How Technology Solves Big Problems

Technology is meant to make our lives better. In 2017 I look at certain products and wonder if that’s what technology is still about. Does it make your life better or is it a gimmick? Today we are going over products that will change your life by solving some big problems that people experience. Products that help rather than are cool to have.

Elimination of Excess Sweat

Go to a shop. Drive. Go to a party. Kiss. Go to a business meeting. If you sweat a lot, that will show. It will show and it might even smell. People will notice. People will judge. We as humans being love judging. Your abilities don’t matter if people judged you already. It’s not fun having sweaty armpits.

IT’S NOT FUN TO HAVE SWEATY ARMPITS. I’m repeating this because people tend to try to avoid this discussion. Don’t avoid it. Solve it. Then you won’t have to avoid it. 

Sweating will destroy your confidence. The lack of confidence will kill your potential. Regardless of how much talent you have, whether it comes to sports or business, if you are without confidence, you will lose. People will feel it. People will see it.

There are solutions. Chemicals. Great. Yes. It doesn’t sound that great. Not for your body anyway. You have to ask yourself what if what is added into that special deodorant will benefit your body. Not all solutions work either.

What does work? Undershirts. Not all of course. But everyone should have some. Very few do. But an undershirt often isn’t even enough. Unless you have an undershirt that was built to prevent armpit sweat. It’s called Thompson Tee. It converts sweat into an odorless gas. I am willing to pay you if it doesn’t work. That’s how confident I am about this undershirt. I’ve had this problem for so long. Thompson Tee stopped it.

All that stress related to sweat just disappeared. Your stress can be gone too. I’m not saying you need it, but if you struggle, this will solve your problem. I’m confident about it. I’ve tried a lot of things. This is the only product that really helped. This is a product that will change your life. Technology solves this big problem.

Forgetting About Cold Feet

Probably not worth mentioning now, nevertheless, when winter strikes, our feet suffer. Especially if you play sports. You feel it. Yout feet go numb. You can’t kick the ball. You can’t run as fast.  

Everyone has insoles. Everyone can replace them. Bear Soles solve this problem. These insoles will make your feet warmer. You will be able to feel your toes. You will be able to move them. This is a piece of technology that isn’t complicated. It’s simple. My question is why did it take so long to bring something like this to the market? 

Saying Goodbye to Feeling Tired Regardless of How Much You Sleep

You’ve been there. “I’m going to go sleep early tonight.” You do it. You wake up. You hit the snooze button. You eventually get up and start complaining to everyone about how tired you slept. There are many different factors that could matter when it comes to this, this is the most likely one, blue light is affecting you.

Write. Code. Just work. Stop working. Turn off your computer. Switch to your tablet, TV or phone. Watch “13 Reasons Why” until you go to sleep. That’s blue light. All of these emit blue light. Blue light secretes the production of melatonin. What does that mean? You can’t fall asleep as easily. You can’t wake up as easily. Your internal system stops understanding you. You need something that blocks it. So what’s the solution? Stop using technology. Yep. I don’t think that’s going to happen.

Swanwick Glasses are a solution to this problem. You don’t need them. You can download apps. You can get special filters for your screens. You can even get special light bulbs. But what if you go out somewhere. Glasses help. It’s something that we can’t see that affects us. Most of us aren’t even aware of it. Schools don’t teach about it. Something as simple as a pair of orange glasses can change your life.

If you feel good, you can do good. Change your sleep. Change your life.

Knowing What’s in Your Body

You can’t change what you don’t know. How would you know if you need to increase your intake of a certain vitamin without knowing if your intake is good? Should you go to a doctor every week? Yes. You should. That’s also expensive and often requires you to miss work.

If you don’t care about health, you don’t need this, but then again you probably wouldn’t even be reading this. Vitastiq can measure your vitamin and mineral levels within your body. Now, it’s not medical grade. It’s not perfect. But it is something that can give you a basic idea about your health. And if you know that, you can change things up.

Increasing Your Gains While Doing the Same

No steroids. No magic pills. Now, this only works in terms of your legs. What if you could get more done in the same amount of time? What if you could do the same and use more muscles? Physiclo offers resistance activewear.

Now, this isn’t something you will love to wear. I hate it. I hate it because when I wear it, people have an advantage over me. In the long term it will benefit me, but while running with someone, they have an advantage against me because I’m working more. Now, this product isn’t just for running. You can squat. You can jump. It will be harder. You will improve faster. And most importantly, you will work your smaller muscles that you would normally not use as much while running.

Their logo changed since.

These products, they were created by people that wanted to help. You don’t need them all, but they all can change a life.



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