Must-Have Travel Essentials for Making Travel Better

There’s so many must have travel essentials that will make travel better. There’s also a lot of gimmicks that look like they can make your life better, but in reality, a lot of things that might look useful to have, only take up space. The thing about this page is that we actually travel around the world, all-year-round with all the products we review, rather than just talking about them.

Will this post include all the must-have travel essentials for making travel better? No. We can only write about what we love, and have, and for instance, we never tested a travel pillow that passed our tests, hence, that will have to wait until the next post about travel essentials.

It All Starts with Your Feet

You are going to be walking a lot when you travel, and for that, you need the right pair of boots. Boots that can handle rain, that can handle rivers, boots that can be taken to the mountains, and that still will overall look fantastic.

Must Have Travel Essentials for Making Travel Better

And that’s where Thursday Boots Captain Natural come in. 20+ countries. Over 4000 km or around 2500 miles walked in them. 5 months of everyday walking. Rain, snow, even river, they passed. If you are only going to have one pair of boots, you need a pair that’s extremely durable, great against water of all kinds, comfortable to wear at all times, with amazing grip, while being odor-free, and one that looks great, then that’s exactly what these Thursday Boots are.

Must Have Travel Essentials for Making Travel Better

We do have a full 1 year later review of these up where we talk about the great things about them, but also about the flaws, so do make sure to check it out, and yes, they have female boots too!

Before You Travel Anywhere, You Need a Place!

There’s more than one way to do find a place, but one that isn’t talked about enough is HomeExchange.

Formerly known as GuestToGuest, HomeExchange is a platform that will change your travel life.

How to stay in places for free GuestToGuest

Unless you travel every single day of the year, you most likely have a home.

People are looking to travel, but expensive costs of hotels and apartments that aren’t even worth it often slows them down. And well, HomeExchange solves that issue.

But it also solves a lot of issues that would have prevented people from traveling in the past.

Not everyone wants to go to your home, not right now at least. That doesn’t mean that they don’t want you to stay in their home. That’s where HomeExchange comes in with their virtual points that you can spend on exchanges making home exchanges far more possible, than otherwise.

Home Exchange is also a platform that makes home exchanges safer than ever with insurance that protects both your home whether you own it or not, and yourself when you travel, in an instance, where something happens, and suddenly you can’t get home.

I’ve used the platform many times, and you would be surprised how well it works because people on it, they want to travel, and those kind of people, more often than not, are truly fantastic.

Jeans Matter Too!

When we write about clothing, we write about clothing that helps, and Mugsy Jeans are absolutely revolutionary as far as jeans go. The only limit? They are only for males.

Must Have Travel Essentials for Making Travel Better

These jeans are so stretchy that you can play football (soccer) with these. And that’s exactly what you need if you are going on an adventure. You want jeans that will survive adventures whether you are running or jumping, and these do that.

Must Have Travel Essentials for Making Travel Better

The problem with jeans before was that they were either too uncomfortable or too big. These are the best of both worlds, providing comfort that was not possible before. And that’s important, especially when you are on airplanes or buses.

We do have a bunch of reviews on these, but before you move on on this Must-Have Travel Essentials for Making Travel Better, list, the stretchy fabric on these is also fantastic at putting tension on the items in your pockets, meaning that they are far more less likely to fall out, than on any other jeans you own. And yes, the pockets on these, they are designed to fit the items you carry in 2019!

A Good Camera Is a Must-Have Must Have Travel Essentials for Making Travel Better

Phones are getting better and better at pictures, but if you truly want to capture your travel moments, in the best possible way, a camera is just one of the must-have travel essentials.

Our recommendation? The Sony a6000 with the 50mm 1.8 Sony lens along with the Sigma 16mm 1.4 lens.

sony a6000

It’s 5 years old now, but in 2019, it’s still a camera worth having because cameras aren’t like phones, they were already great 5 years ago.

You can buy the Sony a6000 for around $400 or €400, and frankly, it even beats some cameras at the price point of over €1000. It’s just incredible value, provided you also invest in kit lenses, as if you don’t, it won’t look nearly as nice.

Just look at all the pictures in these posts. They were taken by the Sony a6000. But this camera offers incredible auto-focus, modern features such as Wi-Fi that some of the competitors didn’t offer even with newer releases, and most importantly, it’s compact, light, and easy to use, because that’s what Sony do as far as cameras, they make life easy.

If you are planning to do a lot of videos though, I do suggest you invest in the a6500 though. This camera works great as far as quality, but has no stabilization and no microphone jack, making it a major hassle for videos. More on that, in our Sony a6000 review.

Not every trip requires pictures, sometimes it’s just good to get away, but when you do take pictures on your trip, having a camera will make a huge difference.

You Need Space to Store Those Videos and Pictures

It’s rare to find a laptop that comes with more than 1TB of storage.

1TB? It’s just not enough as far as storage goes. And trust us, there’s nothing worse than having to sacrifice pictures and videos, due to lack of storage.

Must-Have Travel Essentials for Making Travel Better

As far value goes, the WD My Passport Ultra 4TB drive would be our recommendation for most people. It’s not an SSD, but it can months or even years worth of footage, at fast enough speeds to even edit with.

Our one did actually drop and break, but provided you don’t just drop from almost two meters high, this is a hard drive that will last you for years, looks incredible so that you don’t need to be ashamed, is fast enough for 1080p video editing, and that is reliable. We do also have a review on the WD My Passport on our site.

Touchscreen Gloves for the Cold

Travel doesn’t just consist of visits to warm countries. Going into 2019, our phones are just necessary, whether it’s to check Google Maps, reply to someone, or to get an Uber.

As far as leather goes, it’s either you get premium pair of gloves that don’t work with touchscreens, resulting in your hands almost freezing every-time you use them, or you get a pair that doesn’t work that well.

Must Have Travel Essentials for Making Travel Better

If you are willing to invest $175 on a pair of gloves though, Fort Belvedere offers a fantastic pair of touchscreen dress gloves that work perfectly with touchscreens. Of course, we do also have a review of them, so that you can see whether they are worth it.

Must Have Travel Essentials for Making Travel Better

As far as non-touchscreen options, we are working on a review of a pair, hence can’t include it in this version of the post, yet.

The Right Adapters so That You Can Charge Your Devices

Adapters are one of those must-have travel essentials for better travel that most won’t want to get, and due to that will end up paying a lot in the long-term, when your cheap ones that aren’t that cheap, break.

A standard adapter converting one plug into other costs around €10 in Europe. The Skross Pro Light USB World Series Travel Adapter costs €44.50. And that might seem expensive, but when you have that, you are covered under every single circumstance. American into UK? No problem. UK into American? No problem. European into UK? Once, again, no problem. With a standard plug, you are paying €10 per every different plug conversion. Skross offers everything you need for €39, while also coming with 2-USB ports, and most importantly offers safety.

Must Have Travel Essentials for Making Travel Better

It’s not that your device will necessarily go on fire when you use a bad adapter, but cheap adapters, they don’t have a long lifespan.

PrivateVPN so You Can Watch Everything You Want

The problem with travel is that depending on where you are, you might or might not be able to access all services that you would like to access. In China, most of the websites are blocked for instance. PrivateVPN lets you unblock those, keeps you safe when using public Wi-Fi via encryption whether you are in Starbucks or at an Airport, and allows you to unlock more content on the likes of Netflix.

Must Have Travel Essentials for Making Travel Better

If you want a different VPN service, sure, go for it, but PrivateVPN offers incredible value for its price. And yes, we made a review of it before.

Thompson Tee If You Sweat a Lot

If you are lucky enough not to have sweat problems, great for you. I do have massive sweat problems and always will. And I guess that’s a natural thing to have.

I tried a bunch of chemicals in the past, and nothing worked.

Almost 3 years ago, I found Thompson Tee, and it changed my life.

Thompson tee is an undershirt, and while it doesn’t stop sweat from happening, it prevents it from having an impact on you.

If you sweat a lot, smell and stains are a big problem for you. Thompson Tee gets rid of these two problems with their patented technology that evaporates sweat into an odorless gas. It’s fully natural but it’s also the only solution that I found, that works.

And I’ll go right ahead and say that this is the most important product I ever had.

If you want to travel, smell free, and stain free, Thompson Tee is one of the must-have travel essentials for making travel better.

Solgaard Lifepack

It’s not the world’s biggest backpack, and it for sure isn’t the best for everyone, but I used it hate backpacks, and this one by Solgaard, it converted me. It’s absolutely amazing.

Must Have Travel Essentials for Making Travel Better

This is a backpack that will soon be retiring in favor of the Lifepack Lite. After using it for around 2 years, well, it has been through everything, and it’s slowly starting to show. And that’s exactly why we are recommending it. If you knew what this backpack survived, you wouldn’t even believe it.

This is the backpack you buy if you want to look good. If you want to be extra secure with hidden pockets and a lock. This is a backpack that isn’t the biggest but fits the most out of backpacks of its size due to amazingly durable zippers. Most of the time, this backpack had around 14kg of weight or around 28 pounds, and it handled it, whether in Asia, Europe, or America. And yes, we do also have a review of this backpack.

Ministry of Supply Polos, Shirts, and Jackets

There’s a lot great looking clothing out there, but not much that makes your life easier and better. Products from Ministry of Supply are some of the must-have travel essentials for making travel better, and for a few very simple reasons.

They make clothing that’s wrinkle-free, stretchy, breathable, water repellent, moisture wicking, and most importantly, compact. And there really aren’t many other brands that do that, on a remotely similar level.

Must Have Travel Essentials for Making Travel Better

We tested their Polo’s in Thailand, we tested their shirt in S. Korea, we tested their jacket all over the planet whether it be Canada, S.Korea, or pretty much everywhere in Europe, and once you have one of their products, you will never be able to go back to ordinary brands that charge for branding.

Ministry of supply one year later the best rain jacket for 2019

Their jacket called Dry Days Mac does cost, a lot! $375 isn’t cheap, but you aren’t paying for the brand name, you are paying for features. We do recommend that you check the full review of it out, but to sum up this jacket, it’s the most compact rain jacket you will ever own, making it one of the must-have travel essentials for making travel better. It takes just about no space in your backpack and even fits into most pockets. Another thing I love about it is how it comes with 5 pockets of sizes that fit the items I want to carry. 4 on the front, and 1 inside.

must-have travel essentials for making travel better

Their polo shirt is called Apollo 3, I took them to some of the worst air possible on the planet, Bangkok.

must-have travel essentials for making travel better

I could have tested this polo for breathability in the likes of Greece, but we wanted to take it to the next level, and it performed fantastically. The polo comes with NASA-developed Phase Change materials, and, well, we can’t say whether it’s exactly 19 times more breathable, but it made a massive difference when we used it.

must-have travel essentials for making travel better

The shirt shown here is the Apollo 3 shirt. The features we mentioned apply across all their products, hence just showing imagery of them.

must-have travel essentials for making travel better

And here, we are showing how compact their blazer can get, and yes, it ends up wrinkle free when you unfold it.

Minstry of SUpply Going Places Blazer Review best blazer for under 200

Betabrand Dress Pant Sweatpant

Betabrand is an interesting company where people like you and me can come up with product ideas, people then fund them, followed by Betabrand making them.

Think of it like Kickstarter, except, the products are 100% guaranteed to be made if it’s fully funded.

And you are looking to dress up when traveling then the Betabrand Dress Pant Sweatpants are probably your best option.

Must Have Travel Essentials for Making Travel Better

The things you dress up, they often really lack in the area of comfort. But what if you could have a pair of pants that look great, but that you can also enjoy yourself with at a party, a pair of pants that you can go on an adventure with, without feeling like you are wearing office pants?

I’ve been using these Betabrand Dress Pant Sweatpants for around a year and a half, and not only are they the best looking pair of pants I ever owned, but they are also the best I tried thus far. They are called Dress Pant Sweatpant for a reason. They feel like you are wearing sweatpants. And that’s mostly due to the 4-way stretch fabric these come with.

A 1.5 year later review coming soon.

Must-Have Travel Essentials for Making Travel Better

Both clothing and tech help with travel. And everything here, it will make a tremendous difference with your trips.

Is this everything that you need? Absolutely not.

We need to mention power banks, travel pillows, travel towels, and many others, but for now, investing in either of these will allow you to travel better.

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