Solgaard Lifepack Review – a Smart Backpack or Just a Gimmick?

A speaker? A charger? A solar panel? A lock? It all looks impressive on paper but how many impressive looking products failed to impress before? What about the Lifepack?

Perfect for Business

Use the hidden pockets that this backpack offers or your trousers will look as full as mine.

You are going to a conference. You want to carry business cards. You have a lot. You can’t fit them all into a wallet. Lifepack saves you. There’s a pocket for business cards. There’s a pocket for papers.

Confidential work? No problem. There’s a lock. A damn good lock. I was at the airport a while ago. Just another day at the office but with a situation. I forgot my code. Or so I thought. I tried to rip the lock off because I had something I wasn’t meant to have and the guy asked me to open my bag, but I couldn’t get the lock to open. It turned out that instead of a zero, one of the numbers on the lock was actually hitting 9. The lock I tried to rip? It still works, 2 months later, perfectly.

But business means you also probably need to use your phone. Phones and batteries don’t get along too well. That’s why most people in 2017 rock a portable charger. Lifepack? It has one. It has a speaker too but more on that later.

The charger? It’s a charger. It’s not the fastest charging. It’s not the slowest charging. It last about a day and a half when used heavily. Up to four days when not so heavily.  The solar panel built with this charger sure does help though.

I did find a problem with it though, only one USB works at one time. You can’t use two at the same time.

The portable charger connects to a USB inside the backpack which then reaches to one of side pockets. You can then connect your phone to your USB port in the side pocket, and that’s a lot more convenient.

The solar panel is housed in the same unit as the charger and the speaker. That combination is called Solarbank.

Perfect for Lifestyle

Open the bag up. In the front, a compartment for your glasses so that you don’t have to worry about them scratching. Space for pens. Oh, and a beer opener. Perfect for some celebration after work on a Friday night. Although, the chances are that when you have a beer opener, you won’t need it.

Lots of moving? There’s extra padding on the bottom for protection. You are also protected from the rain with the rain cover. Walking at night? The logos on the bag along with the raincoat are reflective.

You reach the house of your friend, and you hear somebody mention that they wish somebody had a speaker? Boom. You are prepared without even trying. You got that beer opener. You got that speaker. You got that charger. You are the king.

I give credit when it’s due, but I also criticise when it’s not. This speaker, em, it does better than a phone. It does better than a $45 speaker. But after, that, em, it’s okay. It does great when it’s needed but it isn’t Libratone or JBL quality by no means, but then again we cannot compare $269 backpack to a $200 speaker.

But the speaker does have an impressive battery. Of course, it’s shared with the battery used to charge your phone. Be aware of that.

Extra Security

Do you have a wallet? Do you have a card? Of course, you do. You also have pockets which these items are in right now, probably. That’s not safe. Lifepack has several hidden pockets on the straps and on the side that is touching your back. If you have something to protect, store these items there. It adds extra protection and is actually quite convenient.

Design that standouts

This grey color is exactly what I was looking for from a backpack. If it’s not leather, any other material has to be grey. That’s my personal preference. It might not be yours. Lifepack also comes in black though.

The extra padding on this backpack gives it the needed structure. And that also adds to the design.


This backpack, I have it for about two months. It went through pretty much everything. Airplanes. Boats. Trains. Buses. Hitchhiking was done too. Walking, of course. This backpack was used in five countries. So yeah, I used it a lot. And it looks brand new. Still.

You Get Glasses Too

I had a brief look on what I was expecting to get, but glasses were never mentioned. That was a cool touch. Obviously, these are not $200 standard glasses, but they are certainly not $2 standard glasses. They have a unique kind of see-through greyish look and actually provide a pretty nice lens.

I thought I probably wouldn’t be using them that much but yet here I was posting a picture with them on my personal Instagram page yesterday.


This backpack costs $269. You get a reasonably good speaker. You get a charger. You have a solar panel. Free glasses too. Don’t forget the lock and the hidden pockets along with great organization inside. Oh, and have a beer with that. 

It’s extreme quality for what you are paying. It really is. Perhaps because of what my post about big brands versus small brands said, that smaller companies need to provide quality rather than sell their name. 

This is by far my favorite backpack. It has the tech. It has a safety. It looks good. It feels good.

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