Is the OnePlus 6t Camera Good? Tested in Real Life Scenarios

The OnePlus 6T is one of the few phones out there right now with a fingerprint scanner on the screen. It’s also the cheapest phone that you can buy that can compete directly with the flagships at pretty much half the price. In fact, due to its price comparing it to the likes of iPhone XS is like comparing the Sony a6500 to Sony a7 III. But is the OnePlus 6T camera good? As ultimately that’s what matters the most.

Is the One Plus 6t Camera Good as Far as Videos?

Well, there are a few major flaws with most of the posts about whether is the OnePlus 6T camera good. They talk about this camera from the perspective that it’s not that great due to the fact that it’s the same as on the OnePlus 6 which came out a few months prior to the 6T. Perhaps it didn’t change, but the 6 camera was already pretty solid, and it did, in fact, change a lot. Software wise. Except you won’t notice a difference between the 6 as OnePlus cares about its users and tries to update all devices as much as possible.

Another problem is that most reviewers have an inaccurate view of what is the perfect phone camera which we will touch on in just a minute.

Is the OnePlus 6T camera good? This review covers all the things that matter while comparing it to the iPhone XS MAX and the Sony a6000, without looking at the OnePlus 6 as if you have the 6 you most likely aren’t upgrading to this because you are waiting for the 7.

What’s the Perfect Phone Camera?

is the OnePlus 6T camera good

Most phone camera reviews are flawed. They look at things from the perspective of how great a picture looks compared to other phones. But what does a typical person’s life consist of in 2019? It’s a documentation of their breakfast or the weather in the morning. It’s snapping a video of a singer on the street, it’s doing a Boomerang on Instagram. It’s doing a little documentation series about your life via video. It’s seeing something spectacular and taking a picture of it before it disappears or taking the time to master the shot to perfection. It’s going to the pub with your friends and taking a picture with friends with terrible lighting.

A perfect phone camera isn’t the one that’s the best at taking a picture or even a video, it’s the one that is that aligns the most with our lifestyles.

That’s what we are looking at today. We know you care about Snapchat quality and we also know that Android phones tend to suck at Android. Nobody talks about that side of things. We will. We know that people want content that looks great at parties. Images that are sharp when taken with movement. Slow motion matters to us too. That’s some of the things we will talk about.

Amazing Low Light Shots

Perhaps there are some other phones that beat OnePlus 6T at this, we didn’t test all phones out after all, but what we can say is that this OnePlus 6T takes amazing low light shots. That isn’t something that a lot of reviewers mentioned. Some said that it wasn’t great, although I’m pretty sure they were referring to the night mode on the phone. That, in fact, was not as great as the pictures with it on and off looked pretty much the same. But one thing is for sure. This camera is a lot better at everything now than when most people reviewed this phone initially.

We will go ahead and say that this phone can in certain instances take better low light shots than the iPhone XS MAX and the Sony a6000 with the kit lens as far as grain versus brightness of an image is concerned.

Is the OnePlus 6T camera good
Unedited downscaled version.
is the oneplus 6t camera good a
You can see some noise on this image. You can also see that it’s quite soft. But it’s still an incredibly usable picture. And it was very dark where it was taken. Minus that lamp, it was pretty much dark in there.
is the oneplus 6t camera good a
Downscaled, unedited, picture.

“Android Phones Have a Terrible Snapchat Camera”

Said every iPhone user ever.

And well, for a good reason. When you use Snapchat on an Android phone, it’s like you are going from a great phone camera to a camera from a few years ago.

Is the OnePlus 6T camera good as far Snapchat?

Yes. This OnePlus 6T has a pretty great Snapchat camera especially compared to Samsung phones. And a lot of people will find that important as how our social media will look is often a big factor when buying a phone.

Is the Oneplus 6T camera good snapchat

Poor audio. Artifacts. Very laggy. The 3 main issues with Snapchat on Android that luckily the OnePlus 6T does not have.

However, you will still notice that the OnePlus 6T can get laggy when taking a picture. However, the pictures still turn out pretty great, and the video overall is smooth.

Is the Oneplus 6T camera good snapchat

A great thing about Snapchat is that it considers that users have different aspect ratios on the phone. Instagram doesn’t. That’s why you will often witness cropped Instagram stories on this phone when others post. Not great.

The OnePlus has a camera that perhaps isn’t as great as the one of the iPhone as far as the Snapchat and Instagram, but it sure does a great job capturing things in a way that don’t make other people click away, and that, that matters.

Apple Has Better Editing Options After You Take a Picture. OnePlus Has Better Customization Options Prior You Take a Picture.

Which is better?

Iphone XS MAX camera VS $400 Sony a6000 with a $300 lens


We would love both.

In our iPhone XS MAX versus Sony a6000 review, we did mention that being able to edit the likes of aperture after you take a picture is a great thing to have, but iPhones are for sure limited as far as getting the perfect shot goes. Manual will always be better than automatic because the phone will never know what you want to achieve, and that’s where the OnePlus stands out. You can get the perfect shot, well almost a perfect shot as there’s only so much a phone can do. Oh, and you can even shoot in RAW. And that makes a massive difference as far as editing possibilities.

Is the OnePlus 6T camera good

Is the OnePlus 6T Camera Good as Far as Videos?

I’ll say this, I didn’t have many expectations of this camera when it comes to video, but this phone actually surprised me. Videos are sharp and rarely contain noise, with a nice depth of field present. I was especially surprised as far as depth of field goes since the whole depth effect isn’t put in motion when recording videos. Meaning it was just the sensor creating the depth of field making the camera look very natural.

People say that phones aren’t getting any better anymore, but yet if you compare cameras from last year models of phones to this year models of phones, you will see that they, in fact, are getting better, and much better. And this is present especially as far as videos go. If I had a vlog, a phone wouldn’t replace my vlogging camera, but it for sure would be used in a lot of scenarios beause it’s at such level of quality that you can use it, and nobody will notice that it was recorded with a phone. And the fact there are 2 lenses on the back sure make a difference as far as abilities go. Being able to zoom in and zoom out without destroying any quality, that helps. And that’s where 2 lenses come in very handy.

However, with that said, stabilization is not as great as it could be. Don’t get me wrong. It’s still better than on the Sony a6000, but, with that said, it really does not compare to the iPhone XS MAX. With the iPhone, you pretty much feel like you are using a gimbal. The camera is very smooth even with fast movement. Not the case with the OnePlus 6T. It still smooth to a point you don’t notice shakiness, but you just don’t get that smooth motion kind of feeling when recording, destroying that cinematic feel. And due to that, this is not the perfect video camera on the phone, even though it overall is superb.

And audio wise? It does a pretty good job. Better than the iPhone XS MAX and for sure better than the Sony a6000 which has awful audio.

With that said, I’d recommend that you get some external microphone with this camera, for instance, the Sennheiser Memory Mic which we also just reviewed. Cabled microphones work too, although they do require using the adapter as this phone does not come with a headphone jack.

is the oneplus 6t camera good selfies

The Depth Effect Also Known as “Portrait Mode”

Everyone wants to have this depth effect on their phones for some reason.

is the oneplus 6t camera good depth effect

I understand that reason. Having that blur does make images look better.

But the fake will never be as great as the real thing. And that’s the case with all phones. Phones aren’t able to replicate the blur cameras can provide mostly due to the small sensor. Two lenses with the right software help, but whether it’s the iPhone or the OnePlus, that technology isn’t on a good enough level yet.

On OnePlus, the mode is called, Portrait Mode, and yes, you can get a great picture. But you will get around 1 great picture for every 10 pictures taken. This effect can work, but due to the fact how little it works, I prefer using the normal camera. A little problem in a picture can make it unusable because it will prevent a picture from looking real.

is the oneplus 6t camera good depth effect when it works well
Portrait mode working well.

OnePlus is learning very quickly though, yet, it still lacks enormously behind the iPhone as far as accuracy, however when it gets an effect right, the result is often much better than on the iPhone, especially due to the fact, you get a much wider picture on the OnePlus versus the iPhone which crops the picture tremendously.

is the oneplus 6t camera good OnePlus6t depth of field portrait mode
Taken on the OnePlus 6T
is the oneplus 6t camera good OnePlus6t depth of field portrait mode
Taken on the iPhone XS MAX

If you ask us, the iPhone is slightly too saturated, and the crop is not great at all for taking pictures as you really need to move back, except you can’t as you need to be a certain distance from the subject, making the portrait mode on the iPhone not that great to use at times. The one on the OnePlus allows you to capture much more in a picture. And ultimately that matters.

Slow Motion

Slow motion is much more in demand type in the last few years, and for a good reason. Slow motion content looks incredible. Well, it can look incredible. It’s not that great on smartphones. Well, it’s great on smartphones provided there’s plenty of light. Anything less than plenty will result in bad looking content. The OnePlus 6T? For one it allows for more frames as while the iPhone can shoot in 240 frames per second, it does so in a specific format that can’t be displayed on most devices right away making it far much less convenient to use.

And at the end of the day, it all does go down to convenience.

The video showing both the iPhone and the OnePlus compete show that the iPhone does show more in the video, but when you look closely, I would say that the OnePlus shows slightly more details.

However, the OnePlus does not record sound in slow motion.

Here’s an example of how it performs in very low light, as ultimately the real test of a low motion camera is when it’s darker. The OnePlus? It does pick up plenty of noise, but for 240 frames per second, with pretty much no light, you really can’t complain. That clip is for sure still usable on social media.


is the oneplus 6t camera good selfies
OnePlus 6T selfie with Portrait Mode on.

Say what you want about selfies, but selfie cameras matter whether that’s for documenting your life or taking a picture with your partner, and yet that front facing camera is always my biggest problem with phones. It seems like there’s never as much quality in the front as in the back, and that sucks.

But, the selfie camera on this phone, it takes some incredible pictures that are much wider than on the iPhone without being too wide. And that’s important. You want to fit your friends in a picture, but you also don’t want to be too wide.

is the oneplus 6t camera good selfies
This picture is exactly the kind of quality I would expect in a selfie.

The Overall Quality of Pictures

This is one of the only things talked about as far as camera reviews of phones are concerned.

Yup, this is also the section where most would include pictures of flowers. Em, get out of here!

Do you honestly take pictures of flowers in real life?

We will show you some real pictures that you might actually post.

Frankly, I don’t like when people get into too many specifics as let’s face it, we mostly just care about taking the right picture.

And when it comes to phones, numbers really don’t matter as the last few years proved that software optimization is what matters most. That’s why we’ll let the images speak for themselves.

is the oneplus 6t came good comparison
Unedited, downscaled image taken on OnePlus 6T

Sennheiser Memory Mic.

is the oneplus 6t camera good raw pic
Taken in RAW and slightly edited.

Battery & Storage

Ultimately, “is the OnePlus 6T camera good” doesn’t matter if your phone dies and you can’t shoot videos or photos. And while the OnePlus does not have the best battery ever, it does have one of the best batteries out there right now. And that’s vital. Especially when it comes to a phone as a phone isn’t just a camera. You will be using it. And it needs to last. This phone beats most phones out there as far as battery life. And it for sure beats the iPhone XS MAX in that aspect. With the iPhone XS MAX beating the Sony a6000 camera by several times.

Whether recording in 4K, taking pictures, or just going through your day, OnePlus provides a phone that will last you all day, while you actually use it. And if it doesn’t, then OnePlus offers WRAP Charge which used to be called DASH Charge, with is much faster than most charging technologies out there and most importantly doesn’t require any extra cables like on the iPhone — allowing you to charge your phone to a high enough percentage in 30 minutes that it will last another day. And that’s important.

And even though the OnePlus is around half of the price of the iPhone XS, it comes with 128GB of storage rather than just 64. And that extra 64GB is vital if you want to record in 4K while having all of your other apps around too. Especially considering the OnePlus just like other phones does not come with a micro-SD card.

Is the OnePlus 6T Camera Good?

The perfect camera isn’t one that performs in certain conditions. It’s one that perhaps isn’t the best in any given condition, but one that performs great in all conditions, and if you are wondering if the OnePlus 6T camera is good, due to the fact that it performs great in all conditions, it is.

It’s great if you want to adjust the image to your needs with manual settings. It’s great for pictures — one of the best if not the best for Snapchat and Instagram. Videos while not being the most stable, look stunning. Slow motion is exceptional. Battery life and big storage make life easy. It’s just a fantastic camera to have. Not the best in either field perhaps, but a consistent performance in all fields. Which isn’t the case with plenty of smartphones out there.

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