Why People Don’t Succeed in the Music Industry – With Martin Garrix

Martin Garrix was chosen the best DJ in the world by DJ mag several days ago. His talk at Web Summit was great but I wanted to ask him a question about why he thinks people don’t succeed in the music industry.

“If you want to do something, and not only in the music industry but in general, if you want something, you should 100% commit to it. You can’t give 99%. You should give your full.”

Two weeks ago I interviewed Saba, a rapper from Chicago. This is what he said:

“Music is probably not even 50% skill. It’s really just doing the work, like a lot of the artists that make it to the huge level, may not even be the most talented, but their work ethic is really undeniable.”

It seems like everybody in the music industry terms to agree that doing the work is needed. And if you watched Martin’s talk at Web Summit, then you will know long he has been doing what he is doing for a long time. He started at the age of 9.

It takes a lot of work to succeed. There’s no such thing as “talent” or “sensation”, it takes hard work. Everybody will tell you that. People on the internet might try to sell you that you do not need to work hard, you do. End of story. The most successful people work hard.

“It sucks but maybe some people are in it for the wrong reason, but once you are there for the right reasons but the moment you are in it for the right reasons, the moment you put time and effort into your cause, you can be successful.”

Based on that, working hard enough isn’t enough either. You also need to be into it for the right reasons. Only then you can become successful.

Here’s the audio version of this:


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