How to Look Better with a Simple Trick – Lifestyle Series Episode 1.

This series is about being the better man and growing as a person. On Successisforall we post about things that help, and while this series is mostly for men, ladies, you might be thinking you don’t need to read this, but you do. You need to show this to your man.

You care for him, right? Show him.

The first episode?

Let’s talk about hair.

simple trick to look better a

If you have hair.

If not, well you can skip until next weeks episode, and the in the meantime check out our other posts, perhaps the best Christmas gifts for fashion lovers is the post you need?

It’s the easiest thing to tackle yet something that isn’t done enough. You can look better with a simple trick.

We Aren’t Saying Change Your Hairstyle

We will talk about hairstyles in future episodes.

What we will talk about today is merely how you can look better with a simple trick and that a lot of people don’t do.

Hair trimming.

The key is to cut your hair often. And by that, we mean the sides.

Is Everlane Worth it?

Hair is one of those things that will determine whether you look good or bad. Clothing matters, sure, but ultimately hair is the main factor that influences what people think about us.

If you get your sides trimmed weekly, you will maintain a fresh look all year long. Even if your hair on top is growing in the meantime.

If you want to look great, the first step is to take care of your hair, and the simplest trick that doesn’t require a lot of thinking or debating is merely a trim on the sides.


I don’t look too bad in this picture taken in Lisbon, but I looked a lot better after the haircut.


Of course, there are exceptions, certain hairstyles require longer sides, but in the majority of cases, trims make the difference. Regardless of the type of your hair.

simple trick to look better

I personally loved getting my hair trimmed in Lisbon, at the LxFactory in Lisbon. The place was called Barber Factory, and they really took their time. Getting a haircut done is one thing, but it being an experience is something else. Most people hate getting haircuts. You have to wait for a long period of time, the person often rushes, and the tools aren’t that great unless you pay quite a bit. Barber Factory provided great prices with great tools, and the place looked fantastic. Oh, and they have a bar inside. For when you hate your haircut or love it.

Trimming sides isn’t hard, but yet it also isn’t easy. A lot of people suck at it. And using trimmers works but nothing quite beats additional tools like straight razors, and most importantly, scissors of high quality, along with somebody that understands one’s haircut.

Shortening your sides will help you look better, but doing it at the right place will make a massive difference!

Find the right barber, if you didn’t already, and attend weekly or every two weeks if your hair grows slowly.

It will cost a lot more, but it will be worth it.

Haircut in Lisbon

People judge based on looks, it sucks, but that’s how it works. Making this change will earn you a lot more money, convey you more sales, earn you respect, and make people more likely to talk to you. Not because people are evil but because we all judge whether we want to or not.

And if you have some skills around hair cutting and are on an extremely low budget, do it yourself!

Of course, some people should just switch their hairstyles all together but more on that in a post that will be done in South Korea.

simple trick to look better

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