Is the Logitech Craft Worth It – 6 Months Later – Best for Productivity and Work?

Is the Logitech Craft worth it? I’ve used it for 6 months, and frankly, my opinion on it has changed dramatically since my initial review. For most people, this keyboard will be worth every penny. But it has it’s dark side that I discovered over the past six months that did turn me off a big in certain aspects.

Is the Logitech Craft Worth it?

Great Size – The Best for Travel

Is Logtiech Craft Worth It?

Somebody told me that they think that the Logitech Craft is too big and linked me to some “Lenovo ThinkPad Compact Bluetooth Keyboard With TrackPoint” and no disrespect, it looked awful, I would never want to use it. And it didn’t even have lighting. Trackpoint? Why would I use that? If I’m looking for productivity, I want a mouse, not a TrackPoint. The key feature? “Longer key travel like Thinkpad laptops.” That individual confused travel time with the best keyboard for travel. Apple can make decent keyboards that don’t have long travel time. It doesn’t matter. It really does not make a difference.

Frankly, I don’t think that individual used the Logitech Craft for travel and didn’t know whether the Logitech Craft is worth it, but are just assuming.

I’ve traveled with the craft for several months and sure. It’s bigger than those small keyboards designed for travel but let me ask you a question. If you are going to get a keyboard that’s the size of your laptop or smaller, with smaller key caps spaced out in a different way to what you are used to, then what’s the actual benefit? Are you looking for the smallest keyboard or for the smallest keyboard that can provide you with productivity?

Is the Logitech Craft worth it?

The Logitech Craft is extremely thin. Apart from the dial that we will talk about later, the entire body is thin. For sure thinner than the majority of premium keyboards I used. While providing that correct size. I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to press “p” instead of “o” because my keyboard got smaller, after over a decade of daily writing. A keyboard taken with you for travel is meant to make your life better than not harder. If it’s going to slow you down, don’t take it. Use your standard keyboard instead.

Is the Logitech Craft worth it?

The Logitech Craft also Lasts

That individual that referred to the Lenovo keyboard? They also stated the dial would break when traveling. Well, here I am 6 months later, having taken this keyboard all over Europe on all kinds of trips, with the keyboard sometimes being forced into the backpack, and it survived just fine.

is the logitech craft worth it

It is, however, true that apart from the upper body of the keyboard that is metal and also houses all the electronics and the dial, the keyboard is mostly plastic which people complained about stating that if they are buying a premium keyboard, they want premium materials.

Well firstly, metal would be too heavy to make this keyboard good for travel making the thinness of this keyboard completely useless. Secondly, this Logitech Craft is made of premium plastic. I’ve had a Razer Deathstalker before. Also a premium price. Made fully from plastic and while not feeling that cheap compared to a standard keyboard you get with a new computer, very cheap compared to the Logitech Craft.

Let’s put it this way. The Craft is made mostly from plastic but from premium plastic. And while it’s thin, it also doesn’t bend as much as you would expect it to. It is possible for sure, but the keyboard holds up pretty damn well.

Functionality Is What Makes This Logitech Craft Worth It

If you are looking for functionality when working, this is the best keyboard there is for that. Not only does it comes with functions keys that you will actually use, but Logitech also gives you the greatest freedom ever with its Logitech Options software. You can map just about any key on this keyboard. And that’s the kind of stuff that really makes the Logitech Craft worth it. Great work consists of doing repeatable work faster. And shortcuts allow for doing that.

A very useful but simple feature is the Easy-Switch™ keys on the keyboard that allow you to switch between devices. As somebody that works on many devices, this makes life very convenient, and I’m sure it will make your life convenient too.

is the logitech craft worthi switch keys

But Logitech takes it to a whole new level. If you have a Logitech Mouse like the MX Master 2S, you can combine gestures. For instance, if you move your mouse to the right, and press a certain key, you can assign a certain gesture.

Logitech Craft Keyboard Review

The dial and Logitech Flow are a massive part of functionality which is why these are two separate sections.

The Dial

is logitech craft worth it dial

If you are asking whether the Logitech Craft is worth it, this is the thing that no other keyboard has. And damn, once you use it, you can never go back. You can show me whatever keyboard you want and tell me that it’s the best for productivity, but this dial makes the real difference. I’m writing this blog post, but I also have 34 tabs open as we speak. If I want to leave this Successisforall tab, I need to drag my mouse all the way to the top. The dial? I merely rotate it, and the tabs switch. I then can press and hold the dial in order to switch function and adjust the sound levels.

is the Logitech Craft worth it

Is that it? Well, we mention that Logitech offers great freedom, and this dial also can be customized. And not just customized, Logitech does an incredible job of optimizing tools that creatives use to it. For instance, in Photoshop you can adjust pretty much any slider settings with it. And the great thing is that Logitech update it weekly making it better and better every week.

is the logitech craft worth it

The Dial itself is of the same construction as the upper body meaning metal, and meanwhile, the Lenovo individual stated that it wouldn’t last when traveling, it’s one of the strongest points of this keyboard as while you can bend the keyboard slightly, you can’t bend the dial, and it doesn’t have any scratches.

The interesting thing about the dial is that you can either have it flow without feeling anything, or you can feel every turn on it.

I will, however, say that dial is oversensitive, and some extra control over that would be great.

Logitech Flow

This is the best productivity feature I ever saw. And frankly, it doesn’t all go down to this keyboard. It’s just a part of the Logitech eco-system, and you do need a Logitech mouse that supports it, but if you do have a Logitech mouse, hopefully, it being the MX Master 2S which compliments the keyboard very nicely, then you can connect two computers and make them be like one.

Why would you do that?

For power.

2 is better than 1.

is the logitech craft worth it

Sure you can edit pictures and have 30 tabs open on a device, but that will have an impact on performance. If you have two laptops connected, you have more power in front of you, not to mention that it’s like connecting two screens together.

The best thing? You can transfer files between connected computers. Just press copy on one device and paste on the other. And Logitech does the rest.

Of course, your Wi-Fi speed will have a major influence on how fast this works, but from my experience, even on average Wi-Fi, it works well. Better than I ever expected when first trying it out.

And of course, Logitech mouse and keyboard are what you use on both computers or laptops at the same time. No need for two different devices.

Terrible Battery Life

You thought this keyboard was perfect? Sorry to break it to you.

Sure, it has lighting on the key and around it. Sure there’s a sensor that detects when your fingers are at the keyboard to know when to light up the keys. Oh, and there is a USB-C port unlike on the MX Master 2S which is great in terms of moving forward in terms of technology, but the battery life is just ridiculously bad.

Logitech Craft Keyboard Review

Especially considering other Logitech keyboards that can last months.

Logitech state that if you use it daily for 2 hours, it will last you almost a week. The problem? Well, the fact that if you are getting this keyboard, you are not getting it to use it for 2 hours a day. You are getting it because you want to get more done in your already busy day, and as far as the battery goes, if you are wondering if the Logitech Craft is worth it, it’s not. You may as well be using a keyboard with a cable as you will have to charge it every day or every second day.

The Normal Keyboard Stuff

There will always be somebody here that will look at the likes of “key travel time” and let me tell you. We don’t do reviews like that here. We don’t look at numbers. We look at practicality. This keyboard is great for writing. I’ve had many keyboards with all sorts of prices before. This keyboard feels great. And yes, it’s not mechanical, but if you want a thin keyboard, you won’t get mechanical. And frankly, mechanical keyboards are overrated.

Not to mention that if you are on a bus or a plane at night and write with a mechanical keyboard, somebody will knock you out. This keyboard is very quiet. Minus the squeaks it sometimes gives up, which are kind of annoying.

Logitech Craft Keyboard Review Writing On It

The keyboard comes with spherical dents inside of the caps of sorts, that allow for better precision when typing. And the scissor switches that the keys rest on making a massive difference.

Is the Logitech Craft Worth It?

I traveled with it for months. The feature that makes me doubt is the battery life. I need a good battery. I don’t want to walk around with cables. If you are okay charing it daily though, then that $200 price tag is not that big because, in the long-term, it will save you or rather make you more than $200 with all the time you save using this keyboard. Provided you have a battery.

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