoints. By doing an exchange with somebody, you get points. Different places cost different points.  When you sign up, you also get points to try out the service. You can also do exchanges that don’t involve points. When you do those, the person that owns the home that you are going to goes to your home.

Apart from that, insurance is involved, and it cost. Sometimes it’s optional. Sometimes it’s not. My recommendation? That you take it. Especially when it comes to people that don’t have verified accounts or not a lot or zero exchanges, now, personally I never had a problem, but better safe than sorry, and insurance can help you a lot if something does happen.

Apart from that, you pay 3.5% of the deposit amount. Sometimes that’s €15, sometimes that’s €50. The number of days doesn’t matter when it comes to this. The deposit amount that you will is not charged unless you destroy a home or such and that 3.5% of that deposit is charged by GuestToGuest as every company must make a profit. This is not a charity.

So in reality, you do pay, a slight sum, but it isn’t for the place itself. It’s side costs. But what’s better? Paying less than €100 for a full week in Paris in the city center with GuestToGuest or paying 300 per night for that same place on Airbnb?

If you want to stay in places for free, GuestToGuest is what you use. Small fees. Real homes. That offer so much more than most on Airbnb or All you need is a home.


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