Is a €100 Phone Worth It – Cubut Cheetah 2 Review

Is a €100 phone worth it? Well, there are only two reasons you would get one. One if your phone breaks shortly before a trip and you need a phone, and secondly because you are broke and can’t afford a  better one, if it’s the second one, well, you probably shouldn’t be on this page and should be working on fixing the problem. We help provide things that help, but these things still cost.

Is a €100 phone worth it? It depends on the one, and this, this is the review of the Cubut Cheetah 2. A €100 phone. And we tested it for a full month, while in Thailand and Korea. Is a €100 phone worth it? If you are okay with some flaws.

This Device Is Actually Pretty Fast

Well, it does come with a octa-core processor and 3GB of ram, so in theory, it should have in fact been fast.

We also know that specs, especially when it comes to products with lower pricing, does not matter. It really doesn’t. What’s on paper isn’t the reality.

is a 100 phone worth it full screen

But I cannot deny that this phone is actually pretty fast if you minus 2 years. In 2016, it would be in the high-end of phones in terms of speed. It’s a pretty smooth experience most of the time.

Except, when you are in a rush and start clicking too fast. That’s where the specs don’t perform. And when you are in heat, this phone gets extremely slow, more than a phone that’s not on a budget.

is a 100 phone worth it full screen

But everything works. Nothing is the fastest but it’s also not slow. You can text, video call, play games, watch videos, and it will work just fine. Not what I expected at all.

Higher Screen Resolution Than the iPhone X


Higher screen resolution than the iPhone XR.

is a 100 phone worth it

Also an LCD.

Surprisingly bright too. You can be in the sun in Bangkok, and you will still see everything.

Is it better than the iPhone XR screen?

It’s not. It has more pixels allowing for full-HD, it is pretty sharp, but it almost 8 times cheaper, and that shows.

But this is a €100 phone, and for that price, you really cannot complain. Sure, the color accuracy isn’t fully there but it’s bright, clear,  sharp enough, and Full-HD.

Is a €100 phone worth it in terms of using this device for media? Absolutely. You won’t suffer.

Battery Is Good…When You Don’t Use It

When you don’t use this phone, this battery is amazing. It has incredible  standby.

But the second you use it, this 3000 mAh battery drains ridiculously fast. Like, don’t expect to get more than 3 hours of usage.

And even worse than how quick it dies is how slow it charges. Expect to wait up to 5 hours. Seriously. That’s the biggest problem for me. A €100 phone is great, if I can use it. And sometimes I can’t because I need to wait for it to charge.

If you need battery life a lot, and move around a lot, a phone for €100 most likely will not be worth it.

You Can Almost Replace the Battery

Remember a few years ago when you took off your plastic cover off your phone an replaced it with a different battery? You can take the back off, except the battery is not removable. Kind of pointless?

Well, it is actually helpful to remove the cover as other than the fact it makes the phone for sure not water resistant in any way, it makes for easy SIM card removal.

It Has a USB-C Port and a Headphone Jack

 is a 100 phone worth it

Even though there is no quick charging, a USB-C port is present, and that’s great to see.

A headphone jack is present too for those that still need it.

If you don’t, then I encourage you to check out our recent review of the Jabra Elite 65e if you are looking for potentially the best wireless earphones for calls and sound.

It Looks Good but It Doesn’t Look like It’s 2018

If you are wondering is a €100 phone worth it as far as build quality and looks, yep.


It’s plastic, not premium plastic like the Logitech Craft Keyboard. But it’s also not cheap plastic, sort of in the middle. With a quite unique color scheme.

is a 100 phone worth it

Although I won’t lie, the phone is not thin, not compared to today’s standards. And that’s fine. Thinness costs, and this phone doesn’t really cost. Nevertheless, it is a solid build. If you are wondering is a €100 phone worth as far as build quality goes, this Cubut Cheetah 2 absolutely is!

But this…

is a 100 phone worth it

This tattoo thingy on the back of the phone, ugly, ridiculously ugly.

And of course, it has big bezels compared to phones coming out now, and that’s fine. Some people will be happy with no notches.

But that gives space for a fingerprint scanner, and while it’s not as fast as on the OnePlus devices, it’s up to speed with 2018 phones that still have it.

is a 100 phone worth it

Is the Camera Worth It?

This post could have been titled “is the camera worth it” rather than is a €100 phone worth it because let’s face it, while you care about speed, a great screen, and a battery, ultimately you care about the camera. You want to capture interesting parts of your life through the rear and selfie camera, whether through video, pictures, or pictures and video on Instagram stories or Snapchat.

Is a €100 phone worth it in terms of the camera?

On paper. On paper, it packs 16MP +13MP.

Now, I didn’t expect much as I know that the difference between a great phone and a flagship is always a camera, and this, this is just a phone on an extremely low budget.

If you consider the price, you could call this pretty good, but it’s not of sufficient quality to satisfy you.

is a 100 phone worth it

Night shots are bad. Day shots can pass, but often require no shakiness or will be blurry. Video? Not smooth. The camera is not bad. It passes if you just need a picture but it certainly is not as good as the specs of it would suggest. It’s just not the quality that you would post about on Instagram.

is a 100 phone worth it

Here are some examples of both night and day images and videos, be a judge yourself:

is a 100 phone worth itis a 100 phone worth it



cubut picture exxamples day

And since Snapchat and Instagram stories matter to so many, this is where this phone really fails whether that’s at recording or saving them.

Its a nightmare, as you can see in the attached images and videos.

is a 100 phone worth it snapchat

The audio isn’t always clear either, especially when it comes to calls. It’s clear most of the times, but not all of the times.

Is a €100 Phone Worth It?

To sum up this Cubut Cheetah 2 review, in a world where phones are over €1000? Absolutely.

In the long-term, it’s not a phone that will allow you to embrace productivity but compared to a phone that costs €1000, it’s not 10 times worse than such.

If you really need a phone right now, this Cubut Cheetah 2, it won’t be the best at anything but it will be a great choice if out of money.

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