Rafiki Foldable – Best Foldable Electric Bike?

Electric bikes? They make life easier. And there are quite a few of them at this point. The issue? They are big, and a lot of them aren’t great. This Rafiki Foldable bike? It might be the best electric foldable bike out there. Why? Well, let’s get into it.

The Portability

Electric bikes making moving around easier…when you are on them.

But they also are significantly heavier than standard bikes, and a very big hassle for a lot to carry, especially if living in an apartment without an elevator.

And even more of a hassle to carry around in a car.

…If you want to bring most electric bikes somewhere, you will need to rent a pickup truck or get some kind of a trailer, because they just take up an incredible amount of space, and don’t easily fit under current bike transportation platforms which simply were not designed for the size of electric bikes. You can also hire solar or other services that will install a level two 240v Electric Vehicle (EV) outlet, by which you can charge your bike in all the installed stations.

That’s why this Rafiki Foldable is great. It’s foldable, going from a length of 170cm which is very hard (meanwhile most electric bikes are around 210cm) to fit in a car, to 100cm which is very fittable. 

However, while it’s great for bringing around on a train or in a car, it is extremely heavy at a weight of 28 KG. That combined with a smaller body makes it feel very heavy when carrying. It is around 5 KG lighter than a standard electric bike, but it is quite heavy for a “foldable” bike.


Rafiki’s Bike’s bigger 4” tires serve a very important role.

They give you the freedom and comfort to take this bike off-road, making it a great alternative to motorbikes, when you want to go around some wooded areas.

In fact, this is a great bike for cycling with when it’s snowy making it a great winter option, but it’s also great for dealing with the likes of dirt, rocks, and those kinds of landscapes.

However, the 4” tires do make it harder to cycle on the bike by itself so it does make the bike less usable if you only want to use it as a bike. And they do also have less traction when it comes to hard surfaces (such as pavements), so there’s plenty of positives and negatives to this solution.

In general, though, the 4” inch wheels allow you to have a lot of fun when cycling and makes the bike great if you live in wintery terrains.


To be honest, when we saw the initial picture of the bike, we weren’t too impressed by it.

Then we saw it in real-life, and damn. This is the best looking electric bike we have seen yet.

…Black matte color. Everywhere.

Why can companies not do this all the time?

It looks beautiful and yet so simple.

And the components of the bike are top-notch. The gears come from the well-known Shimano, the brushless motor from Bafang, tires from Kenda, meanwhile the battery from Samsung.

The only issue we had with the components is that the front light on our bike doesn’t seem to currently work, and that we do wish the pedals were slightly bit bigger which would help with bigger boots.

Also just to acknowledge, the model we have doesn’t come with a basket base on the back, but the models you can buy do, just-in-case that was a worry.

The Riding & Comfort

This bike has a max speed of 25 KM when using electric motors, but we have gotten a constant 26KM when using just electric motors.

With your pedaling support, you can get around 60 KM distance on it. Without pedaling support, on the other hand, you can get around 30KM. Although that of course depends on the temperature outside and your weight, with the bike supporting 125KG of weight max.

The saddle? It’s from an Italian company called Selle Royal. Comfortable. Great for long rides.

And as we already said, the wheels do really make riding on this bike fun. The acceleration that this bike offers is also incredible. It’s just something a standard bike cannot deliver. Think of a Tesla. But a bike.

You do also have hydraulic brakes both at the front and rear of the bike, which is great as it does help with breaking, but at the cost of lower performance during winter.

As far as battery life? We do wish it got you a little bit more distance. 40 KM without peeling and 70 KM with peeling would make this bike perfect for trips to nearby cities/towns, or otherwise for longer adventures.

As far as charging goes, you do get a full charge on the bike in around 5 hours.


The bike comes with a screen that notifies you of your current speed, assistance type, distance covered, battery remaining,  and also comes with buttons for easy switching of assistance provided.

Pretty much all the basics that most electrics bikes have, this has.

And the screen is also very bright which is great for those sunny days.

Is the Rafiki Bike the Best Portable Foldable Bike in Europe?

Electric bikes? You can’t just look at them from the perspective of “best portable electric bike” or not. It’s not as simple as that.

There are quite a few electric bike companies, but very few ship around the world.

That’s why when it comes to bikes, you need to look at what sells on your continent.

As to this Rafiki bike? It’s the best portable foldable bike in Europe at this moment. It fits everywhere, it’s beautiful with its black matte finish, it’s super fun to drive with its 4” wheels. The only thing we wish was that it had a slightly longer range, but even without that, it’s an absolutely incredible bike.


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