Lifepack Backpack Review One Year Later – Is It Better Than the Amazon Reviews?

Lifepack backpack? The best for travel one year later? The reviews would say different. If you get an average rating of 3.1 stars out of 5 on your product, that makes it a hard choice for the customer. What makes the Lifepack lose almost 2 stars? For most, that’s a reason to ignore without even reading a review, but are the Amazon reviews justified or is it better than the Amazon reviews?

lifepacck backpack

Let me give some insights.  I’ve had this back for just about a year coming in not so many days. I traveled with it to Ireland, Nothern Ireland, England, Poland, Cech Republic, Italy, Germany, France, Portugal, Russia, Netherlands, Hungary, Austria, Greece, and Sweden. I changed my haircuts, and I changed my style, the backpack? It stayed the same for a year as my main choice for travel. I know it inside and out. The greats, the flaws.


This is the most important feature of a backpack especially if you are going to take it with you when traveling.

And it’s a hard one to rate. I mean, no one backpack will be treated the same. If you are on a plane, somebody might throw it. Some might do it lightly, some a bit harder. Every backpack will go through hardship when you travel.

Lifepack? It held up pretty damn well.

As far as the main body is concerned, both the shape and fabrics all held up even when in heavy rain and snow without the rain cover being used. Oh, and of course a lot of throwing was involved too!

One year later, inside and outside it looks brand new, well except for one area.

A section from the top of the strap has separated. This has actually only happened around 3 weeks ago.

Lifepack Backback durablity review

Some of the Amazon reviews discussed the durability for the reason that this Lifepack backpack lost stars, I’ve used plenty of luggage and backpacks before the Lifepack, and all had some form of damage present within a year, except it was often damage that resulted in the functionality decreasing. The top of the strap has to layers meaning that while this is noticeable, it isn’t something that worries me as I know I have that other layer there.

And that’s vital as one strap when traveling is not something that you want to deal with.

The Lock

Most backpacks don’t come with a lock. But when you advertise a lock and “anti-theft” is mentioned, this is something that matters.

Lifepack backpack has a great looking lock.

Lifepack Backpack

One year later? Em, well actually a few months later, this lock, it wasn’t working.

And this is the main issue with it.

As far as the lock is concerned, the Amazon reviews are right.

Every user giving a poor review mentions the lock.

Lifepack Backpack

Now, maybe they fixed the issue by now with the new batches of Lifepack, but the version I got a year ago…

However, the idea itself is great. The lock isn’t directly built into the backpack like in some luggage, and that’s an advantage for a backpack.

You know what one of the least suspicious things to do there is? Picking up a backpack. Like that is not suspicious at all. Lifepack has a cable style lock meaning you can tie it to objects. And cutting a cable with a knife, that is suspicious. Most locks will only protect the insides of the backpack, but you can forget about the actual backpack, this lock, when it works, protects both.

My first time traveling with the Lifepack? I misread the pin number and thought I forgot my combination. Oh, this was when the security guy asked me to open up my backpack. I pulled the cable as hard as I could, and it didn’t break.

Now, of course, it will be cuttable with a knife if one has plenty of time, but provided you have it around you or in an area with people, this is what will keep your backpack extra safe.

llifepack lock

I did try a durability challenge with a football just a few days ago as my lock was broken anyway so why not?. The cable? It didn’t break. The lock? A part of it went out of place.

Lifepack Backpack review one year later

The lock was already broken in terms of not being able to lock at all, so perhaps this wouldn’t happen if the lock was locked, but either way, it is destructible.  Not in a way that somebody near you would be able to take it apart without a problem, but if they have some time, for sure.

The Solarbank

Solarbank lifepack backpack

This is one of the standout features that this backpack offers and most don’t. The Solarbank is a speaker, a charger, and a solar panel. Three unique features in one. That does come handy as far as travel is concerned.


Lifepack Backpack

We all need it. 2018 phones still suck when it comes to battery.  The Solarbank? It charges your phone like it’s meant to. I used power banks that charge phones slower than sockets. I’m not actually too sure of the capacity of the Solarbank, but it also doesn’t matter too much as that’s not the only thing that influences how many times your phone or device will be charged. The Solarbank will charge your phone a few times, but it is not 6 like they show on their site.  Although, that Lifepack has been out for a while, and we all know how tiny batteries iPhones still are so if you own a not too new iPhone, maybe it will charge your phone 6 times.

Lifepack backpack

I reckon the number will be more like 3 and a bit for you though. While it also charges at normal speeds, that’s the problem. You don’t get that quick charge that you get when charging out of a socket. Something that might not be a problem for iPhone users that can charge their iPhone 6 times with the Lifepack as they don’t have any fast charging available on their devices anyway.

Charging the Solarbank?

This is also where some quick charging would also be nice especially due to a problem with the position of the Solarbank which you can read about below.  Oh, and a USB-C output would be nice. Back when it was released it was somewhat okay not to have it though. Right now, it wouldn’t.

lifepack Backpack review one year later

The Speaker?

You know, this is a backpack that you can often buy for around $159. You can’t compare it to $200 speakers. That’s why you can’t also say that it’s great quality. By all means, it’s very good. It’s loud and plays music clearly. But this is not a $200 speaker, and if you are a big music lover that likes to listen to the highest quality, you will be disappointed. The speaker lacks in the bass and at top volume, does lack in clarity a tiny bit. It’s not bad, it’s very good, but it’s not great like some reviews said.  If you are going on a hiking trip, going to kick a ball at a pitch, or going to your friends garden for a few beers, this is where this speaker is great. For casual use where you just need loud music at a very decent quality.

That’s what the Solarbank delivers on. Oh, and the battery when it comes to listening to music? It’s fantastic. It really stands out compared to other speakers. THere’s no point in showing the quality of the speaker as the microphone and your speakers will make everything sound different anyway.

The Solar Panel?

Em, it’s not that fast, but they don’t claim that it is either. It’s a nice feature if you are walking for long hours, but it won’t charge itself as quickly as it will lose battery when charging a phone. Great idea but it’s just not effective enough. With that said, having this feature can one day save your life! For example, if you are lost, and your phone dies.

The Solarbanks Weird Position

One flaw that has emerged to me the more I traveled was the Solarbanks terrible positioning.

This emerged to me, especially when traveling without any sockets near me for way too many hours while also having to use my backpack.

The problem? If you want to charge your Solarbank you need to take it out of the Lifepack which leaves a big damn hole in your backpack making it ridiculously easy for anything that you have to fall out.

And that is very annoying.

I don’t always need to take the Solarbank with me but I might need to take the backpack with me.

Lifepack backpack Solarbank

“This pack is a great invention, but my iPhone plus the larger size does not fit into the designed pocket with USB port. Also, the huge solar/battery bank is rather bulky when unzipping the front compartment.. causing it to fall forward! The only was to use the speaker and use solar power is to remove it from the pack. It is hard to listen to music with the speakers facing the inside of pack..I guess it was designed to pull out of pouch to listen clearly…” – Amazon reviewer

That review is partly right. The Solarbank is, in fact, bulky and it is hard to put something into that pocket due to it. And I do think that having something slimmer would have been much nicer as the backpack could fit in much more than currently, but if I were to choose over having the Solarbank or not, I would choose to have it as it does make your life so much easier.

The part of the review that’s wrong is the part that states you can’t listen to music when it’s in it. All you have to do is twist the speaker so the solar panel is inside and speaker outside. Simple as.

The Features

This is where this backpack stands out. This is the reason why I have been wearing this backpack for a year even while trying other backpacks.

Solarbank is the obvious reason that we already talked about. Something that a lot of backpacks lack.

Do you want to take your Solarbank to your friends for some beer at night? Beer opener is present. This isn’t any innovative technology by any means, but that one time you need a beer opener, you won’t have it, with Lifepack, you will.

Lifepack backpack beer opener

The hidden pockets are also another important feature both in terms of security and convenience. Instead of having to go into your backpack or your wallet, you can hide your card in a hidden pocket. Same with your passport or phone with back pockets that are between the backpack and you. Imagine somebody trying to steal something from you with those. Impossible.

Lifepack Backpack

Another clever feature is the compartment for your water bottle. Once again, no special technology but just being clever. A lot of backpacks will provide holders that your bottle water will fall out of if you do a weird move. Not with the Lifepack.

There’s also a rain cover for this backpack. I? I do not use it. Even if it’s raining heavy. And the backpack survives fine.

Lifepack Backpack

Apart from that, of course, the lock is also a feature.

The Size

Lifepack Backpack

This backpack, I think you already know it’s not the biggest. It’s not something you take on 2-month trips without anything else. It’s a backpack that works for travel but wouldn’t necessarily work for backpacking. Not for too long, Unless you do it during summer and do not also need to bring the likes of football boots.

The lack of the Solarbank would of course also make a difference, especially with the front compartment.

However, this Lifepack Backpack does fit more than enough for most trips. I recently went to Sweden, Poland, and Russia in one go with just this backpack. With football boots meaning I had two pairs of shorts, two pairs of shoes, 4 shirts/t-shirts,  laptop, mouse, hard-drive, cosmetics, 6 pairs of underwear, and 8 pairs of socks. And I would fit more if the laptop I took was slimmer and if I didn’t need boots.

Lifepack backpack

And that brings up to the next point.

But before we go to it, last little relating to size. A size of something isn’t determined just by the size. It’s the organization you can do that matters. The better you can organize and fold items, the less full you will be. And this one of the reasons you will love this backpack if you get it. It has a lot of pockets inside. Whether it’s your business cards or your sheets going to your hard drive or pens, this Lifepack is fantastic when it comes to organization. And when you are organized, not only will you be able to pack better, you will also not need to unpack as much.

The Zips

The Lifepack backpack is not the biggest but it certainly fits more than it looks.

The main reason behind it? The zips.

Lifebpack Backpack zips

You can pack a lot. You can pack too much.

But ultimately whether you can pack too much and actually go somewhere depends on whether the zips can handle what you throw at them. These? In one year, not a single did any part of the zip un-zip by itself when trying to zip something, and that’s vital for a backpack that you want to travel with. Your things just falling out when you are walking is exactly what you don’t want.

And the Lifepack backpack delivered on it!


When you walk over 10 miles in a day while traveling, you need something comfortable, especially if carrying the likes of camera equipment. One year later I’ve tried it on some many different trips that required me to carry different weights and walk or run different distances, and comfort wise, the Lifepack passed the test.

Lifepack backpack review

Some reviews differed on it, but provided you have the straps on at the right length, this backpack is comfortable.

Terrible Customer Service

The most important feature when it comes to any company is customer service. If you contact the founder Adrian on Instagram, you will get a reply relatively quickly. If you contact the customer service? You will wait months before they open your email. And that’s not a joke. I had other people contact them, and it was the same result.

Get Lifepack Backpack

And that most likely means that more people are needed in that sector.

Most of the time it doesn’t matter, but when you have a problem or a proposition, it makes all the difference. Waiting months is not good enough. A week would be okay, but anything after that is just ridiculous.

Lifepack Backpack Review One Year Later – Is It Better Than the Amazon Reviews?

This is a backpack with features that make travel life and life overall easier. And that’s what the name of it would suggest. I am not a big fan of backpacks, but I fell in love with the features in it. The Solarbank is everything you could want. The organization makes my life easier. Comfort is here too. And of course, it looks great! Although that’s something that will depend on who you are.

Lifepack Backpack

Amazon reviews? A bit too harsh. Not a 5-star but a 4-star sounds right. The lock is a problem, we can’t deny that, but other than that, and some little flaws such as the location of the Solarbank, there’s isn’t much wrong with it, in fact, there’s a lot of great!

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