Roborock S6 Review – The Perfect Vacuum for the Busy?

Roborock S6? It’s a vacuum that cleans itself. One might wonder why is it actually needed, and the overall thoughts are that you should be able to vacuum your home yourself, but it’s not often a great option.

If your home is big, vacuuming home daily becomes a task that could be spent on something else. If you run a business, spending 30 minutes of your day on vacuuming can be a 30 minutes that doesn’t benefit your business. 

…But most importantly, if you have a dog that loses hair…You will need to vacuum daily, if not 2-3 times a day. And that becomes a big hassle. You home can be “clean” but can look dirty, even if you just vacuumed today.

And that’s where this Roborock S6 can come in as a solution.

It Cleans and Washes

The Roborock S6? It’s not just a tool for vacuuming. It’s also a tool for washing.

Of course, it does have a small water tank, because it’s a small device, and you shouldn’t expect your floor to be sparkly clean after using it, but it does for sure refresh your floor and will without make it look better than if you just wash it yourself once a week.

Effectiveness of Cleaning

If you are looking for a solution that will 100% eliminate the need for you to vacuum, well, you will need to vacuum.

That’s because there are places that this cannot get to because of its size, and also because it can’t jump up or spot certain things that a human sees.

…But with that said, as far as cleaning of your floor goes, the Roborock S6 does an excellent job at it. It clears all the dog hair we see on the floor and goes around objects effectively, whether it’s chairs that are in the way or a clothes dryer.

It even is able to drive up on a lampstand, clean it, and then drive-off.

How it Works

The vacuum comes with an app, and the way it works is that the first time you turn it on, it maps out the terrain so it looks something like this:

Once that’s done, it then knows where it’s able to clean, and when the time to clean comes, it cleans.

The great thing about having an app is that you can actually turn it on when you are not at home. If guests are coming cover and you aren’t home yet, you can have your floors cleaned before anyone arrives. That would not be possible in the past.

Effectiveness with Dogs

Being able to clean dog hair is fantastic. If it works effectively.

The Roborock S6? It does work effectively in the majority of cases, cleaning up floors that look like in the picture below, with no issues:

…But there are a few cases that you do need to consider.

…If you have a puppy that still sometimes poops in the house, you probably shouldn’t get this model. The reason being that this specific model isn’t able to detect poop, and it will drive into it. And when that happens, it will be a complete mess. Your Roborock will be dirty and will require intense cleaning, but your floor will also look and probably smell disgusting.

The Roborock S6 also isn’t great at detecting rope toys, although it does a great job at all other dog toys.

Certain random objects can sometimes be an issue:


Maintenance plays a big role in vacuum cleaners like this. With frequent use, parts get used up.

They last around 6 months with constant use.

You get a filter brush that you can use to clean your filter, and you can also wash the filter, but it will only last a few washes if you do so.

The mopping part of the product? Well, there’s 2 microfiber clothes included, and those can be washed in a wachine machine.

The parts that do need replacing are very affordable though.

As far as how much trash the Roborock S6 can take, a 29 m2 area of cleaning, with two dogs, will allow for 3 full cleaning cycles, before you will need to empty out the collection box.

Is the Roborock S6 Worth it?

Is the Roborock S6 worth it as a vaccum robot? And are Vaccum robots worth it in the first place?

The answer? If you have a big home, go get one. If you have pets or run a buisness, go get one.

The S6? It’s great. It vaccums well, and refreshes your floor. If you have a puppy, you probably should get a different model, or otherwise you do risk having to do a lot of cleaning, but overall, this is a product that will save you a ton of time, and perhaps embarresment.

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