How to Stay Safe during the World Cup in Russia While Having Fun

Do you want to know how to stay safe during the World Cup in Russia? Why? You automatically assume it’s dangerous, right? Shoutout to America for that. Honestly, I can’t tell how safe Russia is, but I can tell that if you are staying in a place that looks like somebody committed murder in, that you should look after yourself.

How to stay safe during the World Cup in Russia

And the chances are that you are. And not because you are ridiculously broke but because you can’t afford to be paying $1000 per night for a 3-star hotel that will cost $50 per night after the World Cup. No way.

Being around the areas of the World Cup during the World Cup? Probably the safest time to visit them. But outskirts of cities are still outskirts, and your cheap place, the area around it, it might not be that safe.

Like I said in the last post, I help people by helping myself. That’s how you give the best answers. If I have a problem, somebody else will have it. Mark Manson said that there’s no personal problem. If you have a problem, chances are many others will have it too. You are reading about how to stay safe during the World Cup in Russia, this just proves my point.

How to stay safe during the World Cup in Russia

There are 3 major components that you need to look at if you want to stay safe during the World Cup in Russia. You want to keep yourself safe. But you also want to keep your belongings and data safe. Especially in 2018.

Keeping Yourself Safe during the World Cup in Russia

Let’s face it. Your phone is the most vital thing when it comes to your safety. It’s also something that I broke yesterday.

If you want to stay safe during the World Cup in Russia, you need a phone. It needs to without a SIM lock, and it must be with a Russian SIM card. Oh, and have a power bank. If you miss one of these, you might be in trouble.

How to stay safe in Russia during World Cup

If you get lost, Google Maps is there. If you need to check when the next train is arriving, that’s there. Calling a friend? Yep. If you are in danger and need to call someone, you can also do that. Our mobile devices are key to our safety, except not really if you have a SIM lock.

Internet and calls are crucial anywhere you travel. But Russia. Oh gosh. You can buy a car for the cost of your internet data.

If I were to use my mobile operator in Russia, I would be spending €7.12 /MB. I use an average of 4GB per week meaning that I would be spending 7.12 x 4000 if I stayed in Russia for a week. €28,480. I kid you not. RIDICOLOUS.

internet costs for Russia

It might cost you to unlock your sim lock if you have one but it will be much cheaper than paying that much money. And it’s a crucial thing.  My OnePlus 3 came unlocked and with two sim card slots, and that’s the perfect kind of solution for a phone.

A Russian SIM card is great, but it’s not enough. Our phones, the batteries on them still suck. And I mean, if you are to take pictures and videos both while exploring and during matches and to also check locations and so on, your phone will die. More than once. That’s why you need a power bank.

Blackberry phone charging keep phone charged to stay safe during the world cup

And for that, I think the Orbit Powerbank seems like a great option. 5000 mAh should charge your phone up to two times. It also comes with a selfie button if you are traveling alone, and if you are getting too far from it, it will make you know. Keep that in your luggage, and you will know if you forgot it and are getting away from it.

I’ve got lost in Paris before, and my phone was dead. And since I have a USB-C phone, finding a charger was not possible. It took me 3 hours to get home. I was in the city center and walking around the place, but I just couldn’t find it. Paris has the normal alphabet though. Russia might not, especially in the smaller areas. Your phone is vital. A Russian sim card is too. But you also need to keep your phone charged if you want to stay safe during the World Cup in Russia.

And please, whatever you do, do not just have one way of paying. Bring two cards. And enable the likes of Android Pay on your phone. Bring cash. I’ve missed a bus to a different country before because I couldn’t but a metro ticket to the right station because my type of card was not accepted. And if you do lose a card or money and only have one source of paying, you will be in huge trouble.

Keeping Your Things Safe

You want to stay safe during the World Cup in Russia, but you also want to keep your things safe, right?

Am I going to wear cheap clothes during the World Cup? Absolutely not. The clothes I always mention whether Mugsy Jeans, Thursday Boots, or Ministry of Supply, they provide functionality that other products don’t. I’m also going to have a camera and a laptop. I need to work. I need to write. That’s just what I do.

Ultimately you have two choices, you either don’t take any valuables or you put them at risk. To translate this, you either don’t enjoy yourself, or you risk losing things. What’s the point of going if you don’t have fun?

Here are the two concepts I have. You either brings two pieces of luggage. One with clothing and one with valuables, or you just bring a backpack and have everything in that. It all depends on how long you are going for and what your needs are.

The first concept involves you leaving one of your bags in that murderous place you are staying while taking the second one with valuables out.

That way, if something were to be stolen, it would be of less value to you. A clever way to protect things would be by putting a security camera inside your luggage that you will leave in the place that you are staying in. In 2018, a vast majority are able to detect motion. Somebody opens your luggage? You know about it. And you see who they are.

Traveling with a jacket
No. This picture was not taken in Russia.

I won’t bring two bags or pieces of luggage though. I’ll bring one backpack. I value my clothes too much for them to be lost, I mean if you saw the reviews I made of them, you would know why. And speaking of backpacks, whatever piece of luggage you bring, make sure it has functionality and that it will protect your things when you are with it.

How to stay safe during the world cup in Russia

My choice? I’ve been using the Lifepack for almost a year. I’ve had a lot of backpacks, but this one just was the best I ever tried. I like functionality. That’s what Lifepack delivers on. A power bank? It’s there. And you can never have too much. The Orbit one will let you know if you left something but the Lifepack one also has a solar panel which is fantastic to have during summer. The backpack itself has a clever lock that you can tie to anything. And it has some hidden pockets. And that’s how you keep your cards and passports secure. You put them in there. Oh, and it also makes your life easier. Not to mention that those are a great way to hide a tracker that could then be used to track your backpack if it is in fact stolen.

How to stay safe during the World Cup in Russia

A good backpack is essential for your trip because you want to be comfortable while at the same time not feeling stressed out due to the lack of functionality.

Oh, and no. You will not be allowed to bring your backpack into the stadium. Absolutely not. Do you want to stay safe during the World Cup in Russia? Well, this is a necessary safety procedure at stadiums that might save your life.

You need to find a luggage storage facility. It will be much safer than storing something in a murderous-looking location anyway. Especially when the people that work in the place that you are staying in know that you are there for the World Cup.

And who the hell goes to the World Cup to stay in a hotel or apartment, especially when it’s terrible?

How to Keep Your Data Secure

This is one of those topics that’s being spoken around more and more lately. Especially because of Facebook. Russia has also had several mentions in the space of security in the last year. But that doesn’t really matter as the reality is that it doesn’t matter where you are when it comes to the internet, you are not safe anywhere. Even with laws around.

Governments and internet providers can easily check what you are up to and often do. I’m not worried about those though. I’m concerned about people. Normal people that can see what you do the second that you connect to an open network whether that’s in your hotel, apartment, cafe, or stadium. 

It’s not hard to see what somebody else is up to once you are connected to an open network. You are sending and receiving information, and it’s up for grabs for anyone that wants it. Whether it’s the address of your current place in Russia or your payment information. If you want to stay safe in Russia during the World Cup, it’s crucial that you hide that information.

Encryption is how you do it.

VPN services are the solution to be exact.

And PriavteVPN is my choice for encryption.

PrivateVPN VPN service will keep your data safe in Russia

Basically, when you are connected to a VPN service, whatever you do, it can’t be received by anyone else. Or it can, as a bunch of nonsense. The encryption that PrivateVPN provides is at the level of the U.S. government, and it’s frankly too expensive to crack for just about anyone.

But VPN services aren’t just excellent for encryption. In Russia, certain sites might be blocked, or they might be geo-restrictions on them. If you use a VPN, you can connect to just about anywhere in the world, and be there, without being there. Well, at least PrivateVPN offers 56 server locations. I’m not sure about the rest.

VPN services protect your internet data. But what about your accounts? Most can be hacked into pretty easy because our passwords are guessable. My recommendation? You use NoMorePass. I’ve seen it at Web Summit if I’m not mistaking and loved the idea. Make some incredibly hard passwords and use NoMorePass. You won’t struggle to provide them as you won’t need to, and the person that is trying to get into your account will fail.

Stay Safe during the World Cup in Russia

The fact is that you can never be too safe anywhere. This post is not a guarantee that you will stay safe during the World Cup in Russia. We just can guarantee that nothing will happen to you or your stuff.

But this post will help you be significantly safer than otherwise. But whatever you do, do not decide that you will just do nothing other than going to your match just so that you can stay safe. Safety is great, but you also want to live a bit.


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