Sudio Sweden Niva Review – the Best Budget Fully Wireless Earbuds Under €100?

Most Sudio Sweden reviews are sponsored. You read the review, and then you see the discount code. I? I was going to Russia for the World Cup. I reached out to my bro Victor Ajayi and told him that I need some earbuds if I’m going to go to Russia as otherwise how the hell would I survive a long trip? He told me he had a pair that he didn’t really use yet. It was these Sudio Sweden Niva. I took them to Russia. The Russia trip? It was a fail. I missed connecting flight while in Russia. The Sudio Sweden Niva? They might be the best budget fully wireless earbuds under €100 depending on who you are. Depending on what you need.

Sudio Sweden Niva

The Lack of Fancy

Before I tried these, I had the Jabra Elite Sport earbuds. Price? €229. Oh, and they come with a GPS and heart rate tracker. They were made for music but they really stood out for workouts.

Jabra Elite Sport
Jabra Elite Sport

Sudio Sweden Niva? They don’t have any of that. And that’s okay. That’s what makes them cheaper. Instead of providing features and sacrificing on sound. Sudio Sweden Niva does exactly what earbuds are meant to do, provide with sound, wirelessly, on a budget. And that’s it. You will not get anything else. And if you are on a budget, it’s either that or features but poor sounding earbuds.

The Quality?

Not that great. But as far as sound is concerned, no fully wireless earbuds deliver!. The best budget fully wireless earbuds aren’t necessarily worse than the top ones out there in terms of sound quality, it’s more so the features and a few other things that have an impact such as the battery life that makes a difference.

Here’s the sad reality about fully wireless earbuds. They do not yet sound as great as wireless earbuds or non-wireless earbuds. They are good enough by all means, but they don’t compare to the other variations of earphones and earbuds.

These Sudio Sweden Niva are honestly just as good as my last Jabra Elite Sport which I lost, in terms of sound quality. I’m not going to get too fancy on the details. If you are looking for earbuds on a budget, you aren’t looking for the all the details. The only thing I’ll say is that they like in bass and sometimes in clarity when playing on their loudest.

Sudio Sweden Niva Are Only Good for Listening to Music Though

This is where the likes of Jabra with same sound quality separate. See, these Sudio Sweden Niva are great for listening to music, but once you try to watch something, you can automatically notice the sync issue. These are behind. Not a big deal as far as music is concerned, but if you want to watch a movie or edit something, these will not be the right choice.

They Are Independent Though

Remember how I mentioned that my Jabra Elite Sports got lost? Well, I didn’t tell the full story. See, they didn’t get lost. One got lost, making the other one completely useless.

Sudio Sweden Niva one earbud

These Sudio Sweden Niva work independently, and that, that can perhaps be called a feature. And a really good one. Why? As you can listen to your music in one ear. And, if you know you will not be able to charge your device, you can only use one earbud at a time extending your battery life even further! And that’s a worthy thing to have!

Lack of Volume Controls

Sudio Sweden Niva review volume change

We said these earbuds lack functions. This? This is one of the features that you just need to have. It’s inconvenient having to go to your phone every time you want to turn your sound up or down. The only feature that they have is that you can pause a song, and frankly if they didn’t have that, I would not even make a post about them as that is a must!

Comfort, Looks & Size

Sudio Sweden Niva are much smaller than most earbuds. Is that due to the lack of features? Perhaps. But a lot of fully wireless earbuds also lack on features and are much bigger. These look great but are also of great size. While providing a comfortable enough fit. You won’t be amazed, but you won’t feel anything that you will find annoying. And that’s all you often need. Except when you try to pause songs. You will feel that.

Of course, the problem with fully wireless earbuds is that they can fall off and get lost. That’s an issue that often is the reason behind individuals not investing in fully wireless earbuds, especially when they are expensive. Honestly? They did not fall off me when using them. Does that mean they will never fall off? I don’t know. It only takes one fall to lose any fully wireless earbuds. I feel confident about these but be careful!

The Battery Situation

Of course, the battery is something always to consider. You want something that will last your trip. These? About 3.5 hours of use. If you use only one at a time, that’s 7. If you add the 3 charges that the case provides, that’s more than enough to last you. And that’s just it. My Jabra’s lasted about 5, but if you use just one of these at a time, you will get 7.

But the case itself is way too big. Instead of being so circular they could have made it more rectangular. It’s hard to fit them into pockets.

Sudio Sweden Niva – The Best Budget Fully Wireless Earbuds Under €100?


Sudio Sweden Niva listening at wall

Sudio Sweden did what they were meant to do, they were meant to provide fully wireless earbuds that one can enjoy listening to music on, and they did. No fancy features. But at under €100 and with the quality of sound they provide, especially compared to more expensive earbuds, these are worth it…if you are on a budget and just looking to listen to music. If you want to edit videos in these, perhaps these are not the right choice for you.

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