OnePlus 3 . One Year Later. What Makes It Standout.

If we have a phone that has everything that we need, why would we buy a new one? That’s not a good business model.

And while OnePlus 3 doesn’t provide everything that we need, it provides more than its competitors. It provides features that matter to users. One year later it is still my favorite choice. Android phones lack a lot, OnePlus 3 corrects that. OnePlus understands that while we want a great camera, we care about the quality of the camera in Snapchat. OnePlus understands the needs of modern users.

What makes the OnePlus 3 so special?

One year later? What stands out? OnePlus 3

Two SIM Card Slots

Why would you need two SIM cards slots? “I don’t even own a business number.”

True. It probably doesn’t matter. Until you decide that you want to travel after reading how to save money while traveling through Europe.

What’s the problem with travel? If you want to use the internet, you will have to pay. A lot. 

You could replace your SIM card but that would require you not to use your current phone number. So now you can’t receive messages. If you have two SIM cards? You can keep your current one and add on an extra SIM card that will provide you with the internet for a fair price in the given country. 

OnePlus has no SIM lock so you can use any network that you desire. And that makes it even better? Right?


OnePlus 3, Snapchat
As seen on Snapchat

“Android phones suck when it comes to Snapchat.”

Flagship phones turn into $100 phones when it comes to Snapchat.

OnePlus 3 is different. “Your camera actually looks good.” I used to think that people were simply using average phones. Turns out they weren’t. Turns out Android phones are pretty average at Snapchat.

Give us great pixels. Give us a great camera. Forget to optimize it for the platforms that we use it on the most. Most companies that produce Android phones do that.

OnePlus 3, Snapchat, Daniel Wellington, Cliffs of Moher
As seen on Snapchat


Phones are getting slimmer.  Specs are getting better. Slimmer and better specs doesn’t work together. Fast charging does. Now, don’t get me wrong, OnePlus has a pretty good battery life. But its charging speed is even better.

I can fall asleep and wake up with no battery. No problem. I’ll be up to over 60% in 30 minutes. And that can make a big difference.


OnePlus 3My Sony Z3? Broken. Broken within the first 2 months. Broken again later on. And again. Now it looks like a car from a scrapyard. Taken apart. Damaged. My iPhone 4? Screen broken. Very long time ago. Last week? The battery expanded and the back cracked.  My Samsung Galaxy S3? I had 3. 2 within 2 weeks. Broken. I’ve had a few replacements. And I definitely wouldn’t call myself Casey Neistat of mobile phones. 

 OnePlus 3? The first phone to ever survive a full year without a scratch. 

And yes. I am wearing a skin along with a screen protector.

SpeedOnePlus 3, LIFX

Most phones slow down after a while. This phone didn’t. And that’s what makes it great.

Let’s say that a phone is running a marathon. Flagships tend to start out sprinting it. The problem is that in life you cannot always sprint. OnePlus? It’s also running a marathon. But rather than sprinting it, it runs it very fast. 10% faster and it would be called a sprint. But it’s not a sprinter. And it never slows down. The sprinters? They eventually slow down.


We now can take more selfies, store more videos, write more notes… Our phones store our a lot of our memories. Some of them should not be shared. We want to keep them but not share them. That requires the right security. And OnePlus provides that by providing a fingerprint scanner.

Most are slow. This one? The fastest I have ever seen. I figured that a video would be a better example.


OnePlus 3 is not perfect but it’s the closest I have seen to it. Things that a lot of phones today don’t have are present here. This makes this phone a perfect phone for business and travel. Especially in the world of social media. It’s not perfect but it’s close to it. I am looking forward to getting my hands on the new model to see if it lives up to the standards.

To be honest, I had this blog post or rather a version of this blog post ready few months ago. It was going to be posted on the day I got it last year but One Plus announced the date of the release of the new one, so it was time to post this.

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