SKROSS Travel Adapter Review – Is it Worth it?

When traveling, there’s a lot of “maybe I should bring this.” But then there are some tools that you actually need for survival. And a travel adapter might be the most essential one of those items for survival. Especially if you are a creative traveling the planet. And it’s a need, most importantly, for your safety.

I travel with e-tickets most of the time. Sometimes on long trips where my phone is destined to die. Now, not all airplanes have sockets, but airports do, and so do buses likes FlixBus. If you don’t have a travel adapter on a bus in a situation where your phone will die soon, or perhaps need to use Google maps to find a way to your place, having a travel adapter is crucial.

Me? I help companies reach more customers. I also review products here. I require constant power. I work all the time because I love it. Even if it means being on my phone at 9 PM after a date.


The problem is that most travel adapters are merely dropshipped cheap quality products that overtime damage technology, and that don’t offer any technology advances but merely a unit that converts from one plug to another.

SKROSS is not that company. But is the SKROSS Travel Adapter worth it? Well, that’s what this SKROSS Travel Adapter review was made for. The exact product we used? PRO – World & USB.


We Tested It in 3 Different Continents with 5 Different Types of Sockets

You should know how this works by now. We don’t review products after a week of using. We need to make sure a product is fully worth it, which is why some products never make it on our site.  Imagine we recommended this travel adapter and it broke your laptop. We wouldn’t feel good about that.

We took this SKROSS Travel Adapter with us to Ireland, Germany, Portugal, Spain, France, Thailand, South Korea, and Canada. Whether budget laptops, flagship laptops, iPhones, Android devices, earphones, or camera equipment. The goal in this SKROSS Travel Adapter review was to find out if this adapter can handle all devices one would throw at it with different plugs.

Did it? Well, if you are asking if my phone broke after using the SKROSS Travel Adapter, it did, but not because of the adapter but because my screen cracked.

The first question when it comes to doing a travel adapter review has to be if things work with it, in the long-term. That’s the biggest issue of overpriced adapters in shops. They stop working after a while. Well, we’ve been testing this adapter since September, and it handles every single device, even with hours of use daily.

This adapter has been in use non-stop minus when flying.

Convenience Is What Matters

You go to Germany from the UK. You need an adapter. You buy a laptop in Germany with a European plug. You need an adapter for when you are in the UK. Going to South Korea? You need two different adapters now. Thailand after that? Another 2. Oh, and let’s go to Canada after.  You might not travel daily but if you do as many trips in a year, you end up spending over €100. And what if you buy something in South Korea & Canada? That requires a new set of adapters again.

The SKROSS Travel Adapter eliminates all of that. All the plugs you will ever need, just like that, in one package. €54,90 for everywhere on the planet versus €100-300 for separate adapters.

This is an honest SKROSS Travel Adapter, and we will mention some convenience flaws in a second, but as far as convenience overall goes, this is as good as it gets. Bringing just two adapters will take as much space as the adapter here with all the plugs you need.

Oh, and it also separates to create two separate adapters increasing convenience, although, this works only with certain plugs as you are essential splitting up the adapter in half where the output is in a fixed position, with the input having several options, and vice versa with the other type of the adapter.

Skross Travel Adapter Review Separate part

It Comes With One USB Port

This is my biggest problem. Going into 2019. offering one USB port with a travel adapter is not good enough. I need to charge my phone, smartwatch, camera, power bank, and earphones, daily. That means that one travel adapter is not enough for me.

SKROSS does have a solution though.

A USB Charger – 4 Port. They come in several variants, and well, they are what’s needed.

kross travel adapter review

The sacrifice? Your socket. And that still means you need an adapter as the device doesn’t come with a USB-C port to charge your laptop.

Skross travel adapter review

There is a way to fit a few USB ports + a USB C port in the SKROSS TRAVEL ADAPTER directly. I know a company that has done it.

I love the SKROSS Travel Adapter but this lack of USB ports is what makes it a 9/10 instead of a 10/10. It’s almost perfect. It looks great and works great. You just need two. And you shouldn’t.

As to the USB Charger, I do wish it came with quick charging, luckily it’s only my smartphone that comes with that function so it’s not as big of a deal.

Well Built Design

When I review products, I test them out, not without care, but practically meaning a few drops here and there happen. This adapter doesn’t have any scratches. If there is anything to say, that initially, it required a harder press to put a plug into the adapter, and vice versa.

skross travel adapter build

To Conclude This SKROSS Travel Adapter Review

I didn’t test all of the plugs this comes with, if I did, this SKROSS Travel Adapter review wouldn’t be done yet, but, out of what I tested, this adapter handles everything you throw at it. It’s also much more reliable than anything you will find in a shop. It’s as compact as it gets for what it offers. It’s just the USB port situation that’s the issue. That’s why you most likely need two. Until they make a version with USB ports.


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