Tech That Will Help You Get More Done in 2019

This isn’t a post about how you can do less. This is the post about how you can do more, in less time, by using tech that will help you get more done in 2019. If you are looking to work for an hour less every day, this isn’t a post for you. No, this is a post about how you can do everything you much quicker so that you can spend the time saved on doing even more as we are here to help you succeed, not to help you watch more Netflix. Unless you are already working a lot, and are looking to save time, then stay too.

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Whether you are a student a digital nomad, a freelancer, or whatever you do as long as it involves the use of a computer, this tech will help you get more done in 2019.

Oh, and this is the first out of three in this series, the next two will consist of software & tools.

The Right Keyboard

Pitching. Writing Essays. Emailing. Blogging. Descriptions. Even editing. All of that consists of a keyboard.

I have this saying that I can use a slow computer because even if something is laggy, it will eventually appear on the screen, but if a keyboard is bad, if you press the wrong key because of that, it will be a wrong word.

Regardless of what you do on a computer, you use a keyboard, and a good keyboard will help you write faster and better. And the thing is that just about all laptops have terrible keyboards.

Investing in a keyboard might seem pointless since you already have a keyboard, but it will make your life tremendously faster.

As far as non-gaming keyboards go, the Logitech Craft is absolutely the choice. It doesn’t have any competition as far as the workspace goes. Now, if you do want to play games too, sorry, this isn’t the keyboard for you.

Is the Logitech Craft Worth it?

We have done a review on it if you want to check it but to sum it up, it’s the best keyboard for productivity whether you write or edit as it’s designed for work rather than gaming or just for usage.

is the Logitech Craft worth it

This keyboard comes with a dial that Logitech worked very hard on in terms of software. You can easily switch tabs on a web browser with it, which I do a lot as I tend to have around 60 tabs open at the same time and doing that with a mouse is just not quick enough. The dial switches functions when used with different software meaning that in Photoshop you can adjust the likes of contrast or whatever setting you adjusting allowing for much better precision but also a more productive feel due to the fact you are simply using a dial. Although, I can’t give you studies on that.

Apart from the dial, the keyboard is fantastic for writing with its circular caved buttons, and Easy-Switch™ keys for switching devices in a matter of seconds. Oh, and it’s thin and quiet so that if you are on a bus or a plane, you won’t get knocked out for being too loud!

Ultimately, a keyboard that is of the right size and with the right keys will kelp you write better than ever but this Logitech Craft keyboard is also about the dial that really makes things a lot faster. And if you pair it up with a Logitech mouse, the possibilities are even bigger, more on that in a minute.

Portable Storage

Do you want to get more done in 2019? Simple. Be able to work on any device out there.

The only way to do that is by having a portable drive that you can connect anywhere.

We’ve been using the Western Digital My Passport 4TB version for around a year now, and it has helped tremendously. Whether that’s editing images, videos, or storing important files. SSD type of drives are much faster for sure but My Passport is more than enough to edit full-HD videos and for sure enough to edit images, and its price point just makes it hard to say no to it.

WD My Passport Review One year later - The best portable hard drive for creatives?

You can get the 4TB version for around $119 or likewise in Euro or Pounds which is an incredible deal. Even more importantly this hard drive never had any major issues even with not such a great and safe method of use often consisting of unexpected disconnections. And if you are worried about your files, it comes with encryption too. All while being incredibly small and due to that even pocket-friendly.

WD My Passport Review One year later - The best portable hard drive for creatives?

There’s also a USB-C version of it available now too, and it only costs $10 but allows you to not use annoying dongles if you want to connect it, and dongles are annoying as they often break and can damage other products. Of course, if needed, you can still connect it to a laptop or a computer via a standard USB cable. Oh, and it’s smaller than the already small one! And that always helps!

A Great Mouse

If you are looking for tech that will help you get more done in 2019 and using a touchpad right now, this will most likely make the biggest difference in how much you will get done.

Touchpads are just not effective in terms of work at all.

But if you get the Logitech MX Master 2s, that will really help you get more done.

The MX Master 2s is the mouse we did a 10 months later review on a few nights ago, and it’s incredible in terms of being able to get more done.

Logitech MX Master 2S Best Chr istmas gifts for creatives

It’s a mouse that works on any surface you want, seriously, and for that itself, it’s incredible as you can work with it just about anywhere. Secondly, it comes with a wheel that allows for much faster scrolling, although you’ll have to check our review to learn more about that. It also contains a few buttons, but it’s not a gaming mouse and a mouse for productivity. Thus those buttons allow you to get more done in 2019. Even more importantly, you have a big control over what these buttons do, and once you figure out the best use for them, you can execute things much quicker.

Getting more things done often goes down to making the process of doing repetitive things quicker, and this mouse allows for that. You can even combine pressing a certain button with a mouse movement for a certain action to happen.

Logitech Craft Keyboard Review

But this mouse comes with Logitech Flow, and this function just shows that Logitech is very big on software. With Logitech Flow, you can connect your device with another device and use it as if was just one device. It’s like having two monitors expect with more power.

That’s extremely useful especially when you don’t have very powerful machines. Logitech Flow even allows you to copy and paste files between two devices making it a really unique experience, and if you use two devices at the same time, this mouse is certainly part of tech that will help you get more done in 2019!

And if you have the mouse and the Logitech Craft keyboard, the keyboard will also work with this!

Earphones That Make Calls Better

Best Earphones for Calls and Sound

There’s plenty of earphones that are great for music but what about calls? What if you can’t take a call at a certain time because there are too many people around you or perhaps are walking in traffic? What if you could listen to an audiobook of something that you need to learn around noise? Jabra Elite 65e is a great pair of earphones that we tested in some of the world’s badly planned cities with that being Bangkok. And they did a great job at blocking out noise with active noise cancellation but even more importantly at making sure that what you are saying sounds clear to people even with plenty of noise around you.

The reason for that is that these earphones come with 3 microphones. That allows for these earphones to filter out noise making sure only your voice remains, and that makes a tremendous difference in terms of quality of your calls allowing to have better and more calls, when on the go.

These Jabra Elite 65e. We have done a review on them, these aren’t fully wireless earphones, but we’ve used fully wireless earphones, and the thing is that you either get that full convenience that fully wireless earphones bring but are missing out on features, or you get wireless earphones with features that make your life better. These make your life better.

Not everybody needs great calls, but if you do, this is a piece of tech that will help you get more done in 2019 for sure.

Tech That Will Help You Get More Done in 2019

If you are looking for tech that will help you get more done in 2019, these four pieces of tech make a difference, but ultimately it still goes down to whether or not you put the work in. If you do, this tech will help you get more done. And if it does, make sure to check out our version about some non-tech tools that will help you get more done in 2019 along with a post about software that will help you too, coming before the end of December.

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