How to Stop Armpit Sweat in 2018 (Even During Summer)

Great clothing can make you more confident. Taking care of your skin can make you more confident. There’s a lot of things that can add to your confidence and ultimately, confidence is one of the most significant aspects that successful people have.

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But while there are things that can make you more confident, there are also things that can kill your confidence. And armpit sweat is one of those problems. That’s why you are probably here, to figure out how to stop armpit sweat in 2018, and yes, even during summer.

Generally, you see a post on this kind of stuff and the people never even had a problem with sweat but are simply a bunch of ghostwriters hired for a “slave” wage to write as many posts as possible. I, I’m also a writer, except, I help quality companies help more people. And the reason why I’m so great at it is that I am somebody that really experiences life. Instead of hiding from problems, I try to solve them. And yes, sometimes it takes much time to finally solve them, but ultimately, life is just a game of problem-solving.

My goal is to help others. Cliché? Right? Well, actually my goal is to help others by helping myself. That’s the problem with the internet. A lot of guides and posts that aren’t written by people that went through problems. If I try to help others without having that problem myself, I will not give near as good of an answer. Instead, I solve my problems, and then write about them, and thus solve people’s problems.

Like Mark Manson said in his The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck book, “The truth is that there’s no such thing as a personal problem. If you’ve got a problem, chances are millions of other people have had it in the past, have it now, and are going to have it in the future.” If I help myself and then write about it, I’m helping many others too.

The Context of My Sweat Problems (So That You Do Not Think That Your Problem Is Unique)

Saba interview

I interviewed Martin Garrix before. I interviewed Saba before. I attend media events. I interview people at these events.  When somebody is known, stress is there. Oh, and then I also write for companies with products and services that help. Sometimes that’s stressful too. Trying to make the perfect blog while making it on time. Ironically the least perfect but raw blogs tend to be the best. But that’s the business side of sweat.

Then there’s the personal life kind of stress that most people experience. I’m the guy that didn’t go to parties or didn’t dance as much at parties without having a jumper on because he had sweat stains. I’m that guy that that didn’t talk to that girl that I really wanted to talk and that even looked like she wanted to talk to me because I had armpit stains. I’m that guy that acted like I was cold when I was actually boiling hot in my jumper because of armpit sweat.

You most likely have one of these problems. And you perhaps also tried every damn thing in the shop or on the internet that was meant to help you but nothing did, did it? Instead, you merely poisoned your body with chemicals that you cannot pronounce.

How to stop armpit sweat in 2018

Except, I found a way to stop armpit sweat problems two years ago! And it’s chemical free! Now, while you will be able to stop armpit sweat problems, the actual problem will forever be there. The solution is to make the problem disappear from your body. The solution is to prevent the problem from having any impact on you. That’s why if you don’t apply the solution, your sweat will be there. That’s a method that will not be bad for your health.

The Solution That Will Stop Armpit Sweat

I wanted to stop armpit sweat for so long, I’ve dealt with the problem for at least 5 years, and every year the problem was causing me more problems. I tried chemicals of all kinds. Nothing worked. I also tried undershirts, and while they did have somewhat of an effect meaning that they prevent sweated for like 1 minute extra, they sucked anyway.

But then I found Thompson Tee. A product I’ve been using for the past 2 years. In theory, it’s an undershirt, yes. But if Thompson Tee is an undershirt than I don’t know what other undershirts should be called. It’s like a $100 vs. $1000 smartphone.

Thompson Tee absorbs your sweat. It’s still there, except it never makes it past the layer of the shirt that touches your skin. They call it Hydro-Shield Sweatproof technology. To be frank, the name is confusing, but these undershirts work magically with the combined power of products from

I write about how to solve problems, and Thompon Tee is the most important product I ever wrote about! There’s just nothing better. The sweat that would normally stain your shirt or t-shirt stays on your undershirt, but it never reaches the top of the undershirt. It actually evaporates. And all of that without any chemicals that damage your body. Instead, merely technology. Smart technology.

How to stop armpit sweat in 2018 during summer Thompson Tee

I’ve been using Thompson Tee’s for two years, and they have been the best product I ever used. All while also being at a great price of always under $30 while being made in the US. Yes, you read it right. NOT MADE IN CHINA! The only thing I would say is that you do get two pairs as this technology helps a lot, but it also makes them dry a lot longer! And if you don’t want sweaty armpits, this is something that you should wear every day, but of course not when working out or such as that’s just pointless. Also, they do stretch over time.

But we are talking about me wearing an undershirt almost every single day for the last two years, and then having to wash it once a week, meaning that it went through at least 100 washing cycles in the last two years.

Thompson Tee

If I were you, I’d go for the slim version with a V-neck if you are planning to wear a normal shirt or t-shirt. When it comes to you wanting to actually wear a V-neck t-shirt or shirt though, get the standard sizing with an extra V-neck.

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