Money to Blow by Brandon Carter – Review

“Money…it generally does not buy  happiness, but having money does make life a whole lot easier.”

Brandon Carter, Ex Rapper signed by Sony,(Check out some of his music here), fitness expert, owner of Bro Labs , best selling author, a man that started with absolute nothing, Born in “South Side of Chicago,Murder capital of the world, a gang infested wasteland. Yes, you heard that right, a gang infested wasteland, land of no hope…But yet he did it. He used to have nothing… And now he is out there with the most successful people!20160313_112056

Money To Blow is not a typical business book. It’s a casual read. Don’t get me wrong, it’s great. It simply isn’t as formal as most books are! And perhaps that’s a key to its greatness! Something new! It’s a masterpiece of its own! It stands out and also stays in your mind because you can relate to the language of it! Not to mention it contains a few quotes from DJ Khaled! “They Don’t want you to succeed.”

One of the things Brandon mentions is to get organised and I love how this book is organized into 21 steps, it’s written in the chronological order of how to get successful. Brandon will not provide you sympathy, he will instead tell you the facts and that you need to do something about it, luckily he also does a great job with showing you exactly how to do it, bunch of formulas, bunch of tips.


Step 1 ultimately is a wake up call and is all about sorting your life, your habits, your visions. As if you want to succeed you need to sort yourself out. Brandon will teach you how to clean your mind, accept the situation, accept your actions, and also realize somebody else had it worse.


The next 3 steps will teach you how to know exactly what you want & how to get organized about it, bunch of formulas come in play.  


The remaining steps will  show you how to save money, make money, and how to be of value(and a few other things).


Overall I would call this the best business book written. This could perhaps be because it’s very modernly written to fit the worlds standards today, or perhaps because Brandon cut out on most of the information authors put in to fill up their concepts so their books look big. It’s a step by step book, provides deep insights, it will help you get out of debt, make sure you never get into debt, and teach you how to make money.


This book has a deep message. It is possible. You can be financially free. You just got to accept your situation and follow a few key techniques. It’s not a hard formula. It’s applying it that is hard.


Check out the book here

It’s only 2.99, 2.99 to change your life. Your Starbucks coffee costs more.


That’s it for this weeks book of the week! Check Brandon’s YouTube out, lots of useful content as well as his Instagram(@bcartermusic) or Facebook.

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