Is Sleep Tracking Important?

Sleep, what charging is to our phones, except we, we have an unlimited standby mode. Our phones will eventually turn off. We keep going. Depleted, without energy with some random spikes of it at times. We say that we get enough sleep, but we never really know.

People overestimate the good and underestimate the bad. We can barely track what we can see but yet we somehow claim to know how much we sleep.

While we are unconscious? Crazy.

Now, okay, I get you. You go to sleep at a certain time. Okay, actually, most of you probably don’t. And that contributes to your bad sleep. But even if you do, saying that you went to sleep at 9 P.M. does not mean that you went to sleep at 9 P.M. as it simply implies that you attempted to go to sleep at that time. We do not fall asleep immediately after we “go to sleep.”

I used to think that I got over 8 hours of sleep, I got around 4. “Sleep is that good friend that we choose when there’s nothing around us, but once there’s other friends, the bad friends like TV’s, phones, then we automatically choose them before sleep.”

But can a fitness tracker track your sleep accurately? It doesn’t matter. That mindset will limit your potential as a human being. You are waiting for perfection. That’s one of the reasons most people don’t succeed, even if they take action. It’s about accountability and an ability to see your progress, thus as result an ability to push towards better sleep.

If you know how much you actually sleep, and what time you fall asleep around, and wake up around, you can then make changes that suit YOU better. You can take notes about what days you felt more energized. Notice that, and then check your Fitbit app to see your sleep on these days, along with your diet and exercise, the ability to track can change your life.

Perhaps you should go sleep later, perhaps earlier. Maybe you wake up a lot during the night and don’t notice? Maybe there’s something you can do about it? If you know about it, you can change it, otherwise, otherwise it’s just a guessing game, and guessing games bring you random results. Sometimes great, sometimes terrible.

Fitbit helped me track my sleep, thus helped me feel better. It’s not that most people can’t-do. Most people are simply too tired to do. If you are too tired to do, your good intentions will be for nothing. Track. Change. Improve.


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