Must Do in Stockholm in 2019 Based on Experience (And Places Worth Staying In)

The reason behind why we are doing a must do in Stockholm in 2019 is because Stockholm was recently chosen as one of our top 5 cities to visit in 2019, and the problem with guides is that the major majority of them are ghostwritten based on other guides creating a list of places to visit recommended by people that never went.

The problem with that? Well, we were in South Korea not so long ago. Everland is an amusement park with thousands of positive reviews. It also costs around €50 for a day ticket. We went. We were waiting to be impressed. And we were until we found out about the 180 minutes wait to go on a roller coaster ride. 3 hours of waiting just to go on one ride. With the day ticket cost around €50. Yet, just about every single guide around Seoul mentions it. There’s a big problem with guides out there, and we are walking on solving it, city by city, slowly but surely.

This is the must do in Stockholm in 2019 based on experience. Every place, we visited, and if we are recommending it, it’s because we actually loved it. Not because it could be good.b

Stockholm Metros

“A metro? Where is this blog post going?”

Must do in Stockholm in 2019 based on experience metro

It’s like art and transport had a baby.

Must do in Stockholm in 2019 based on experience metro

All of the metro lines that do have art or such, they are all differently themed ranging dramatically in style and looks. Perfect for Instagram. Perfect for exploring on a rainy day. And free, considering you are already paying for a ticket anyway, which is by the way very affordable in Stockholm if you get a pass.

Must do in Stockholm in 2019 based on experience metro

And yes, there’s even a Pac-Man themed metro.

Stokcholm metro tourist attraction one day in stockholm


Whether you love photography or not, images have a very big role in our lives. And Fotografiska? This is where you go to see that while the picture was taken on an iPhone or even a camera can look good, that the difference between good and great can be enormous.

Top 5 cities to visit in 2019 stockholm fotografiska

Art galleries exist all over the world. We could have written about an art gallery in any city on the planet, but Fotografiska takes it a whole new level.

You may not know anything about the people or the things on the picture, yet you will start to think about them anyway. And that’s because the pictures there are meant to tell a story. And that’s perhaps why Fotografiska is worth the visit. It’s not just random photographs that look nice on a wall. It’s stories. Some highlighting hunger in Ukraine, some highlighting hygiene. Every photographer telling a different story.

must do in Stockholm in 2019

The collections change often, and there really is a lot of images to view. Expect to spend 1-1.30 hours there.

Swing by Golfbaren

This is our favorite activity to do in Stockholm, and something that a lot of people will enjoy to do making it a must do in Stockholm in 2019.

Mini golf on one side is an activity that anyone can do, regardless of the skill level, but one that can also be very competitive making it a perfect activity for a group consisting of those that like competition and those that just like having fun.


Swing by Golfbaren is a fantastic place for dates. You can talk and hear each other. You can have fun. And you can grab a drink or food after or during the game considering the bars and food areas inside of the area. Although, as far as dining goes, that requires a reservation.

Must do in Stockholm in 2019 based on experience gold d

Most importantly, overall, we love places with great people. And Swing by Golfbaren had the nicest people out of all the places we visited in 2018 and so far in 2019.

And yes, you are there for golf, so let’s talk about golf. There are 12 mini-courses there, some that are easier, and some that are harder. Although, even the easy ones can be hard if you don’t have the right precision as me.

Must do in Stockholm in 2019 based on experience

We often say that it’s not just the place but also the people that matter, but this place was amazing from both of these perspectives with it’s 1930’s theme.

Whether it’s a date or a family trip, this is an experience that can be enjoyed even by people that never played golf. Check out more fun and affordable golf holiday destinations on golf holidays direct.

Must do in Stockholm in 2019 based on experience

If you are visiting during summer, they also have 2 different courses outside.


Must do in Stockholm in 2019 based on experience

We loved the mini golf, but if you are looking for a variation of things to do, for longer, than Ballbreaker is a great choice that consists of many different variations of activities ranging from a football simulator to golfing simulator to a racing simulator to bowling, and many others.

To put simply, it’s the place to be as far as activities go.

There’s a bar inside and a restaurant above, meaning you can also grab some food or a drink, although, while we liked it, we would not recommend it as a date place like we would the Swing by Golfbaren.

Bowling was really great there, with enough balls for everyone, and most importantly, they didn’t provide these support rails that destroy the experience even if somebody is terribly bad.

The most unique experience on the planet? No, but as far as must do in Stockholm goes if you are looking for activities goes, this is the place to be.

ABBA: The Museum

There are not that many museums relating to music out there. But Stockholm has an amazing museum relating to ABBA going all the way from instruments to costumes to awards, and even a helicopter that was in one of the music videos they made.

Top 5 cities to visit in 2019

Whether you are aware of it or not, you heard plenty of ABBA songs in your life, and maybe you are a fan, and in that case, you for sure need to visit it as it has everything that needs to be known about ABBA.

To be frank, I didn’t have great expectations of this place when I first came in because how great can a music museum be. But I was surprised very positively.

ABBA: The Museum - One day trip in Stockholm

They tell the story in a very interactive way mixed with showing things belonging to ABBA on the way. You can sign, you can do quizzes, it’s quite the experience.

And it’s for sure a place that people in there ’20s-’50s will enjoy a lot for sure.


Not everyone likes sports. Not everyone loves ABBA. Some don’t care about metros. And for those, our last recommendation until we visit Stockholm again and expand on the must do in Stockholm.

Top 5 cities to visit in 2019 spel museum sweden

Spelmuseum is a museum for gaming, and whether you play games now or not, it’s safe to say that most of us played games at one point in our lives. And the chances are that the consoles that you played on are in that museum, and the best thing? You can play on most of them. And that, that is one of the best experiences you can have, as seeing a museum about games is one thing, but being able to play on the things you used to play on, that’s like re-living your childhood. And that can be a wonderful moment.

You can go into an arcade and overpay to play, or you can go in there and play for not much at all while seeing history.

And yes, there’s a Pac-Man machine there too!

Places to Stay in Stockholm in 2019

Stockholm, it doesn’t belong to cheap, but that’s mostly to do with the quality of the city and Sweden as it is. The standard of homes and hotels is ridiculously high.

Our hotel of choice? Brommavik Hotel. It’s overall the best deal you can get for the price. We paid €174 for 2 nights including free breakfast and gym access. Now, the cheapest room didn’t have a window and the snacks inside did cost, but the bed was extremely comfortable, the temperature was great with neither me or my partner being too hot or too cold, the bathroom was fantastic, and most importantly, the hotel maintained quality both in the room as well as outside which often isn’t the case when it comes to hotels on a budget. The only problem? The gym was actually a partnership with a gym consisting of 2 gym passes meaning that it wasn’t as simple as just going to the gym as you had to ask and hope that they had one for you. The breakfast was incredible though with a massive variety of choices including great pancakes. And yes, you can eat as much of it as you want.

things to do in Stockholm

Don’t have that much money to pay for 2 days? We get it. If you want to go for a week, that’s not affordable. Luckily, prices of hotels tend to go down when you stay somewhere for more days, but with that, you might still not be able to afford to go, and that’s where HomeExchange is a fantastic solution. HomeExchange, as the name suggests, involves home exchanges, except the great thing about it, is that it’s based on a virtual currency so while you can go to someones home, they don’t necessarily need to go to yours if you have the points, and that makes exchanges so much easier. 

You might have trust issues and you are rightly free to do, but you also pay insurance which protects the homeowner and the person staying in someone’s home. In a rare case, if you can’t stay in someone’s home, the insurance will provide you with a hotel or apartment. And perhaps the best thing about HomeExchange is that people that have home’s there, they aren’t looking to make money and mostly live in their homes resulting in a far better experience than in any other budget hotel and apartment.

Must Do in Stockholm in 2019 Based on Experience

This is not every place worth visiting in Stockholm. But every place we wrote about, we’ve been in, and we can approve as a place worth going to, even if you don’t have an interest in all of these.

With that said, we will visit Stockholm again in the summer, and we will try to expand on the guide with even more experiences in the next must do in Stockholm guide.

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