Startups of the Day at Web Summit 2018 – Day 2

Each year at Web Summit, we go around the most interesting startups at Web Summit and post about the most interesting ones displayed on that day. Yesterday we posted about the startups of the day at Web Summit 2018 for day 1, and if you didn’t check that out yet, we recommend you do, and you can do so here, but if you did, here are our favorite ones from day 2.

Of course, there are some other promising companies, and we walked through all of them, but it’s hard to talk about companies that aren’t about things we do. We don’t know anything about some industries.

Vitta Watches

This is a company that’s already on the market, but that is also funding on Indiegogo for their new watch.

It’s a company that offers smartwatches designed for fitness. It’s also a company I will watch very closely and hopefully a product that I can review very soon as it’s of interest to me to see how smart it actually is.

best startups of the day

2 weeks battery life is something I was told. I’ve been told plenty when it comes to battery life on products though…

What I do know is that it for sure offers more fitness features than typical smartwatches, but features are great only if they work effectively. Things like heart rate variability being used for measurement is great, especially for me, having already worked with companies like Welltory which use that for managing stress but when it comes to products, it often all goes down to testing.

best startups of the day

Vitta Watches is a promising startup if it works right for fitness. And things like having their own system for sure help with that, but it all goes down to actually testing the product properly to determine if it’s better than the likes of the TicWatch Pro.


Do you live in London? Why do you have to wait a day or two for a delivery of a package from London? It’s not that far away.

What if you could have it in minutes?

That’s what Peyk does. Think of it as Uber for your packages.

best startups of the day peyk

You have a driver that picks up your package, and well, yep, you get it, a lot faster than otherwise. Insurance included.

Currently, it works in London but they planning to expand to Milan next.

Will you be using it? I won’t because I don’t live in London, but as somebody that reviews a lot of packages, if I lived in London, that would make my life much easier!

Egg Electronics

Not enough sockets to charge your devices? Egg Electronics created a pretty flat product that allows you to charge up to 15 devices at the same time. And that is major as most homes don’t have that many sockets.

I saw this company last year but my problem was the lack of support for variations of sockets. What about customers in the UK or the US?

startups of the day web summit

This is changing.

That’s why I’m excited about this startup as this device allows you to charge more in a much smaller package. And that’s a game changer in so many ways. Most importantly it’s impressively flat allowing for convenience with packing.

And their newer version supports wireless charging and comes with up to four ports.

startups of the day web summit 2018

Oh, and if you go into their site, you will see their product designer does an incredible job!


This reminds me of MTailor which measures your body with their proprietary technology to get you clothing at better prices with a need to deal with measurements and being afraid of a product being too small or too big.

best startups of the day 3d

Except this tool isn’t about making clothing. It’s about helping other companies. If you use this tool on a site of a company that supports it, based on a 3D scan of you taken on a phone, you can know what size will fit you best, and that, that is major as returns are massive for no reason.

And that’s not great for the environment.

I for sure have a problem with sizing with sometimes being a small, sometimes extra small, and occasionally even medium.

Ambie Sound Earcuffs


We all have them.

startups of the day 2 ambie web summit

Unless you forget them as I did on my trip to Lisbon but either way, we all use them, and while we aren’t going to say that what we heard was game-changing in terms of sound quality, these earphones don’t actually go into your ears. Instead, they reflect sound, but in such a way that you can hear your surroundings to a point that you hear both the music but also the traffic, allowing you for better safety.

startups of the day 2 Web Summit 2018

That’s a problem I had with the Jabra Elite 65e for instance. The HearThrough function is there but you can’t exactly use it at the same time as you would use Ambie.

They are a Japanese startup though, so most will struggle to get a pair. Perhaps you are looking to invest though.

Startups of the Day at Web Summit 2018

Startups of the day at Web Summit 2018 day 2 weren’t as great as day 1 but it’s not about all startups being great. It’s about finding the few that have potential and are products that we would personally use, and we would use these. That’s for sure!

Edit: We had a day 3 but we lost our pictures for it. 🙁

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