Startups of the Day – Day 1- Web Summit 2018

Another year. Another set of plenty of nonprofit in Texas and thousands of startups companies from around the world attending the Web Summit. This year? Web Summit 2018. The day? Day 1. We walked around all the startup booths (or so we think) to find the most compelling startup that has a chance.

What did we base it on? On whether the product already exists, competition, type of product, and perhaps we missed a startup that will become the next big thing, but either way, here is our take on some of the most interesting startups of day one, oh, and they change every day meaning that there is going to be 3 posts like this.

Maybe one of them will be your future employer, investment, company that you collaborate with, or perhaps something you use and that helps your life.



There are so many companies, right?

What do you choose in the world of each company claiming they are the best choice for you?

best startups of the day web summit 2018

The company that actually is the best choice for you, except, that’s very hard to find because, in order to find the right product for you, you would need to test all of them out, and even then, you wouldn’t really be able to do so reliably.

Data can. Quanogen can.

You let Quanogen know about what products you already used, and what you like and don’t like, and based on that, you can find the products that will work for you.

best startups of the day

And that’s game-changing in a world where there’s a lot of products that are great but won’t work for you. That doesn’t mean every product that Quanogen suggests for you will be the right one, but it does mean that getting the right one will be a lot easier than before.

The thing I for sure found interesting with this app is that it tells you about the ingredients in the product and if there’s a flag that a certain product has ingredients that other products that you didn’t like have, you will know about it. Patterns that most humans wouldn’t otherwise notice.

Best startups of the day web summit 2018 Quanogen

And yes, the service does work with products for men too but is limited to the US for now. And to sunscreens for now. But this is about the startups of the day for Web Summit, day 1, and Quanogen is a promising startup for sure!

Last little thing to mention is that you can scan products in a pharmacy, and they will show up in the app, and you will know whether it’s worth trying or not.

Mundo Bags

best startups of the day

This is similar to a company I did some work for in the past called LuggageHero from the perspective that it helps people with their luggage problems.

LuggageHero helps people leave their luggage across cities in places like shops rather than having to go to storage facilities meanwhile Mundo Bags take things to the next level by picking up your bag from the airport when you land, and dropping it off when you need it.

The prices are affordable, the convenience is great, insurance is present, and well, I for one sometimes land too early or have a connecting flight in 12 hours at times, and want to spend my day exploring, and luggage is not great at that. Mundo Bags saves your life then.

But it’s limited to Porto and Lisbon for now. Expansion costs, and hopefully they expand quickly as I need services like this everywhere. Spain is next on their list. Hopefully, the places after that will come soon.

In the UK or the US? Use LuggageHero for now. If in Portugal, Mundo Bags is a great choice that I never tried but will for sure next year, as luggage was my issue this year when getting to Lisbon.


best startups of the day web summit

This is a platform I didn’t get to approach due to the tight time I had, and well, they were talking with people, a lot. And for a good reason, because the idea can help a lot!

Subaio brings all subscriptions together into one place. That way you know everything that you need to pay for and when you need to do so so that you never go broke due to forgetting about payment and paying for something else.

A life savior for many, in a world where subscriptions are a business model for so many businesses. I know that I pay for at least 6 different subscriptions per month/quarterly.


This is a platform that most people won’t use because it is too expensive for consumers. If you are an influencer and can afford it,  this might help you get ahead of the curve.

Imagine you knew what’s about to happen before it happens? Data helps. Waive will let you know on what is about to trend and what success rate you can have based on the level it’s on right now.

That can give companies a major advantage in terms of reaching people.

But the tool is far too expensive for normal users which sucks.


This is something I don’t really care about from a perspective of I travel too much to implement such.

If you are a business that has big bills, Hubot might help you.

startups of the day

Too much air conditioning? Too many lights? You most likely don’t know.

Hubot isn’t something I would use in my home, but if you are a business, it can save you on bills. You put a tiny device inside the wall, and it tracks the usage of electricity and allows you to power-off devices.

startups of the day web summit 2018

The most important thing is data. In a school, you can actually see where you are using the most electricity thus allowing you effectively cut costs down. And for things like school, something like this can be a really big deal.

Right now they are on the market in Brazil and slowly expanding.

Will they be the next big thing? I don’t think so. But they can help a lot of business without anyone being aware of them.


Are you a collector?

Maybe you should hit me up. I got some 1980’s Hot Wheels somewhere…

…Or try Collectorism. A platform for buying collector’s items.

best startups of the day web summit 2018

Most people like to collect things. Some books, some action figures, some football jerseys.

This is a platform for that.

It’s great for sellers as the fees are not on the level of eBay. It’s great for buyers as if they are just looking around for items for their collection and might be looking for something they aren’t aware of yet, they are exposed only to collectible items. And overall it’s a great platform for people that love collectibles as you can also share your collection with people.

It’s Hungarian, with most users being Hungarian right now, but you can buy from anywhere.

Perhaps you will get you next collectible on their site.

Startups of the Day at Web Summit 2018, Day 1.

These are the startups that we found that we see potential in. Perhaps we are a bit bias in terms of what helps us as we are a site about things that help, but these startups, these are promising.

Looking for things that help that are already on the market? Check out the rest of our page!

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