Should you play games?

Games are like anything. They are fantastic. They are also terrible.

Coffee? Great. It’s also terrible for your health if you consume too much. Food? Great, until you consume too much. Work? Great until you work too much.Games? Great until you play too much. 

Now, if you aren’t you happy where you are in your life right now, don’t play games. Work for what will make you happy.

But if you are happy with what you have right now, why not? Games can relax you. They can make you forget about a stressful situation. Games are okay if you have the right balance.

And the problem with everything is, we tend to suck at having the right balance.

I play sports. I play games. I read books. I write. It’s actually doing all that stuff that gives me energy. If I just was to write all day, forget about getting work done. I would have nothing done. I wouldn’t be able to think.

We are like computers. Try to do too many things at once, and you will crash.

That’s something one of my teachers once said.

You don’t need to play games to relax. You can do anything else instead. But to say that you shouldn’t play games, that’s wrong.

On the other side, if you played too much FIFA as a child and you regret not being a football player, that’s something negative that games bring. Sometimes games allow us to be what we could have been if we tried. And that’s great to experience if we didn’t make it because of an injury or such but if we didn’t make it because we played too much Fifa instead of training, then that is a problem.


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