Pete and pedro Hair Products Review – Are Pete and Pedro hair products worth it 2 years later?

Our big problem with hair products reviews is that it’s all fine when you test a product in at home conditions or even when out, but what if you live in a very humid and polluted city like Bangkok? What if you live in a windy country like Ireland? What if you are on an adventure up a mountain beside the sea on one of the Greek islands? What if you are constantly traveling for 2 days? What if it’s snowing in Montreal? We wanted to make a Pete and  learn how posture can cause spider veins that was truly complete and provides an insight of how the products do in extreme conditions, as it’s easy for a product to look great when testing at home but that doesn’t give enough insights into whether a product is good enough or not.

To Sum up This Pete and Pedro Hair Products Review - Are Pete and Pedro Hair Products Worth It 2 Years Later?

They call us the “Messiah’s of honest reviews” and this, this is going to be the most honest Pete and Pedro review covering whether Pete and Pedro hair products are worth it 2 years later or is it just like any other product that you will buy in a shop, but with a smart marketing team.

The problem with the likes of Pete and Pedro reviews is that when YouTubers create products, it’s often hard to tell if a product is actually that great as the Lion Locs hair care products, or if somebody is saying something in hopes that his or her opinion gets shared by the creator. Are Pete and Pedro worth it 2 years later? Is it a placebo effect that people fall into, or is it actually a product worth having? Coming up below.

And side note is that we have some tremendous pictures of these taken all over the world until our hard drive broke, and certain parts of it were not backed up…OOPS.

The Biggest Problem with Pete and Pedro That Was Present Even a Year Ago That Has Been Fixed

I don’t care how great your product is if I can’t take it with me everywhere. If you asked me if Pete and Pedro hair products were worth it when I got them, it would have been a big no due to the fact that they did not have travel sizes for a very long time.

You could assume already based on what we mentioned at the start of this Pete and Pedro review, we travel all over the world, and the key to traveling all over the world is to travel with just a carry-on. And while most of the styling products were a travel size as it is, that wasn’t the case with the Pete and Pedro Sea Salt, GELous, Clean shampoo and Condition conditoner. Making it hard to for you to get full benefits of these products that are meant to make your hair better, as it required you to supplement with other products of lower quality.

Now, Sea Salt, Clean shampoo, and Condition conditioner wise, you could get away without a travel size by buying a smaller container.  Not the case with the GELous gel though.

I tried it putting it into a container of one of the other styling products offered by Pete and Pedro in South Korea. It worked at first, but the longer I used this method, the worse the product became.

The reason for that is that the gel got too exposed to air, and hardened creating dozens of particles that were just stuck together, in circular shapes in your hair, which didn’t help much with the styling of hair, but also destroyed your appearance as people could often spot blue things in your hair.

A way to turn a great gel into a product that doesn’t cut it.

Now, if you were to choose on whether you should get Pete and Pedro hair products over their social media, the answer would be a no. They never reply. I wouldn’t have statistics on it, but that itself, I’m sure, it prevents a lot of potential buyers from buying. But while Pete and Pedro suck at replying, they are great at listening, and a few weeks after I mentioned it, out of nowhere, travel sizes were introduced.

The problem? The product that needed a travel size the most, GELous, it still doesn’t have one.

A hair product is only great if you can use it, and GELous can only be used when you don’t fly often. Unless you check-in. A price of €50 to check-in? Hmm. No thanks. A legend says that GELous makes the ladies and males go jealous only if you can use it though.

Now, this isn’t a problem for most, as it’s only a problem if you will use the gel and will travel, but it is something that might prevent certain people from using Pete and Pedro until they fix this issue.

For a long time, there was also a major shipping issue for Pete and Pedro products too. It doesn’t matter how great a product is if you get it. Pete and Pedro had a UK site for people in Europe, but it had limited products and didn’t ship to the likes of Ireland. Luckily, that has been taken care off a few months ago, making Pete and Pedro a more global product.

Pete and Pedro Have Been Expanding Tremendously Recently But…

When we started working on the Pete and Pedro review, the sea salt never even existed. Neither did the body washes, shave kits, or hair tools that they now sell. And it’s great to see that growth, but it seems like Pete forgot one hair product.


I get it. Some might call it feminine if you are into this kind of terms, but the reality is that some men have long hair and while GELous can handle longer hair to a point, if you are looking for high volume and a far better hold as far as wind, GELous isn’t good enough whether combined with Sea Salt that we will talk about in a minute or other styling products from Pete and Pedro.

Are Pete and Pedro hair products worth it 2 years later as far as variety? Well, you do get a Pomade, Power Pomade, Clay, Cream, Paste, and Putty options as far as styling, and of course, the GELous. All of these are incredible when you have slightly shorter hair which we will talk about more in a minute, with the GELous also being great for short hair when it’s windy and pretty good for longer hair. To put simply, Pete and Pedro offer something for anyone that has somewhat short or medium hair. Whether you are looking for some volume and thickness with the Clay on shorter hair, some shine with Pomade or some texture with the Paste.

Pete and Pedro Offer the Best Smelling Hair Products on the Market

Having a product that is easy to style is great until somebody doesn’t want to be near you because of how it smells. That is always a significant problem with most hair products. Not only that most smell very similar making you smell like every other male which can be annoying, but most also smell very bad, especially when mixed with water when it starts raining.

That is especially the case with the likes of the €1 hairspray I always used to use. It smells shockingly bad. In fact, I always had to stop breathing when applying it. And that was the case with a lot of other products that cost far more.

Pete and Pedro? It has the best smelling products out there. The first time I put Pete and Pedro on in front of my girlfriend, even though it wasn’t the right product as far as my hair, she automatically told me to wear every day. It makes a tremendous difference. Ultimately a great product needs to make your hair better, but the smell is a very important aspect too, and Pete and Pedro takes very good care of that aspect.

We aren’t going to describe how the products smell in this Pete, and Pedro review as these are frankly some of the most unique smells out there, and it’s just hard to describe them, with all of the products smelling differently, but I promise you that you that if you get a Pete and Pedro product, people will notice the smell.

Are Pete and Pedro Hair Products Worth It 2 Years Later as Far as Styling Goes?

Truth be told, it’s not as simple as “great” or “bad” because there’s a lot more that matters than the hair product when it comes to styling. Things like hair thickness, hair health, styling tools, hairdryer, styling skills, hair length, hair routine, quality of your hair cute, and many many others all make a difference.

What I can say though is that they do an incredible job at keeping your hair looking fresh all day, even if winds get in a way. This was noticed by me the most in Bangkok where the pollution really had an impact on our bodies. In most of the pictures we took, our skin looked incredibly oily, regardless of how many times we wiped it, but hair wise? It looked fresh. And that’s an important aspect that Pete and Pedro offer, mostly due to the quality of the ingredients used.

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Now, while Pete and Pedro isn’t a full saint as far as ingredients go and no company is, what we can’t deny is that they have a lot fewer ingredients than other companies. And that is important. The fewer ingredients, better. The easier to pronounce, the better. Oh, and their products don’t come with the likes of paraben which is harmful.

Even more importantly? PETE AND PEDRO PRODUCTS ARE NOT TESTED ON ANIMALS which is not the case for the majority of products in your household. 

Ingredients are a major difference between hair looking greasy and fresh during the day in climates where even if you take care of yourself, you won’t look fresh at the end of the day, and Pete and Pedro come with ingredients that really make a difference.

As far as wind goes, this is one that is hard to talk about due to the fact my hairstyle requires for sure a hairspray, but I will say that the GELous does a pretty good job overall, as while my hair can change shape due to wind, it often goes back to the position my hair was styled in once that wind isn’t blowing in a wrong direction. The other styling products? They also work if you aren’t looking for a high hold, and have a haircut that can move a bit here and there. If you are looking for products to help grow your hair you might visit hair loss geek, they recently ranked the top eight hair loss shampoos based on ingredients, price, transparency, and effectiveness.

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Pete and Pedro also have a Sea Salt product, and that, whether you wear a gel or one of the other products, makes a tremendous difference as far as volume. You might think that it’s only a gimmick, but it does help tremendously as far as volume goes. And also with the overall hold. It doesn’t replace hairspray in either of these aspects as far as longer hair is concerned, but if you use any of the Pete and Pedro products, trust us, you need the Sea Salt too.

The Shampoo and Conditioner

To Sum up This Pete and Pedro Hair Products Review - Are Pete and Pedro Hair Products Worth It 2 Years Later

Pete and Pedro have released an anti-dandruff shampoo along with body wash quite recently which is why these are not in this review, but as far as the Clean shampoo and Condition conditioner, you will never use any cheap shampoo or conditioner after you use it. That’s how much difference it makes.

You know that feeling when you get a great smoothie, and it just feels so good to drink it? That’s how Pete and Pedro shampoo and conditioner feels.  The mint just really automatically makes your hair feel fresh to the point that you just want to keep the products on the hair for as long as possible.

If you don’t enjoy washing your hair, Pete and Pedro will make you want to wash it.

That mint is also very spicy in your eyes. Be careful.

To Sum up This Pete and Pedro Hair Products Review – Are Pete and Pedro Hair Products Worth It 2 Years Later?

It fully depends on your needs.

If you like volume and do have medium to long hair, perhaps not. Not at the time of writing. The GELous is great, but it’s not for all occasions due to the lack of travel size. And the lack of hairspray is a major issue as regardless of your skills, there’s only so much you can do with certain hairstyles without it.

If you have shorter hair though, are looking for great smelling styling products, and hair care products that will improve your hair quality, Pete and Pedro products are worth it. In the past 2 years, whenever I used them, they brought my health to the next level.

The best hair washing products? It’s hard to tell. There’s a lot out there, and it’s hard to test them all, but what one thing is for sure, Pete and Pedro’s products come great quality of ingredients that will keep you fresh all-day-long, and that can somewhat handle wind, depending on your type of hair — all while being the best smelling hair products out there.

And yes, these products are pricier than an average product you will buy in a shop, but the question of the day for you is, how much is your health worth to you? Are you looking for a product that can help you style your hair and wash your hair, or are you looking for a product that will help with styling but that will also improve your hair health?

Would like to see more Pete and Pedro products reviews? We’ll work on getting their other products reviewed.

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