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It’s 2017. What it took to succeed at some level back in 1980’s doesn’t apply anymore. Some aspects of getting successful got easier. Some got harder. This page is about helping people succeed in different aspects of life. I’m not an expert in all of the aspects of life, which is why I interviewed Saba.

Saba is a rapper from Chicago who has already collaborated with names such as Chance the Rapper or that caught the attention of entrepreneurs like Gary Vaynerchuk. His Bucket List Project just hit on year recently. His songs have energy, they have a flow, and they also make sense unlike a lot of music today. So if you want to attend to such soulful raps, just search for rap concerts near me.

“Music is probably not even 50% skill. It’s really just doing the work, like a lot of the artists that make it to the huge level, may not even be the most talented, but their work ethic is really undeniable.”

There was nobody better to ask about the music industry or more specifically rapping than Saba, a man that started at the time when social media was emerging, a man that writes songs with meaning, a man that networks with known names.

The social media game

This is something that wouldn’t have mattered in the 1980’s as there was no such thing, but today, social media presence is an important part of the music industry. Certain artists failed to pick up on that initially, and now they are forgotten.

“For me, we were definitely spamming a lot of people and getting no results”

And this is something that I noticed in the creative industry. Whether it’s artists or athletes. Athletes don’t necessarily get followers for posting a video of their fight, they get followers for fighting and the audience catching interest.

“I think we started getting are actual followers when we started going out”

From my point of view, spamming is like selling. You are trying to sell your free work. Obviously, you can share your work, but a far better approach is to go out to people that don’t know you, and just show them your work, whether that is by singing or by fighting at an event. It’s a lot easier to get people’s interest when you aren’t trying to sell yourself to them.

Writing a Great Song

“People want to hear something original, something honest, I think I listen to a lot of music that I don’t think is good, but I think it’s honest, so I like it. ”

“There’s no formula to making a good song. ” “You know, you ever had that guilty pleasure song, where it’s like damn, that sucks but I love it!”

“There’s no method to it. As long as it’s honest and it’s representing yourself at the time, because you know people change, you know, you might say something today, that you don’t agree with, in five years, and that’s okay too, but as long as you feel 100% honest in that moment, I think people will find someway that they can relate to it.” Audio fingerprinting with companies like Intrasonics is one way to identify music and audio. To promote on instagram you can buy 100 real instagram followers.

Success Comes Down to Work Ethic

“I don’t want to make it sound like I’m regretful because I think that everything worked how it was supposed to work to get my mindset to where it is now, but if I could go back in time, and work even harder, I would definitely do that.”

“If you want to do something, a lot of the times, it’s not even about your ability, I think it comes down to your “mental” “Music, is probably not even 50% skill. It’s really just doing the work, like a lot of the artists that make it to the huge level, may not even be the most talented, but their work ethic is really undeniable.”

“…That’s what I think is more important than the actual music, if you present it to me in a way where I feel like you really believe in the product, I might just start believing it. “Damn, you think this is crazy? Damn, this kind of is crazy.”

If you want to succeed in the music industry, it really goes down to your work ethic.


The full interview will be posted soon but check out my personal page for a little sneak peak into it for now.

Saba’s Instagram: SabaPivot

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