Loupedeck+ Review – Our Favorite Tech of the Year

Imagine using a pair of sneakers in the mountains. You can do it, but it’s just not effective and will make you work longer. That’s the case with keyboards when it comes to photo and video editing. You can edit with your keyboard, but a keyboard is designed for something else. And sure, editing consoles existed before, but at prices sometimes higher of what our cameras cost.  And that’s where our favorite tech of the year comes in. The loupedeck+. And here’s another in-depth review of it, many months later. And yes, it’s our favorite tech we used in 2019.

LOUPEDECK Review - Is it the Louapedeck worth it


Explaining Loupadeck+

Loupadeck+ is an editing console. Some might see that as a gimmick, but for those that work in the creative industry, where any speed increase in their work makes a difference, that’s where Loupadeck+ comes in as a must-have tool.

What makes it so amazing is that it’s fully customizable.

And sure, a keyboard can in theory also be customized, but to remember all the shortcuts out there without any hints, that’s a major learning curve. And there’s no way to duplicate things such as zooming in through a timeline of a video in as an efficient way as you can do so with having a dial.

And the Loupedeck+, it has a lot of dials.

LOUPEDECK Review - Is it the Louapedeck worth it

We aren’t going to tell you that you will be able to master Loupadeck+ in a day as it will most likely take you around a week before you can replace a keyboard use, but once you master it, you’ll be able to do everything incredibly quick.

The more you can automate your editing process and less time you can think about what you have to do, the better and faster you will edit.

The Dials

The Dials make this Loupadeck+ what it is.

They aren’t necessarily of the top feeling quality as the device itself is all made from plastic, and not necessarily the top feeling plastic, but the dials do function incredibly well allowing for smooth work.

Although, it is important to acknowledge the dials work better in the likes of Premiere Pro than in Lightroom which doesn’t right away apply the changes.

Not as Laptop Friendly as we Would Like Though

Our biggest issue with the Loupadeck+ is how unfriendly it is when using a laptop.

Have it in front of you? The laptop is too far away to see great.

Have it to the side of you and it’s not really practical.


Put it on your laptop? Other keys will be clicked.

If you don’t rock an external monitor at home, the Loupadeck is an issue to use.

The console has everything one needs for editing, but… it’s too big for laptop users.

We wish you could just put it to the left or to the right and that it would work well that way.

And if you could use it with just one hand, that would be even better because while the Loupadeck+ replaces a keyboard, it doesn’t quite replace what a mouse can do.

Comfort of Editing

We do wish the Loupadeck+ was more laptop-friendly as we already mentioned, but also that it was more travel-friendly.

Sure, it does fit in a backpack, but it takes a lot of damn space.

If the dials were easily removable, the Loupadeck+ would take up a space of a laptop rather than 2 laptops.

Not everybody has the space for a Loupadeck+ in their backpack.

We do have to give the Louapdeck+ credits in this Loupadeck+ review, though. For the incredible durability. The device survived in a fully packed backpack that was so packed that there should have been at least a scratch. 

Not everyone travels though. And for those that don’t, this won’t be an issue.

We also wish that it was USB-C powered or that it came with Bluetooth support for more comfort. It definitely could as it’s quite bulky and it for sure doesn’t need to be.

Loupedeck+ Editing Potential

What if you didn’t have to press on HSL adjustments with your mouse and could just press a Saturation button and could adjust several color saturations at once? 

Loupedeck+ allow for that.

It has all the things you need for your edits in front of you, saving you time on every step of the way.

And if there’s something that’ not directly in sight, the Loupadeck+ is fully customizable so that you can make it the perfect editing console for you.

Imagine eliminating almost all of your mouse moves. If you do video/photo editing for a living, that’s days if not weeks per year saved.

content creation on the go Loupadeck

The more you can automate your editing process and less time you can think about what you have to do, the better and faster you will edit.

And that’s what the Loupadeck+ allows you to achieve, especially in the video editing aspect where there’s a ton to do.

Photo wise? It’s also great, but we haven’t found it as beneficial for photo editing as for video editing because of the fact that video editing is a much more time-consuming tasks.

Video Wise

Click on Before/After.

Zoom into your timeline with D1 Dial, while moving between clips via the control dial. Customize the control to cut clips when pressing the D2 dial.

Color grade the footage with the controls provided on the console and then press on Before/After.

Don’t like it? Undo with just one button.

…And then, well, save with just one button.

Super easy. Super fun.

And yeah, technically you could set a lot of these on the keyboard, but you won’t replicate the button layout that makes editing more comfortable, and more importantly the dials that a keyboard doesn’t have. At best, the Logitech Craft comes with just one dial.

is logitech craft worth it dial

Is the Loupedeck+ Worth it?

To some up this another Loupedeck+ review, this is our favorite tech we tried in 2019.LOUPEDECK Review

Why? As it saves the most time.

Regardless of how great your camera is, you are going to have to edit the footage, and that’s what takes up the most time, and the Loupedeck+ saves the most of that time, making this an easy choice.

It’s not perfect as we do wish it had Bluetooth, and that it was less bulky and smaller to make it more laptop-friendly, but minus that, it’s an incredible tool for editing audio, videos, and photos.

And yes, you can do a lot of this with hotkeys on your keyboard, but a keyboard doesn’t have dials that allow for super smooth and fast movement through your timelines, and hotkeys require too much remembering + moving.

Loupdedeck+ is much simpler.

Fewer fingers. Less fatigue.

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