Jabra Elite Sport – Can Earbuds Make Your Workout Better?

I don’t care about how fancy your earphones look. I do care about how much they can help you. And a lot of earphones fail when it comes to that. How about Jabra Elite Sport?

The Elite Sport have a few extras that make them more than just earbuds. “The most technically advanced true wireless sports earbuds” is what Jabra includes on the box. If you are going to include that statement, you better be right.

The question is if these will make your workouts better, or are they just a gimmick like most products?


If you are going to go fully wireless and promise a better workout, then you have to provide convenience as that’s the problem with most earbuds. Let’s start with the most important part, staying in ears.

All the features that these earbuds provide won’t matter if one of your earbuds falls out. There’s no cable to hold it to the other earbud. Once one is gone, it’s gone.

At first, I was skeptical about trying to run with these, I’ve never owned a truly wireless piece before. After I did it, I realized that these are actually more secure when running the likes of the Sudio Vasa Bla which I reviewed many months ago. With those, I found that the cable made the earbuds fall out of my ears when I ran. But Elite Sport? They stay. You can jump. You can run.

November Update: While they stay on your ears when running, they like to fall out easier when I have a hat on for some reason. I lost one because of that fact.

But you can trust them more than your last girlfriend/boyfriend for sure.

Button Functionality

Music makes your workouts better. But can your workouts be better if you have to reach for your phone while exercising in order to change the music? No.

Well, Jabra provides buttons that allow you to change the volume but to also change the songs. They are placed in a matter that makes it convenient to press. The buttons are not too small or too big. The only problem with them is that they hurt your ears when you press them too hard because they press against your ears.

The Battery

Companies struggle with batteries on big phones. These earbuds are tiny. Way smaller than the Jaybirds X2. They don’t stand out that much out of your year. That’s great in terms of design, but it is a problem in terms of fitting a battery.

Luckily, the battery on the Jabra’s is pretty solid. I’ve expected much worse. I was surprised. I can get around 5 hours of playback on these. And then there’s the small compartment that looks pretty slick to store these. And that can provide you with an additional 9 hours of playback, and that, that is something that really makes them convenient.

The Protection

If you are going to workout, you are going to sweat. If you cannot provide protection against that, then your earbuds are useless. Well, let’s just say you get a 3-year limited warranty for sweat related damage to your earbuds. I’m not sure about you, but that makes me confident. Besides, these are waterproof up to about a meter for 30 minutes so they should definitely survive sweat.

The Tech

But this the part that matters. This is what makes Jabra standout. This is what makes Jabra Elite Sport a game changer when it comes to working out.

What do you need for a good workout? Assistance. You also need GPS to track your progress if you are running. Most people look for a heart rate sensor too. Jabra Elite Sport has all of these. But do these work or are they just a gimmick?


Yes. These earbuds have GPS. That means that you can track exactly how much you ran along with your pace and so on with your earbuds. That’s a great piece of technology on paper. I tried it. It works great too. BUT…If you want to play music on your earbuds, you need your phone, and that means that this feature is essentially pointless. Unless you have an MP3 player or such.

But, in cases in which you have a smartwatch without GPS, and stream music off that, this feature might actually be useful.

GPS tracking will make your workouts better because you will get better insights, but it’s already there on your phone anyway.

Heart Rate Sensor

This is actually a reason why GPS makes sense here. Heart rate sensor combined with GPS gives some pretty great insights on your workouts, and not just running. And graphs matter. If you don’t know what you are doing, you can’t change.

Suprinsgly, this heart rate sensor is pretty accurate. It makes sense though. Fitness trackers aren’t fully pressing against your skin when you workout. They move. These earbuds? They stay connected to your skin at all times.


We work better when we don’t have to plan out our workouts. With the Jabra app, you can make a training plan based on how many times you want to workout in a week. The cool thing about setting a training plan is that it adjusts based on how you exercise.

But the best part about the app is that it’s are full of workouts. The great thing about it is that when you are doing, let us say, for instance, crunches, the sensors in the earphones count that for you. And that makes the whole workout experience better. You know that you did everything you needed to do. And honestly, there’s a vast variety of workouts there so if you always have to look up workouts on YouTube, perhaps you don’t have to anymore.

The Sound

At the end of the day, sound matters. In order to enjoy what we are listening to, we need quality.  These don’t provide top-notch quality in that department. But I tried a few fully wireless earphones for a few moments, and I know that the competition sounds about the same. The technology isn’t fully there yet.

These do not compare to some of the wireless earbuds with cables such as the Jaybird x2 in terms of sound quality, but they were much bigger and had cables. The sound isn’t bad by no means. It’s better than a typical $50 pair of earphones, but it just isn’t outstanding. It lacks in bass and clarity at times. And that’s an issue an all of fully wireless earbuds.

But their convenience makes up for it.

Conclusion – Jabra Elite Sport – Better Workouts

The sound might not be on the top level, but the convince they provide and tech included makes up for it, especially at when you look at the competition. Now, these are only average if you used some premium earbuds before. If you have been using a standard pair of earphones that come with your phone, then these will sound fantastic to you.

I can’t say that Jabra Elite Sport‘s are the best truly wireless earbuds out there because I didn’t test all of them yet, I do however know that they will make your life better. And that’s what Successisforall is all about.

These will make your workouts easier both in terms of convenience when running but also with rep counting and such when doing workouts. We are lazy. These do the counting for us. They then provide us with statistics. That makes us more likely to keep going.

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