Is the Fire TV Stick Still Worth It in 2018? The Ultimate Entertainment Tool for on the Go?

The first generation of the Fire TV Stick came out 4 years ago. Back before Smart TV’s were a norm. So the question is the Fire TV Stick still worth it in 2018?

Fire TV Stick Box


Here’s the thing. Smart TV’s are meant to make our experience much better, but while they make it somewhat better, they absolutely underperform. An average Smart TV works slower than a phone from 2015.  The most expensive TV’s might deliver, but a lot of people are not in the category of the “most expensive.” And then there’s this whole “apps” issue thing. Manufacturers are trying to make their own platforms resulting in many platforms with some apps but not enough apps. I want to listen to Spotify on my TV. My model of my LG TV does not support Spotify.

So if you are wondering is the Fire TV Stick still worth it in 2018, it absolutely is. Smart TV’s aren’t at the level they should be yet. But what is so special about the Fire TV Stick?


Here’s the biggest difference between the Google Chromecast and Amazon Fire TV Stick, you can’t install apps on the Chromecast meaning that you are only able to stream some content such as Netflix and YouTube. And it requires you to have your phone nearby in the first place for that to happen. The Fire TV Stick allows you to install apps. Ironically, they are Android apps. It’s surprising that Google didn’t take that approach.

Here’s the thing, when it comes to entertainment, apps matter. And the fact that Amazon allows Android apps to be installed freely on their devices meaning that somebody doesn’t need a different device in the first place but can install an app directly on to the Fire TV Stick is huge. It means that what you play doesn’t depend on what you have installed on your phone but on what you have installed on the Fire TV Stick. Oh, and there’s a lot of apps and games that you can install.


This is a feature that makes this the ultimate device for entertainment. Most of Smart TV’s don’t have VPN apps available. Chromecast does not support VPN. Amazon Fire TV Stick does. And that gives you enormous possibilities in terms of what you watch. A VPN is a virtual private network meaning that if you want to watch American Netflix while not in the US, you can, once you are connected to the right American server. My recommendation for a VPN on Amazon Fire TV Stick? PrivateVPN. They got excellent customer support and great value.

PrivateVPN on Fire TV Stick


This is the most surprising thing about this device considering its price. It actually runs smooth. An experience that most smart TV’s do not provide. I mean Asphalt 8 runs fantastic on it. I hate that game though. But it runs fantastic. Although you will need to connect some controller or such which the Fire TV Stick supports to play games. It’s very inconvenient to play most of the games that the Fire TV Stick supports. They do work though, often a lot better than on smartphones.

And that’s surprising. I mean, sure. This device doesn’t need a battery or a screen so you can fit more. But it’s extremely cheap which is why the performance is surprising.

Oh, and the device comes with a remote that has Amazon Alexa built in which speeds things up too.

Fire Tv Stick Remote

You can bring it everywhere

This is the most important feature ever when it comes to entertainment.

Amazon Fire Tv Stick

If you are wondering is the Fire TV Stick still worth it, this is the ultimate reason on why it’s worth it and always will.

You go to a hotel. You get a normal TV. You are screwed in terms of entertainment. Sometimes you might get a smart TV. That doesn’t mean that the smart features work on it. That happened to me in Sweden recently. Which is ridiculous. Why would a hotel or apartment spend money on smart TV’s if they were going to disable the smart features? Provided that the smart TV does have working smart features though, that doesn’t mean that it has the apps that you want to use.

As long as the TV has an HDMI port which your one should and of course a socket to power it, you are good to go. You connect it and have all the apps you previously had. Just like that. And considering it’s tiny, it’s extremely portable making it a perfect for entertainment on the go.

And sure, Amazon isn’t supported everywhere. VPN services do for sure allow you to use it everywhere though.

Freedom to install virtually anything

The Amazon Appstore provides a wide range of apps for the Fire TV Stick, but if something is not there, there’s a way to install any Android app that there is. I’m not going to make a tutorial on it but here is the link to one, not all of Android apps will work perfectly on it if they are not officially supported but if you really want to install something, you can do that, and that is a huge thing.

Is the Fire TV Stick Still Worth It in 2018?

Absolutely. This is the ultimate tool for entertainment. I personally have the 3rd generation, but they also released the 4th generation recently that supports 4K. Is the Fire TV Stick still worth it when it comes to the 3rd generation? This review is based on the 3rd generation so absolutely.

Either way, this is a must-have if you are on the go and want to have entertainment in your hotel or apartment.


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