Tech That Can Bring Your Health to the Next Level in 2019

Tech is meant to make your life better. The problem is that a lot of tech in the last few years is “cool” rather than helpful. Ultimately, you need to take care of yourself first before looking for tech that can bring your health to the next level 2019 as most things mentioned here will be useless if you do not take action. Action is key to taking your health to the next level in 2019, with various tech deals available to play a supporting role to turn this significant change in your life into realistic. But if you do take care of yourself, and use some of the tools and services mentioned here, you can really bring your health to the next level in 2019.

This post will cover blood tests, DNA tests, and some great gadgets, all being technology, as don’t forget, tech isn’t just about something being electrical. For men, it can also be about the Provacyl HGH.


You go to a doctor asking to get some blood test done. It ends with the limiting belief that if you aren’t feeling bad and are relatively young, then that you are fully healthy and that there’s no need for them. I hope you don’t have a doctor like that, but most do. In the best case, you’ll get some tests done, in the worst? You will get none. But you will pay for the visit anyway.

And the problem with that is that blood tests can often show problems before we feel them. Knowing there’s something wrong early enough could even save your life. How are you meant to know if you can’t know?

Tech that can bring your health to the next level in 2019

Livesmart is based in the UK with limited access across Europe provided that you can ship your sample to the UK within a day, and it’s a truly revolutionary do at home (you can get a nurse too) service that can bring your health to the next level in 2019. In fact, this is probably the service that will have the most impact on your life.

The fact you can get all the tests you want to get so that you can know the state of your body in the first place is pretty major, but that’s not what makes Livesmart special.

See, Livesmart combines getting blood tests with something people would easily understand in 2019 and can take action based on. When you get blood tests in a doctor, unless there’s something terribly wrong, that’s pretty much it. You don’t get any data or any information on how you can improve.

Livesmart? It offers a dashboard where you every time you do a test, you get a score that shows your health. That, as it is, allows you to track your progress. But even better, you get a full brief from a doctor on how things are looking with your body, and where you should improve, with recommendations. That’s what a traditional doctor is missing.

I, for instance, was told my Vitamin D was incredibly low, and I was recommended a dosage. I was also told to visit my doctor to inquire about the likes of too much calcium in my body which I actually never did about, which goes back to the fact you need to take action. But I was also told I had an elevated risk of kidney disease and of Vitamin D deficiency, with both of these things linking in together.

Tech that can bring your health to the next level in 2019

I will try to get a test done soon to keep you updated, as I haven’t done one in a while and since have changed my lifestyle, also have been traveling a lot possibly increasing and now again decreasing vitamin D levels, and also reduced my coffee + milk intake quite recently.

The fact a doctor will have an outlook on all of that health data of up to 52 different blood markers depending on your budget, as you do these tests over and over, plus the fact you also get coaching calls included when you buy a test, it means that Livesmart can take your health where a normal doctor can’t. And it’s not because your doctor is bad, but it’s because your doctor is meant to fix your problems when you have them. Meanwhile, Livesmart is more of a platform that eliminates problems before they happen and allows you to be the best, most productive, efficient, you, if you take action.

Data is the big key to being healthier in 2019, and if you work from home, this is something we especially recommend that you do. Most people that work at home do not take care of themselves right. Blood tests will allow you to see that.

Tech that can bring your health to the next level in 2019

If there’s anything negative to say about Livesmart is that they never include enough pricks for these tests. I tend to require 4 because my blood flow doesn’t like these tests. They provide 3 at max. I hope that changed since we tested them, but just something to be aware of. The first time we got this kit, we had to get a new kit sent over.

Tech that can bring your health to the next level in 2019

If you want to be healthier in 2019, you need to know what’s going on both inside and outside of your body, and that’s where Livesmart really stands out.


There are two major health factors that you can’t directly see. These are blood and DNA.

Blood tests, they can teach us about what is going on with our body right now, but DNA tests, they can tell us the things that we cannot control about our bodies, that may or may not happen, and thus allow us to prepare for them.

Tech that can bring your health to the next level in 2019


23andMe? There are two types of service that they offer. Ancestry or Ancestry + Health, and we surely recommend you get the combination as while we love Livesmart as far as information about our current state, 23andME offers the most interesting pieces of insights about us. Some really incredible things such as how likely we are to go bold.

The ancestry service has been updated recently after we got our images for this post hence we can’t show that, but it now provides a far more accurate outlook based on far more data, as, after all, these guys recently got funded a lot of damn money. The ancestry service is a part of the service that tells you all about your ancestors, and who are you related to in some way, and let’s just say that the new update increased the main percentage of the location of my ancestors and decreased the other tiny ones to pretty much nothing. And the thing is, the service, while it might not be 100% accurate as far as where your ancestors came, as that is a complicated matter, it does a very very good job at it anyway.

But the reason it is a part of tech that can bring your health to the next level in 2019 is that it has tests that show if you have genes associated with certain conditions and diseases. And that can be life-changing. You might have a gene linked with something that you are not aware of yet, and that can allow you to take more precautions and to do more tests to slow down the progress of whatever there is to come. I? I, for instance, have genes associated with age-related macular degeneration. And that allows me to take the right precautions.

Tech that can bring your health to the next level in 2019 23andme

The great thing about 23andMe is that they use DNA data to carry out their own experiments and studies, being able to provide some useful insights into people with similar DNA traits, such as that the people with my traits are a lot likely to drink caffeine but not instant coffee which is exactly the case with me.

If you are looking for tech that can bring your health to the next level in 2019, getting a DNA test is a way to do start working towards tackling potential problems your genes will give you, and to even better, will provide you with insights into your body, that you can take advantage off.

Swanwick Glasses

What if you could get better sleep, be more productive, fall asleep faster while also avoiding eye strain amongst many others without having to put any extra effort into what you are doing? Blood tests and DNA tests show you how things are, but then you need to take action, meanwhile Swanwick Glasses? You just put them on at the right times, and they help with all of that.

Tech that can bring your health to the next level in 2019

Of course, if you don’t sleep enough, you are still going to be tired, but these, they will improve the quality of that sleep if you wear them.

And wearing them is a big problem.

The first problem is the lack of belief from people that a set of glasses can make their lives better. That’s what I thought too. Until I wore them, and stopped wearing them, and realized how much worse, I felt when I didn’t wear them.

Technology is great, and it makes our lives better, but also a lot of it harms us in other ways. With that harm being artificial blue light that comes from phones or laptops. You might think that having a blue light filter on athe phone is enough, but what about all the other sources of light around you? What if you go out? Glasses are the only way to properly block out blue light unless you live a lifestyle that consists of no technology, but then you wouldn’t be here, would you?

Tech that can bring your health to the next level in 2019

Studies show that blue light is an issue. And these glasses? These work and that these work very well, and for me, personally, I don’t know if blue light glasses can prevent age-related macular degeneration as that has never been studied. But I do know that these protect eyes, that these are like a layer of armor, except, the enemy, it can’t go past it, and thus can’t hurt you, until you let it.

And that’s ultimately the biggest problem with Swanwick. Sure, they are more stylish than blue light blocking glasses that came before, but in the context of style in 2019, most of them don’t cut it. And that’s a problem. Most of us want things that help, but only if they fit in with our lifestyle. We don’t want things that make us look bad. And it’s not that Swanwick Glasses make you look bad, it’s that they don’t make you match the trends.

That’s not a problem for me. But it will be to a lot of people because people don’t want to be judged.

However, Swanwick, they have recently released the likes of their aviators, and they rock. They are great enough to the point that I can say that I would wear these anywhere. And that’s important. Products that help also need to look great. We can’t have both because helping someone only works if a product provides convenience. And the aviators do for sure.

Tech that can bring your health to the next level in 2019

If you are okay with people judging you for the fact “you are wearing sunglasses at night” as people seem to think. It’s crazy to say, but you might experience some sort of bullying because you are a “dick” as you are wearing sunglasses at night. But are you committed to being a much healthier, much more productive person in 2019? These are a piece of tech that can bring your health to the next level in 2019 if so.

Swanwick also has some see-through glasses that you wear during the day to eliminate only some blue light as at the end of the day. You still need to get blue light in during the day, it’s important. Artificial light is a big problem. I personally wear the day ones even during night at times, as the problem with the proper ones is that while the block out the most blue light possible, they also tint everything to the point that you see everything in orange which you do adjust to very quickly, but that is not ideal for editing at all.

I do wish they had the day version of the aviators though. SWANWICK, IF YOU ARE READING THIS, MAKE ONE!

To sum up, if you are a normal human being, you need them. If you work from home, or on a laptop or phone, you better get to their site to buy some right now as you are harming your eyes and also making yourself feel much worse than you should. It’s self-harm since you just have been made aware of the fact you are harming your own eyes.


23andME, it covers potential diseases and conditions as far as genetics go, but it doesn’t use genetics to improve your lifestyle.

Gretchen Rubin stated in her book about The Four Tendencies that “the most important thing is to know ourselves.”

Just because something works for most doesn’t mean it will work for you. But at the same time, finding out the right diet that will work best for you, that can take years. FitnessGenes eliminates that process by using your genetics.

Tech that can bring your health to the next level in 2019 Fitness Gense

You don’t need to do a brand new test if you don’t wish to, instead just merely pay a sum to analyze your DNA test from 23andMe, and based on that, you will get told about the kinds of workouts, and overall lifestyle will suit your body better. Perhaps you need more reps to increase muscle growth. Perhaps less. Your DNA is the answer to that, and FitnessGenes is all about the fitness aspect of your DNA. The right andarine dosage has its effects on muscles and tissues as well as their reparative capacity.

My issue with it is that not everything aligns with the actual lifestyle that I like, but what I learned, I applied. It goes back to what Gretchen Rubin said. You need to understand yourself. FitnesGenes allowed me to understand myself much more, but I also understand a lot about my life that isn’t DNA related, and I choose to mix both, in a way that works for me, best.

TicWatch Pro

It’s a smartwatch, and FYI, most other smartwatches or just fitness trackers will work. It’s more so about the tool rather than the type in this instance.

Is the Ticwatch Pro worth it screen

Frankly, we went through a lot of fitness trackers here through the years. Pfft, a bunch of companies we once were testing products from doesn’t even exist anymore. It’s a very competitive market. I personally used to rock a Fitbit for many years starting with the Charge HR and then the Charge 2. 24/7 heart rate and a battery that didn’t make me go nuts, damn, good days. But it wasn’t enough as far as the non-fitness aspects of my life which is why my journey ended there.

Tech that can bring your health to the next level in 2019 fitbit

TicWatch Pro? It’s a smartwatch that’s at a much lower price point than the competition, hence I often call the company the OnePlus of smartwatches, and it’s pretty amazing. We did our review while in South Korea, so feel free to check out the review of the TicWatch Pro if you want to know more about it, but basically, we liked it because it firstly looked impressibly well which is our main problem with smartwatches going back to the same thing as with Swanwick. We just want to look great.

TicWatch looks great, has a pretty damn good battery, comes with a heart rate sensor, can withstand water, and comes with GPS. All while being smart and allowing you take notes, answer phone calls, or reply or merely see emails, from your wrist without having to check your phone. It has its limits set by Google, but it offers a solution that allows you to live a smart life, but most importantly, to track your fitness. Whether that’s the watch recognizing that you are doing curls or tracking that you are running with your heartbeat, or perhaps merely walking.

Is the Ticwatch Pro worth it

Look, I get it, you might think that you need to track these things, but the thing about results is that doing random things will bring you random results, and that’s pretty much what you are doing if you don’t track. I’ve been through a period of life when I didn’t track things quite recently, and even with all the extra knowledge I have now versus prior, I was doing much better health-wise, when I tracked. And tracking is annoying, but it’s a lot better to track with a smartwatch or a fitness tracker than a phone.


Ultimately, I prefer normal watches. I like the classic feel to them. I also play sports, and in instances when I want to track how much I ran and how well I played in football, for instance, I can’t. That’s where other smart products come in. And yes, these products will be reviewed on this channel because people are asking, and having two different tools for measurement, that’s essential.

Tech that can bring your health to the next level in 2019


How to have safe sex Let's Get Checked STI Test

When it comes to tech that can bring your health to the next level in 2019, if any other site would be making this post, it’s very unlikely that this topic would be mentioned…

Sex matters. We love it. Yet, there are not many things that make us more vulnerable than talking about sex.

And that’s a problem because it’s hard to solve problems without communication of any sorts.

LetsGetChecked is an Irish startup. Something we don’t hear about often. Like Livesmart, it offers blood tests, except as a platform it allows you to take more specific tests rather than as a package, but most importantly, it offers sex screening tests, that can be done from home.

We mentioned that you postman would be carrying the likes of your saliva when you do a DNA test, well in this instance, your postman will be carrying your blood and your urine. Lucky him/her.

How to have safe sex Let's Get Checked STI Test

LetsGetChecked is the most practical way to do a discreet test without feeling embarrassed about going to a clinic or having to face a human.

The people that work there are extremely nice considering that one of my samples required a re-take due to the postal service being too slow. They called me and just told me they would send another sample.

How to have safe sex Let's Get Check

Even if you never had sex, you could potentially have caught a sexually transmitted infection. And you really have two options, you either don’t know and assume everything is fine until 10 years later when you realize you have severe problems, or you

Sex tests are scary. It certainly takes bravery to take them. But there’s nothing wrong with doing them. Doing them means that you are a great partner and somebody that cares about their health. It’s a lot easier to treat sexually transmitted infections in 2019. But you still need to take the step of taking a test as otherwise in the long-term, you will have major health problems. Perhaps not in 2019, but 2029.

Apart from tests on your sexual health, LetsGetChecked have a very impressive, list of individual tests both for males and females which we will try to write about soon.


Since we were on the topic of sex, it is only right that we mention LELO HEX.

how to have safe sex condoms lelo hex a
We had a lot more pictures of LELO until our hard drive with images broke…

We believe that prevention is the best way to go about health, and in order to prevent most sexually transmitted infections, we had to look at the cause, which of course is people having unprotected sex. But what’s the reason behind it? That’s what people tend to ignore.

Not enough pleasure with a significant risk of one breaking anyway. That’s the problem. And LELO? They fixed that problem by re-engineering condoms.

LELO made the HEX thinner but stronger by applying a hex structure to its products.

You get educated about wearing condoms in school, but the lack of knowledge on condom use overall isn’t a problem in the majority of countries. The products themselves are, and LELO fixed the product.

And yes, I’ll go right ahead and say that I tested these a lot. Nothing to be ashamed of. And, they make a massive difference. And as far as ripping? One only ripped once, not during sex, but when I accidentally stabbed it force with my sharp nail.


Tech that can bring your health to the next level in 2019

The big problem with blood tests it that while you get a picture on how things are, you don’t do know if you made any improvements until you get another test.

And that can significantly increase the drive to keep trying to make things better. Not to mention that it can slow down performance.

Vitastiq is a tool that looks like a pen, but it allows you to track 26 mineral and vitamin levels in your body.

You might ask how a device can do something like that? Electroacupuncture. To explain it in the simplest possible matter, you put the tip of the pen at certain pressures points that have electrical conductivity related to the vitamin and mineral balance of your body, and based on that, Vitastiq can tell the levels of your vitamins and minerals.

But how accurate is it? Clinical trials show that it’s over 70% accurate, and that is enough. The point here isn’t to replace blood tests. It’s to have a measure of progress when you aren’t getting blood tests so that you can take the right steps towards making sure your minerals and vitamins are optimum. Especially since they play a massive role in the health of our bodies, with most of our bodies not having the right levels of any.

Tech That Can Bring Your Health to the Next Level in 2019

We mentioned a bunch of very useful services and pieces of tech that can bring your health to the next level in 2019. But there is a ton of other stuff out there that can take your body to the next level that we will work on sharing with you. As while a lot of tech out there is useless, there’s also a lot of tech out there that can really make your life better.

And the ones mentioned here, they will change your life.

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