Moft Stand Review – Are Laptop Stands Worth It?

Being able to work on a laptop? It’s great. Using one every day in the long-term? It’s painful. We are talking shoulder pain, neck pain, and yes, back pain. As far as ergonomics go, laptops are as bad as it gets. There’s not a single laptop on the market that tackles the issue because while monitors have stands, laptops, are just laptops. The solution? A laptop stand. Except, those are also painful to deal with. Is there any laptop stands that are worth it? Coming up in this MOFT Stand review.moft laptop stand review - Are laptop stands worth it standing thumb

The Biggest Problem with Laptop Stands

If you are going to be working in a fixed location, invest in a monitor, a keyboard and a mouse.

It’s going to help you work faster and better while being more ergonomic.

Of course, sometimes your location will change, and this is where laptop stands come in.

Except, the majority of laptop stands currently out, are not remotely designed for work on the go, which is crucial for laptops.

That means you end up with heavy and bulky laptop stands which sure does offer ergonomics, but at the cost of weight when traveling meaning that your luggage can be overweight easier, or that you will have to carry more weight in your backpack. Not too mention a lot of space being taken.

And that’s just not ideal at all.

Laptops are portable and the same should apply to laptop stands.

This Is Where the MOFT Stand Comes In

Think of the MOFT stand as of some origami structure. That’s what it essentially is.

A much stronger and thicker material than paper, that’s still incredibly thin, that fold at certain angles, lifting your laptop up at the degrees of 15 or 25 degrees, at the weight of 85 grams.moft laptop stand review - Are laptop stands worth it?

That’s right, materials at 85 grams bending at the right angle can handle laptops that weight 18lbs or 8 kg, which is pretty incredible.

And it’s very simple to set up, although depending on the version you get, that will differ.

The ones we rock are the adhesive versions that stick to your laptop. Those require no air vents in the center bottom part of the laptop which most laptops don’t have as they don’t aid much as far as cooling, but for those that have them or just want something that isn’t too permanent, MOFT also sell a non-adhesive version that is easily removable and perhaps better for sharing.

Of course, since this is going to play a big role in your workflow, there are also plenty of options as far as customing of the MOFT stand goes, with designs like our one, or something as simple as a standard all-black also being available for people that love simplicity.moft laptop stand review - Are laptop stands worth it standing

The MOFT Stand in reality

We’ve been working on this MOFT Stand review for over a month now, and since we rock a laptop for 8 hours every day, that’s around 248 hours of operating time with the MOFT stand.

Durability? Fantastic.

In the first few days, we had trust issues finishing the day without folding the stand to zero degrees. It’s something we had to do for the purpose of the review though, and well, our laptop never fell due to the MOFT Stand breaking.

The stand is incredibly durable and more importantly trustworthy. Our biggest question we had before we tested it for the first time was whether the stand would flip if we applied intense pressure at one point of our laptop. It didn’t.

At one point, we had to remove a part of this stand in order to unscrew one of the screws on the laptop so that we can upgrade a hard drive, after on, we put on the cover back on, and it still works perfectly.

Right away, we’ll just say it as it is. This is the best laptop stand ever created. MOFT? It stands for Mobile Office For Travelers which is exactly what most people with laptops do, they move around. And this is the first laptop stand created specifically to suit a mobile office on the go, wherever you are.

The fact it’s so thin means you never have to think whether it’s worth bringing or not, and if you have the adhesive version, you can just forget about it if you choose not to use it.

With that said, it’s not perfect…

We noticed that the 25-degree angle often returned to a 15-degree angle for us. It’s not something that happens every single time, but sometimes as we type, we do notice it changing the angle. Perhaps that has something to do with the spot we installed the MOFT Stand at.

To Sum up This MOFT Stand Review

Every laptop user needs a laptop stand in the long-term.

If you choose not to get one, you are choosing a life full of back pain in the long-term.moft laptop stand review - Are laptop stands worth it working

Laptops are not ergonomic, and never will be. 

Monitors have stands to make them higher. Laptops? You just have to look down, and that will lead to health problems in the future if you don’t do anything about it.

Most laptop stands aren’t worth getting though as while the provide ergonomics, they do not make sense when moving outside of a home. The MOFT Stand does. It’s light, thin and incredibly durable, at an affordable price point.

This is one of the best laptop accessories ever and if you have a laptop, it’s a must-have.

Matter of fact, so many of our friends already have it.

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