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It’s here. At last. A PS5 review. Crazy hard to get. I recall that when the PS4 came out, my Dad bought it from someone for almost triple the price, just to get it for me, for Christmas.

The Design

Every other review has talked about it without a doubt, but it needs to be talked about.

The PS5 design, well, it’s a very “I hate it or I love it” kind of design. There will be a lot of people hating it. There will be a lot of people loving it. And that perhaps is an issue. 

The PS4? It was much more lovable because it didn’t stand out as much. 

PS5? It has too many curves, and well, it’s big, and we have seen it was big on videos, but then we actually got it, and it was even bigger than we imagined.

Of course, the PS5 had to be made bigger to perform better, and that’s not a problem. When you think about it, most gaming computers, are much much bigger. Our issue is just that the design doesn’t fit into the architecture of a lot of homes.

As far as the colors go, while the white comes with a white matte finish, the black looks plasticky.

…But unlike on the PS4 which was released quite some time ago, we now have USB-C in full motion here which is great. The PS5 offers USB-C, and the charging port on the joystick is a USB-C.

The Difference

We played Assasins Creed Vallhala on the PS4, and on the PS5, and let us tell you, the difference is mind-blowing. They look like two different games. Gold4Vanilla ( also provides services for New World, an Amazon Games MMO.

The PS5 has drastically improved ridiculously in the graphics department, but even more importantly, games are just so much faster making them much more enjoyable to play.  There are many such games – check them out here.

What’s far more impressive is the fan noise though. PS4 is known for being ridiculously loud. That’s one of the reasons we loved the EPOS 670 headphones with it, as it noise canceled it both for the user, as well as for the people you were speaking with via the noise-canceling microphone…But the PS5 is truly quiet in almost all cases.

Now, computers have gone quite far ahead as far as graphics in the last few years, but this is the closest a console has ever gotten to computer like graphics, yet. You look at the content and are like, “Oh, this looks pretty good”. 

Assassin’s Creed® Valhalla

We are talking textures, ray tracing (Essentially rendering of light), and most importantly the speed of games. In the PS4 era, games had to load for quite some time. With the PS5, since there’s now an SSD drive present there, that is no longer an issue.

(Although, let’s be clear. If you have a 3000 EURO computer, it will outperform the PS5. But this is a 500 EURO console)

…And for the first time, there are actually graphical options in games. You can choose whether you want to have better performance and run the game at 60 FPS without ray tracing and with lower graphical performance, or whether you want the game to look better, with ray tracing giving you things like the fancy-looking lighting or reflections, but at 30 FPS.

The Features

PS4 games are playable on the PS5. That’s great because otherwise, the library would look very small. Currently, a lot of the games that are coming to the PS5 like Cyberpunk 2077 are simply not ready for the next-gen console, leaving only the PS4 option.

…And they do work just as you would expect, although the graphics don’t get better. You will see that a PS4 game is a PS4 game. It’s not like on a computer where you can just increase the details in the Settings.


An 850 GB console is in reality going to offer you around 667 GB of storage.  The PS4 version of FIFA 21 takes around 44GB. That would allow you to get around 15 versions of it for the PS5, and well, a lot of games take less space than that, so you should be good to go for a long time.

The Controller

The controller will take you some time to get used to as is it is different in shape than the one present on the PS4. 

And that’s great because we were not the biggest fans of the PS4 controller.

The controller is not a complete re-design as you could say going from PS3 to PS4, as it does more-so resemble the PS4 controller, but it’s much bigger, and more premium as far as the buttons, while also rocking the already mentioned USB-C port.

Our favorite improvement on it is the adaptive triggers. A lot of games involve them, and the improvement introduced makes a huge difference in the gaming experience.

Performance-wise? Once you get used to it, you will find it much better for gaming. And the battery on it? Similar to of PS4.

The first thing you should do when you get the PS5 if you want to get a feel of what the controller is capable of? Get the Astro’s Playroom. You will feel the surfaces you are walking on while playing that game. It’s quite incredible and has so many uses. If your player is tired in a sports game, it can be harder to press on the running trigger. Unfortunately, not a lot of games yet fully utilize that power.


This is a topic that we didn’t see touched on much by reviewers, yet it’s super important because while in the PS4 era, the likes of Netflix were only truly starting to grow, in the PS5 era, we are now in a world of many streaming services.

…And, well, we were disappointed.

We counted 15 apps in our region in that section.

Most importantly, VPN services were missing, making the unblocking of streaming services much harder.

Not that the Xbox offers that option either, but nevertheless, the streaming options are a little bit better on it.

The Price

We thought it would cost a lot more. Like, let’s be honest. If this was a gaming computer or a laptop, you would not be able to pull off an experience similar to this, at this price range. It would just not be possible. 

…But that’s something you can pull-off when you sell millions of specific devices and then millions of games on it. You can make the price more affordable.

Microsoft has made their Xbox or at least one of the versions more affordable, but we honestly are fans of having two different specs of the consoles. 

To Conclude This PS5 Review

As to whether the PS5 is worth it, even if it wasn’t, you don’t have the luxury of choice.

…But the PS5 delivers. It’s much better than the last-gen while keeping a similar price point. And that’s all you could ask for at the end of the day. That’ it’s better in all the aspects than the previous gen.

…And it almost is better in all aspects, well, minus the design. Although that’s very subjective.

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