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Is Ryanair really that bad? Or is it just people on the internet stating something because somebody else did. A bit like in school when somebody said a piece of food was disgusting, and you agreed with them, even though you loved it. I’ve been on over 100 Ryanair flights. I’m not even going to calculate the distance as ain’t nobody got time for that, should you have time to fly with Ryanair though, or should you pass?

Best Seat on Ryanair for Free

Especially with the new fees commencing in November…

You for Sure Can’t Deny Their Pricing

You can say what you want about Ryanair but at the end of the day, they over prices that are hard to say no. If you have to choose between €10 and €40 on a one hour flight, you will choose that 10, most of the time because it’s only one hour.

Is Ryanair that bad

And Ryanair beat the entire European market when it comes to Europen flights.

But, there are a few compromises that lead to this specific pricing.

A. You fly from crappy airports.

This is the case in Paris. This is the case in Stockholm. In theory, you land in Stockholm and Paris, but in reality, you are much further away from these.

Now, of course, most airports aren’t in the city as it is, but Ryanair often chooses the cheapest unused airports because it’s cheaper for them.

And you often suffer on that due to transport costs or quality of waiting.

B. And when you fly from the bigger airports, you are the one that will have to do the most walking as the gates will be furthest away.

Is Ryanair that bad airport example

Oh, and then, there are the very bad departure times. Once again to cut down the costs.

Is Ryanair that bad? Things like this are what allows for lower costs. And that’s something you should know about when signing up for low fare flights. If you want a cheap flight, you aren’t getting it with a cheap airline because the more expensive airlines are simply charging more, it’s because they offer convenience and comfort. Ryanair, it just offers a means of getting from A to B.

If There’s an Airline That Flies Pretty Much Anywhere in Europe, It’s Ryanair!

When it comes to route diversity, Ryanair is the king for cheap airlines for sure. You can get pretty much anywhere in Europe with them. Of course, they are not as great as the likes of Flixbus perhaps with their courses, but as far as flying, it’s hard to see as many options as with Ryanair.

It’s Hard to Plan Anything with Ryanair Though

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The only flight I trust is the first of the day. Anything else will not pass. Ryanair adds time to flights because well they are almost always late even though they used to claim they arrive on time over 90% of the time.

If they take off on time, they will arrive early due to the fact they have that extra time to flight time added. If they take off late, they might land at the actual time you are meant to land or a lot later.

And that’s a problem because you never know what bus to book or when to tell somebody to be there for you.

They Have a New Fee for Carry-On…And It’s the Best Thing That Happened to Ryanair Ever

€8 when buying a ticket. €10 after. 10kg carry-on checked in.

Best thing ever.

At first, I was angry about this as that increases my spendings significantly. You probably were angry too!

But then I thought about it. Why do I never bring all the products I want? As they don’t go through 100ml limit for liquids. Why do I always overspend on travel products? I could buy check-in but it would be around €30 minimum. With this new rule, I can pay that €8 and check-in my 10kg carry-on with any liquids I want. €10 if you pay after buying a ticket. FYI.


Major problem solver.

And if that doesn’t satisfy you, you can buy priority for €6 where you can bring both your backpack and carry-on, on board.

The Thin Seats Aren’t as Bad as People Make It Seem

Best Seat on Ryanair for Free

Okay, they are bad. If you ever flew on Air France and compare them to Ryanair, damn, that difference.

But we are talking about the fact that people claim that the thin seats are a problem merely because they are thin. I’ve been on flights with fat and thin Ryanair seats, and the fat ones are ridiculously bad. The thin ones might be thin, but they also a lot better than fat. Much more comfortable.

Forget about leg space on Ryanair though. Impossible. Unless you read our post about how to get emergency seats for free on Ryanair. That will also legally allow you to store your backpack in the cabin hold, that they don’t like you doing.

Oh, and air conditioning is pretty solid on their new planes!

If you are wondering is Ryanair that bad in terms of seats, they pass, although, you for sure want to get off, as soon as possible.

But Everything About Treatment on Ryanair Is Evil

is ryanair that bad

Don’t get me wrong. The actual flight attendants are pretty nice. Once again, not as nice as on Air France, but compared to Aer Lingus, they are actually pretty joyful and pleasant.

But as far as the management side of things goes, ridiculous.

I’m still waiting for my compensation from August. I was denied for my 6-hour plus delay because I also got a refund for my flight, which cost just around €10. I had to get a new flight that cost over €150 because I was making a short stop in London and missed my second flight.

My friend also waited for months before he got his. They try to do everything to limit giving money to people. And that’s not great. Since then, I have travel insurance to cover me, because relying on Ryanair, yeah, you just can’t.

What About the People on Ryanair?

I flown on expensive flights. I have flown on cheap ones. Ryanair, you can meet a lot of great people traveling on a budget but you can also meet a bunch of dramatic loud young adults that make you want to leave the airplane ASAP. And the same often applies to adults in their 30’s too. They think they own the plane.

Overall though, I never really had too many problems with the people on Ryanair.

My biggest problem? People rushing off the plane when it lands in no order at all. It’s like some rat race. I don’t know why people do it but it’s like doesn’t matter that somebody is ahead of someone. What matters is getting off first. Even if the doors are still closed.

What About Food?

Let’s not even talk about that. Disgusting. It costs a lot. And it’s disgusting.

Not that airplane food is overly great in the first place.

Is Ryanair That Bad? And Should You Fly with Them in 2019?

There’s a lot of problems with this airline that goes down to them wanting as much money as possible.

Is Ryanair that bad? It’s not great, but if you look at the pricing, and aren’t flying that far away, it is actually often worth it.

But be prepared for everything, and most importantly for delays.

And whatever you do, keep notes of your customer service chats. Ideally screenshots. It might be helpful if you are ever having problems.

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