Oliver Wicks Best Topcoat Made in Europe?

Looking for a Topcoat? This might be the best one there is “on a budget” that is made in Europe. It’s the Oliver Wicks Coat in Brown Wool-Cashmere.

Incredible Looking Coat

The best way to describe this coat? With a story.

I was visiting Stockholm a few weeks ago on business. While walking a female touched me, and said great jacket/coat. I told my partner about this, and she said that I’ve already told her this, making me remember that this same incident already happened before. Somebody touching you during this time probably isn’t a great thing, but it just sums up this coat. People notice it.

And people treat you better when you wear it. Especially when combined with the likes of the Fort Belvedere Burgundy Touchscreen gloves.

We’ve been testing this topcoat for a year now, and it looks just as spectacular as it did when initially got it.

The Fit

The fit? Excellent but not perfect, but that’s not a topic we like to dive into because it depends entirely on your body build. And there are so many different types of bodies.

Just because you are the same height as me does not mean something will fit you as well. It might fit you better, or it might fit you worse. For example, the model of the jacket on their website is 6′ and wears a 38R Coat. I’m wearing a 38R and I’m 175cm which is just almost 5,9′ but I do have a more muscular build than the model.

The 38R looks great on me, allows me to wear a jumper, while still being able to do tasks that require movements such as taking photos or riding a bike.

The great thing about buying an Oliver Wicks though? You get $50 to do any alterations if you need to. If done within a year.

The Quality

This coat consists of 95% wool & 5% cashmere blend.

Not only is the product itself made in Italy, but the products themselves are also tailored in Europe which is great.

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…With that said, there are two elements that lack quality which resulted in tears.


The first is the hanger element which isn’t great at holding the weight of the coat (especially with things in the pocket) and that’s something that ripped relatively early in the process of testing this overcoat.

Secondly? One of the pockets ripped. 

Although, that might not be the worst thing, because it creates a huge pocket, that goes all the way to the bottom of the jacket.

I’ve carried A4 sheets of paper in it once. Works great.

The Convenience

The coat looks great but here we don’t care if something looks great if it doesn’t make life easier.

We already mentioned that you can do tasks like cycling with this coat which makes it great for going to work if you live in a city, but what matters a lot is the pockets.

And this jacket delivers here too.

You get two main pockets in the front, and then on two sides inside that allows you to put in your phone or wallet, along with a coin pocket. And yes, there’s also a pocket at the chest area that you can put your glasses into.

Conclusion – Is The Oliver Wicks Worth it After a Year?

With very little maintenance, this Oliver Wicks topcoat is in excellent shape after a year. In fact, it looks just as good as when we got it.

The hanger loop should be improved, and the pocket tear wasn’t impressive, but overall, if we were to compare to other products we tested in the past, that after a year started to look different, or that came with pockets that couldn’t fit 2020 phones.

…If you are looking to impress while at the same time having comfort and convince, and a product that lasts in the long-term, then this is the coat for you.

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