Are Portable Monitors Worth it for Creators? – GeChic 1503I Review

Studies show that 2 monitors are better than 1. And it just makes sense. Having 2 monitors makes work for creators better from every single angle. Whether that’s for research or slapping on some final cut pro x effects on a video. But does that apply if you are using portable monitors that are the size of your laptop? Are portable monitors worth it for creators? That’s what research doesn’t show. That’s why we’ve been testing this theory out for over 5 months, using the GeChic 1503I monitor.Are Portable Monitors Worth It for Creators?

Pricing Is an Issue When It Comes to Portable Monitors

We’ll get right into the issues. Portable monitors are the most overpriced piece of tech that can help creators out there.

It’s like 4K TVs in 2012. 

The GeChic 1503I costs $399 or £358.99.

You can get a 4K TV for that price for your home.Are Portable monitors worth it for creators - GeChic 1503I Review

To put things into even more perspective, you can get the 32″ curved WQHD Samsung monitor for less than the GeChic 1503I even though it has specs that are many times better.

For instance?

GeChic 1503I? 700:1 contrast ratio,12.5ms response time, and 250 cd/m² brightness.

Samsung C32H711? 3000:1 contrast ratio, 4ms response time, and 300 cd/m2 brightness.

Oh, and the Samsung also comes with AMD FreeSync and 100-hertz refresh rate.

The GeChic 1503I isn’t an overall all bad portable monitor and it does actually have a touchscreen which we’ll get into that as we continue this GeChic 1503I review, but compared to just about all standard monitors out there, it’s overpriced from every single angle. From that perspective, if looking to know are Portable monitors worth it for creators, price-wise, absolutely not.

Screen Quality

The GeChic 1503I portable monitor does overall offer a screen of high quality. It’s an IPS display that super crispy, and while it’s not 4K, perhaps that’s a good thing. 4K would take up too much power if your laptop wasn’t connected to charge at all times, or if you weren’t charging it with a power bank.

And besides, when it comes to 15.6″ you really do not need 4K.

One thing this portable monitor is great at is movies. Watching movies is a really enjoyable experience with it. Oh, and the GeChic 1503I does also come with a set of speakers. They aren’t top-class but still better to have them than not, especially if you are connecting to your console rather than a laptop.Are Portable monitors worth it for creators - GeChic 1503I Review

But while the screen is crispy and overall a great experience, if you are a creator looking to color grade content and need top-notch color accuracy, this is not the screen for you. Expensive monitors more often than not provide fantastic color accuracy. This one doesn’t.

It would have been nicer for this monitor to be slightly brighter as it’s quite glossy, but the non-touchscreen version is brighter.

Touch Screen

Before we got this monitor, we loved the idea of a touchscreen for getting more work done on Windows and in software like Photoshop or Adobe Premiere.Are Portable monitors worth it for creators - GeChic 1503I Review

The reality?

It’s not as great as it sounds.

In fact, GeChic warned us about it, but we thought it would have been great to have.

Now, this is not GeChic’s fault at all. Windows 10 and Windows software in generall just isn’t optimized in a way that suits touchscreens.

I hope that’s something that the next version of Windows will tackle, but for now, there’s very little you can do with a touch screen on Windows. Of course, certain graphic software is designed for touchscreen, but for that software, you are better off getting a professional tool that will sense sensitivity.

Tablet mode? It does make life easier. The issue is that you can’t turn it on when you connect the GeChic 1503I monitor. Well, unless you disable your standard monitor.

The biggest use that we found with the touchscreen apart from browsing the web? Adobe Premiere. Scrolling through footage is incredibly easy and convenient with it.Are Portable Monitors Worth It for Creators?

However, the touchscreen stopped working after about 2 months…

Things That GeChic 1503I Could do Much Better

The frames that GeChic called thin aren’t so thin for today’s standards. Not a big deal as far as a viewing experience, but it does make the size of the monitor much bigger, and as a result, far less convenient for travel. And of course, you want the best travel experience when looking for a portable monitor.

The GeChic 1503I does have a nice stand for a nice and solid magnetic stand for a variety of angles, but it does slightly add to the bulk of the overall thin monitor if you were to consider the thickness of most laptops.

Are Portable monitors worth it for creators - GeChic 1503I Review

With that said, the Asus F510UA does fit perfectly into my Lifepack Lite backpack with this portable monitor.Are Portable Monitors Worth It for Creators?

The biggest thing that GeChic 1503I Could do Much Better? Connections.

On paper, the monitor does come with USB-C, but the reality is that it can be only used to power the monitor as it’s a USB-C to USB-A port and there’s no way around it. That means that while you can connect this to your phone as they advertise it, you need to buy a bunch of adapters, that GeChic does not include…

When telling GeChic about how they should work on that for future models, they told us that connecting with USB-C only would create a higher lag. As if it was low in the first place… Now, don’t get us wrong, 12ms isn’t anything that’s a major issue, yet it’s not perfect.

And even if USB-C did make it slower, I’d much rather have the convenience of being able to connect a monitor to any device I want without a need for adapters.

I’d also much rather that then having to connect the monitor with two different cables. It’s fine when you are connecting the portable monitor to the likes of PS4 where you are using it as the main screen, but when connecting to a laptop, with 2 different cables, it’s just not convenient at all and often restricts the screen as far as positioning is concerned especially considering the thickness of HDMI cables at the ends.

The monitor lacks proper ports such as HDMI on itself offering a micro-HDMI to HDMI instead. And it’s things like that really kill convenience. They had space for them, just like they had the ability to make USB-C useful.

Are Portable Monitors Worth It for Creators?Are Portable Monitors Worth It for Creators?

I love researching using two screens. I can take down notes on one side while looking through stuff on the other. In Premiere, I can edit on a full-screen on one side, while having the sequence and all that good editing stuff on the other side. That extra space, it makes a big difference, especially considering how little laptop screens are. Whether you are a designer, editor, or whatever type of the creative industry you are in, you will benefit from having an extra monitor on the go.

But the questions of are portable monitors worth it for creators depends on how much are you going to be on the go.

If you are getting a portable monitor for your laptop with the intention of extending your workflow at home or in your office, we just cannot recommend portable monitors in their current state for that.

Not only will you save money by investing in a proper monitor, but you are also getting better colors, response time, refresh rate, and most importantly workflow, as a secondary 15.6″ display is still only 15.6″ at the end of the day.

To sum this GeChic 1503I review, is it worth it for creators that are on the go a lot? It’s not. Although it could have been if GeChic didn’t make hard life with the need for adapters and if they didn’t make it as expensive for its features. With that said, it is currently one of the best options out there which is luckily changing with some new crowdfunding releases. And that’s important as it’s going to make companies like GeChic innovate more.

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