MZ Wallace Metro Backpack Review – The Best Unisex Backpack Ever Created?

MZ Wallace Metro? The best unisex backpack ever created? Frankly, we’ve reviewed only one other backpack on this page. I was a big hater of backpacks for a long time. It just wasn’t my thing. I much rathered briefcases like the one from Venque in the picture below.

Then the Lifepack came into my life just about a year ago.

I’ve been wearing it ever since.

MZ Wallce Metro Review

This MZ Wallace? It won’t charge your phone, and it won’t open your beer like the Lifepack. It certainly also won’t play music. But it does have its own features that we will talk about in this MZ Wallace Metro review that will make it worth it for some people, depending on one’s needs.

It’s City-Friendly

This isn’t a backpack you take on a big voyage, but it is one for the one-day trips.

MZ wallace metro backapck

Get on a bus in a city center. Try to walk across or just even stand. With the MZ Wallace Metro, it will actually be possible. The problem with my Lifepack was that it was too big. And while I like that it had a structure even when empty, it was just impossible to have it on your back when walking around big crowds.

MZ Wallace Metro is perfect for all of that as it’s not too big while at the same time is big enough to carry everything you might need on a day-trip, even a ball

And It Folds Nicely


I wouldn’t choose this backpack as one to bring for on my travels. That doesn’t mean it’s not a backpack that I can bring for travel. See. Due to the lack of too big structure, this backpack can go entirely flat and can fit in a luggage and often into a bigger backpack, without ever losing its original shape. All while being insanely light!

That means that you can take this with you on trips, and use it as your backpack on your day trips wherever you decide to go to!

It’s the Best Looking Unisex Backpack Ever

This is a backpack that you put on and automatically look stylish with. Lifepack? It looks great. But the Metro is just something completely else. It’s the best-looking backpack I ever saw.

MZ Wallace backpack best clothing

And it’s unisex meaning that if you and your partner are carrying it and get tired, you both can swap and still be stylish. And that’s a big feature. A lot of backpacks only look great one gender due to the clothing they wear. This just works with everything.

MZ Wallace Metro Backpack

If you go out on the streets with it, a man or a woman, you will get compliments.

MZ Wallace Metro Backpack

This MZ Wallace Metro comes with the Quilted Oxford Nylon structure which not only feels great but also looks great.

While Being Durable

Even on a day trip, you need a backpack that’s going to be durable. Drinks spill. Rain appears when it’s not expected. You can trip. What happens doesn’t matter, what matters is that a backpack can survive it. And that’s what the MZ Wallace MZ

Pockets Matter Too!

MZ Wallace Metro Backpack

Having space in a backpack is great, but ultimately the right organization is the difference between being able to fit everything or not. MZ Wallace Metro doesn’t have a lot of pockets, but the one that it has, they are great.

MZ Wallace Metro

The zips on the front pocket are of great quality so even if overpacked, they won’t unzip while the pocket inside is great for storing documents safely. Oh, and there’s a pouch included too!

MZ Wallace Metro – The Best Unisex Backpack Ever Created

MZ Wallace Metro isn’t a backpack that will charge your phone or is great for long trips but it is that backpack that you take on a day trip and swap with your partner while looking great, and that makes it the best unisex backpack ever created. It looks great, fits enough, is durable, and that’s exactly what you need from a backpack as far as trips are concerned.

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