PrivateVPN Review – The Best VPN Service for Travel?

Most VPN reviews are done by VPN review sites. This PrivateVPN review is done by a site that cares about travel, and that cares about products that help people. Most users don’t care about the specifics. They just want to know if they can be fully private, and can access the internet, including all their shows, regardless of where they are. Especially while traveling.

They Are Swedish, and That Will Make a Massive Difference When It Comes to Privacy

The first not to do when it comes to getting a VPN is getting one from an American company.

America is exactly where you don’t look for when it comes to privacy. It doesn’t exist. Even with a VPN.

See, the big problem with VPN’s and security is that at the end of the day it doesn’t matter what encryption is there or what is promised by the company if the company stores even one single piece of information about your usage. As that information can be used against you when somebody of the higher ranks asks for it.

And in America, somebody asking for it isn’t rare.

PrivateVPN Review - best review for VPN

VPN companies make promises. They all state they are better than others in everything. I believe in the law. Well, sometimes, and PrivateVPN is Swedish.

If they were storing anything on you, you would know. You would have to know. Swedish law is strong in that matter.

So screw everything. Encryption or whatever is great, but it really means absolutely nothing if you are exposed. PrivateVPN is the only company that I know that does not expose because even if they are lying to you, they can’t.

Oh, and by the way, I love Sweden, my girlfriend is Swedish! Their chocolate balls are amazing!

PrivateVPN Review Swedish Chocolate balls

Encryption Level

This PrivateVPN review wasn’t meant to be about specifics, but the service does come with a 256-bit encryption code with 2048-bit DH which is encryption on the military level. But most of you don’t even know what that means, so to put it simply, provided that your VPN provider isn’t secretly screwing you, that kind of encryption will prevent the government, your internet provider, and people around you from knowing what you are up to, and that’s exactly what a VPN should do. PrivateVPN does.

PrivateVPN Review best VPN for travel XPS 13

The client itself also now comes with stealth mode meaning if you are in the likes of China, you are safe, and there are kill switches available to make sure no data is leaked if the VPN disconnects. And sometimes it does, but then again that’s only when I’m on poor quality networks.

Oh, and when it comes to registration, you aren’t even asked your name, and if you wish, you can pay with Bitcoin.

Accessible Pretty Much Everywhere But…

When you are looking to buy a VPN, it needs to be available on every platform you use, and PrivateVPN is, even on the Fire TV Stick which I love to use it on. Bluetooth earphones connected to the Fire TV Stick plus being able to connect to a right server to watch content normally unavailable in the country I am, depending on where I am during my travels, it’s a great watching experience.

PrivateVPN Review best VPN for travel Fire TV Stick

Except, some of the apps/clients could be refreshed. Specifically the mobile app and the Fire TV Stick app. The UI is just too old. It looks like you are in 2008. We are in 2018. Of course, this doesn’t make a big difference, but some of the more negative reviews state that the design is ugly.  I wouldn’t call it ugly myself, but it’s just too old! It needs to be fresher! People have trust issues otherwise.

Best VPN for Netflix and Other Services

PrivateVPN is the best service for Netflix. Why? As instead of providing hundreds or thousands of servers, it provides servers that work with services, and sure, sometimes they stop working, but when using the service, I’ve seen that whenever a server doesn’t work with the likes of Netflix, a new one is set up that works.

You might be thinking why that is even the case but it’s because the people on top with money that have rights to certain TV shows and movies gave Netflix rights to movies and shows, but in certain other countries, they gave somebody else those rights. Why would somebody else use other platforms if they can use a VPN with the Netflix account they already have?

PrivateVPN doesn’t just fix their services though. They offer the most amount of Netflix servers I’ve ever seen. I don’t think it’s enough to have a server in the UK and the United States of America which is the cliche for the market. Too many people assume that because the US has the most amount of shows and movies available, that you only need American servers. COMPLETELY WRONG! 

The US has the most, but it doesn’t have all!

A Decent Amount of Servers

PrivateVPN Review best VPN for travel

PrivateVPN has been expanding on servers since I’ve been using it, but honestly, I think that once you reach a certain amount of servers, the adding of new servers is just a numbers game to be on point with the competition. Like what are you going to do with a server on a small island with a little number of people?

The Apps Should Tell You More About Services Supported Though

Swedish Netflix works with PrivateVPN. Same with South Korea. Yet, on the app, it’s not all shown. And that’s annoying. I don’t want to have to research which server works. I also don’t want to experiment with trying it out and not.

Oh, and why can you not register from the app directly? Ridiculous.

We Are Not Talking About Speed in This PrivateVPN Review Because Speed Tests Are Full of Crap

PrivateVPN won’t make your internet slower. That’s the conclusion of my tests. It doesn’t mean it will be fast. It can be terribly slow. It depends on your internet. That’s what matters. I’ve seen plenty of reviews with different speeds for different services. They aren’t accurate. It doesn’t show the speed you will get.

Best Customer Service

I’ve seen some people complain about delays with the customer service.

My response? In this PrivateVPN review, we can at least mention that there is customer service.

Most VPN services don’t even have customer service. What would you do with those?

PrivateVPN offers a customer service that will help you. Of course, sometimes they aren’t available, but there are companies worth billions that have ridiculous customer service. Trust me, out of all the customer service I’ve ever dealt with regardless of what company it was, PrivateVPN was the nicest.

And if they are not available, they do have plenty of blogs that should help you!

PrivateVPN Review – Is It Worth the 3.5 Stars the App Has on the Play Store?

PrivateVPN Review best VPN for travel

It’s not 5 stars for the lack of enough information in the client about what a server works, but PrivateVPN is a service that doesn’t slow you down because they buy internet capacity from IP transit providers. They are also a service that doesn’t provide all servers but provide servers that work, and they maintain them.

Customer service will always help you out if you sometimes are willing to wait, regardless of what you are trying to access. And the servers available allow you to watch pretty much all of the content you want.

This review? It’s not about all of the features of PrivateVPN. It’s about the stuff people care about.

Oh, and speaking of caring, to conclude this PrivateVPN review, it’s also chosen as best value service by many reviewers due to what you get for such a little price and the fact you can get a refund for the first 30 days if you are not satisfied!

If you are traveling, a VPN is a must. Whether you are concerned about privacy or want to merely access content unavailable in the country you are in.

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