Most Essential Laptop Accessories for 2020

Looking to be the best you as far as work in 2020? These most essential laptop accessories and apps like 7-zip for 2020 will help you get there, whether that’s with faster work or better work.

WD Blue SSD Drive

If you are looking to get more in 2020, it starts with speed, and frankly, there’s no excuse for you to still rock a standard old school hard drive.

All guides on the internet say that SSD drives are expensive. That is not true anymore.

Going into 2020, SSD drives are cheaper than ever, and a price that you can call very fair for what you will get out of them.

A 1TB drive costs around €50. You’ll get a 1TB WD Blue drive for around €100.Most essential laptop accesories for 2020 ssd drive

What does that mean?

It means 5x faster speeds. Imagine your Adobe Premiere turning on and working 5 times faster. How much of a difference that would make.

Your system would turn on faster. Your software would run faster. Everything would be much faster.

On a laptop, an SSD drive would actually also increase your battery life by around 30 minutes compared to a standard drive, provided you ditch the standard drive.

Is €100 a lot of money to pay for 5x the speeds that will allow you to get everything done faster while providing you a lot of space with 1TB of storage?

We got the WD Blue M.2 drive, which worked great with the ASUS VivoBook F510UA, which we called the best laptop for creators under $500, but it is worth noting that this drive doesn’t work with all devices, and it is more so dedicated for the more budget options. If you rock a more powerful device, you’ll be looking for an NVMe drive instead of a SATA 3 drive, which this WD Blue is.

The difference between SATA 3 and NVMe? Speed.

SATA 3 = 520 MB per second.

NVMe = 3500 MB per second.

A standard hard drive? Up to 150 MB per second, although most laptops come with slower 5400 RPM drives, over 7200 RPM drives that get the 150 MB speed.

Either way, setting an SSD is extremely easy. Just take off your laptop cover and put it in the right slot. Most essential laptop accesories for 2020 ssd drive laptop, WD BLUE SSD Drive, Laptop Inside

Re-installing Windows 10 is quite annoying, though, from the perspective of having to install it from a USB stick if installing on a separate drive.

MOFT Stand

If you are working on a laptop every single day, without utilizing a monitor or a laptop stand, you are going to regret it in 10 to 20 years, or next month when you start to think about why your neck is sore.

Neck issues are a problem for a lot of people.

Looking down on a laptop? It’s often the sole reason for neck problems.

Laptops just aren’t ergonomic.

The MOFT stand fixes this problem.

And it does so in an as portable way possible compared to all previous laptop stands on the market.

moft laptop stand review - Are laptop stands worth it standing thumb

It’s essentially just a strong material that’s able to hold up to 8 kg or 18 lbs even though it itself weighs just 85 grams.

This is something that everyone would benefit from, so if looking for a gift for a friend, why not this?

Logitech MX Master 2S

Logitech recently released the MX Master 3, but since we haven’t tried it, we cannot recommend it yet, but let’s talk a bit about why the MX Master series is so great, and one of the most essential laptop accessories for 2020.

Firstly, any mouse is needed. If you are not rocking a mouse, you are wasting time. No touchpad on this planet is able to replace a mouse. PERIOD.

For creatives, the MX Master series is where the best mouse territory is, though. The Logitech Craft also pairs great with this mouse, but since your laptop already has a keyboard, it’s not an absolute essential.

This mouse has an incredible battery life to the point that you only have to charge it a few times per year.

It comes with incredible software that allows for the combing of two devices together at the same time, with just one mouse, even allowing for a drag-and-drop of files between devices, while also allowing you for easy switching between devices with just one button.

It has incredible customization options for its buttons, allowing you to customize how you use the mouse, depending on the software you are in, and with its scroll wheel that scrolls itself, everything about this mouse makes your workflow faster.

Did we mention it looks great?

If you are a creative, the MX Master series is where you need to look at in 2020. They also have a more ergonomic version available.

Barner Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Blue light can cause headaches, cause eye-strain, ruin your sleep cycle and quality of sleep, while also affecting your energy levels during the day. It also has an impact on your eye health.

That’s why blue light blocking glasses are one of the most essential laptop accessories for 2020. If you eliminate blue night at night, you will work better, while also being healthier.

And that’s where Barner glasses come in as a solution.

These won’t block out all blue light but will do just enough to keep you protected from screens during the day without completely removing blue light, as, at the end of the day, you need it during the day, while at the same time, protecting you at night.

Optimally, at night, you should be rocking fully blue light blocking glasses which have a strong orange tint, but if you are a content creator, seeing different colors just isn’t going to work. Barner tints slightly, but not drastically.

We’ve written about blue light way before we first discovered Barner, but the major issue with all blue light glasses on the market, even the ones that claimed they were stylish, was that they all looked disgusting.

Barner’s glasses actually look good, and that’s important.

Nobody wants to wear glasses that don’t look great. 9/10 people will choose to look great over health. Barner understands that.

Blue light is harmful for our eyes, whether in a direct matter or simply due to decreasing our quality of sleep, which we talked about in our post about blue light glasses.


If you edit videos or pictures, this tool will not only make editing so much fun, but it will also take it to the next level, allowing you to be more precise than ever while being quicker than ever.content creation on the go Loupadeck

Keyboards aren’t designed for editing. You can sure do it, and get very good at it, but being an expert at using a keyboard won’t replace a dial when it comes to scrolling through a timeline.

Loupedeck+ solves this issue.

Essentially, it’s a keyboard for editing.

And every part of it is mappable so that you can customize it as you like.

It’s not that editing consoles don’t already exist, but this one is at a price that most people can justify.

Jabra Elite 65e

We all know how much laptop speakers suck.

Sure, they got a bit better in the last year, but you still are never going to get studio quality.

And perhaps that’s good.

Who wants to pay a premium for great audio on their laptop?

Our recommendation for earphones? It’s not a pair of fully wireless earbuds. Those aren’t good enough quality, yet.

It’s actually the Jabra Elite 65e.

We plan to upgrade our earphone guides soon, but we have used these for over a year now, and we love them. They provide incredible sound quality, noise cancellation, a great battery life, and our favorite feature, the 3 microphones that combine to eliminate external noise from your calls.

We talk more in-depth about them in our review.Best Earphones for Calls and Sound

These Are Our Top Laptop Accessories for 2020

These 6 items? These are our top laptop accessories for 2020. They say that you don’t need investments if you really want to do something, and that’s true, but these items will allow you to do far more in 2020.


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