Is the Sony a6000 Still Worth it in 2019?

Sony a6000 is a camera that I’ve personally used pictures and videos with all over the planet ranging from Thailand to South Korea to Iceland, to Canada, but while it’s one of the most popular cameras ever released, it’s 5 years old now, and when it comes to tech, that’s a lot of time. Is the Sony a6000 still worth it in 2019, or should you go for something else?Is the Sony a6000 Still Worth it in 2019?

If Looking Just for Pictures

Here’s the thing. With the right knowledge of picture taking and editing, you can make almost any picture look amazing. But it’s far easier to take amazing pictures on the a6000, than on any other camera at its price range. 

I don’t like talking about things on paper. I prefer to show, and the pictures this camera can take, aren’t any worse than those that can be taken on cameras that €1000 or even €2000 and it’s far better than any other camera at a similar price range, whether that’s pictures during the day, or in lower light conditions.Content creation on the go

The big factor that most people don’t ever look at is the lens, though. The kit lens the Sony comes a6000 with is terrible. All the pictures shown were taken on either the 16mm 1.4f by Sigma or 50mm 1.8f by Sony.

If you are on a budget, a great reason to buy the Sony a6000 over the likes of a6500 is that you can buy a great lens along with the a6000 for the price of a6500. And since the Sony a6000 isn’t a full-frame, great lenses are overall far cheaper than on full-frame cameras.Is the Sony a6000 Still Worth it in 2019?

The camera is able to shoot at 11 frames per second which is great for sports, and at the time of its release was one of the fastest autofocusing cameras allowing for well-focused shots, no matter how little time you have to take a picture.

And while the 179 focus points the sony a6000 comes with doesn’t make the autofocus system as great as on the a6500 which we will be reviewing soon, it’s still far better than a lot of pricier cameras such as the Nikon D810 which currently costs at least triple the price of the a6000, and only offer 51 focus points.

If you are just going to get pictures, unless you have at least 3 or 4 thousand to spend on a camera and a great full-frame lens, there’s no reason to get a different camera than this.

If Looking for Video…

Is the Sony a6000 still worth it in 2019 depends fully on what you want. Picture wise it’s excellent, but if you are looking for images, I just cannot recommend it at all because while I got great images on my trips with this camera, I cannot say the same about my videos.

Don’t get me wrong. Quality of picture-wise when shooting videos during the day or at night, the Sony a6000 is worth it. But that’s the only benefit of this camera when it comes to video, and that’s not enough.

Most importantly, it’s missing a microphone jack, and for that reason, I just cannot recommend this camera for video as while the built-in microphone does sometimes work great, that’s only if in perfect conditions. If just shooting cinematic footage, you might not need audio. But if you want to shoot interviews or reviews, that footage just won’t sound great. And I learned that the hard way when interviewing Saba or Martin Garrix. The footage sounded terrible.

You can record externally, and for that, I recommend the MikeMe Gold microphone, but frankly, it’s not worth the time you need to waste on syncing up the audio. I’ve dealt with this issue for a very long time, trying out different solutions, and the best solution is not to have to look for a solution, by buying a camera that has a microphone jack.Is the Sony a6000 Still Worth it in 2019?

If you shoot handheld and shake a lot, you might want to invest in a gimbal if you want to use this camera. With a lack of stabilization, it’s very hard to keep the footage steady when moving the camera around. Not that it’s much easier with other cameras either, but seeing either 3-axis or 5-axis stabilization would help!

This camera also doesn’t shoot in 4K, slow-mo, nor is able to shoot timelapse and forget about color-profiles such as S-log.


If wondering is the Sony a600 worth it in 2019 feature-wise, firstly it’s worth noting that this camera is significantly smaller than that of competition, which makes it great for travel. That also brings some issues, though. Battery life is poor to a point you always need extra batteries. While one battery will last you for a full day of photos, when it comes to videos, you are limited to around 30-40 minutes of footage. And the camera easily overheats when recording videos in over 20 degrees Celcius or 68 Fahrenheit.

The screen also doesn’t fully tilt which does make it hard to vlog, if you are brave enough to do it with this camera, something that has been fixed with the new a6400, but that camera doesn’t come with stabilization. However, if shooting with the 16mm, it frankly shouldn’t really be an issue.

Something to be aware of is that the camera also isn’t great for bad weather. While most cameras aren’t advertised for bad weather, most are able to survive it. And this one in many ways can too. However, the sealing at the screen is the weak point, and when water gets there, your screen can break quite easily. Something that happened on a trip to Iceland. Just buy a rain cover if shooting in wet environments.

Is the Sony a6000 Worth it in 2019?

Is the Sony a6000 Still Worth it in 2019?

If you are looking for pictures, there’s not enough difference between the a6500 to spend an extra €400-500 on it. Lenses are what make the big difference and getting either the 16mm Sigma or 50mm 1.8 by Sony is a great option. However, if you are looking for videos, for sure check out the a6500 review that’s coming soon because that’s a camera that solves all the major issues that this one has. 

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