The Best Jumper for Winter – Ministry of Supply Men’s Fleece 1/4 Jumper Review

People always ask why we never review jumpers. It’s simple. Most jumpers aren’t worth reviewing because they are either going to never be on sale again in a month or don’t have any features worth sharing on our page where we write about products that make an impact on lives.

The cold season is approaching, though. And with that in mind, the last time it was cold, we went on a hunt for products that would be worth reviewing, that would still be on sale a year later, and that would be worth writing about.The Best Jumper for Winter - Ministry of Supply Men's Fleece 14 Jumper Review Iceland

This jumper? It’s the Ministry of Supply Men’s (women love to take it) Fleece 1/4 jumper, and it might be the best jumper ever created whether you are looking for the best jumper for winter or for the best jumper for the office.

What makes us so sure? It survived Iceland. Meanwhile, my hair clearly didn’t. Neither did the camera we shot with. The Best Jumper for Winter - Ministry of Supply Men's Fleece 14 Jumper Review Iceland

Jumpers Take up Too Much Space

One of the downsides of winter is how much space your clothing takes if you want to travel. I love winter, but that’s one of the reasons for why I also hate it. Not only does winter clothing weight a lot, but it’s incredibly hard to travel with it when using just a carry-on.

This Ministry of Supply Men’s Fleece 1/4? It’s the most compact winter quality jumper that we’ve ever come across. And for that by itself, for many, it will be the best jumper for winter for men, especially if you travel a lot.

Here’s a misconception that people often make: That bigger is warmer. That is not always the case.

Okay, it generally is always the case, but what if you are a company that looks at clothing from the perspective of how it can make your life better?

For me, the big selling point of this jumper is that I can fold it into my backpack or luggage without it taking too much space, but also without sacrificing on the warmth.

In Iceland, I had a bunch of jumpers with me. As you would assume, none of them kept me fully warm as it was just too cold for a jumper to that. The Ministry of Supply Men’s Fleece 1/4 did, however, do a far better job than the much heavier and bigger heavier cotton jumpers that were at around the same price. The Best Jumper for Winter - Ministry of Supply Men's Fleece 14 Jumper Review Iceland

And that’s what Ministry of Supply is all about. They think of clothing from a scientific point of view, and that’s why they are doing things that standard clothing companies can’t do.

Oh, and since this jumper is also much smaller than most, it also fits better with all sorts of jackets.

Inside of the jumper comes with this super fluffy layer that I wish was my carpet, blanket, and everything else. It’s incredibly comfortable, and it’s part of the reason for why this jumper is able to keep you so warm in such a thin fabric like the ones found in the Sweater Shop in Ireland. It’s just the most comfortable piece of clothing I ever tried. My girlfriend approves. That’s accomplished with hybrid fleece, which is a Japanese knit fabric consisting of a mix of polyester and cotton. If there’s a perfect jumper for watching movies, this is the one. COZY LEVELS? 100!!!The Best Jumper for Winter - Ministry of Supply Men's Fleece 14 Jumper Review Iceland

How Much Can You Do With It?

The big issue with the big jumpers I would always wear is that the weight of the material mixed with how not-stretchy the fabric was would result in my shoulders being sore after long periods of time. One of the extra reasons behind why I hate winter even though I love it.

This jumper isn’t just thin. It’s also light, and it comes with a 4- way stretch fabric that’s seen on pretty much all the Ministry of Supply products allowing for incredible comfort whether you are working in an office, on a video shoot, running in cold, or on a date.The Best Jumper for Winter - Ministry of Supply Men's Fleece 14 Jumper Review Iceland

Whatever you need to do, it’s much easier in this jumper. I tested it in all kinds of conditions all over the world whether in Iceland, Canada, France, Switzerland, Poland, or Sweden, and it just makes every part of doing something, easier which is another reason for why most people will find this to be the best jumper for winter.

You Can Wash It…

Oh, and if you stain it, it’s possible to put into a washing machine. And that’s not once per year. You can wash it weekly or monthly, and it will be fine.

It’s crazy how the more premium a product gets, the fewer washes it can survive. Not the case with this jumper. At the end of the day, the best jumper for winter is only the best until it’s not good enough to wear anymore, which is why that aspect is so important.

This once again goes back to Ministry of Supply thinking about clothing scientifically. I’ve been testing this jumper for over 5 months now washing it over 20 times, and it still feels like when I got it. In contrast, most winter jumpers, they can rarely be washed, and need to be washed with extreme caution. 

Incredible Zippers

Zippers is something I come across a lot whether reviewing backpacks like the Solgaard Lifepack Lite or other Ministry of Supply products like the Dry Days Mac. And surprisingly, a lot of companies fail at zipperS. The Dry Days Mac jacket is probably the best rain jacket you will ever come across yet the original version has very poor zippers that ripped my jacket.

The zipper they implemented in this Men’s Fleece 1/4 fixes the issues that the Dry Days Mac had. 

The Best Jumper for Winter - Ministry of Supply Men's Fleece 14 Jumper Review Iceland

Is This the Best Jumper for Winter?

We aren’t always as nice in our reviews. If you check out the Ministry of Supply blazer or Dry Days Mac review, you’ll know that. This jumper, though? It’s the best jumper for winter, but it’s really the best jumper for anything, and the best there currently is. And that’s because Ministry of Supply doesn’t look at products from the perspective of clothing.

It fits me great, it looks great, it’s comfortable, it’s washable, and it makes my life easier whether it’s adventures office work, or whatever you are up to.

And that’s the kind of products we love writing about here. Dig that? Then you’ll for sure also dig our Thursday Boots Explorer boots review. Loved that too? Then make sure to subscribe to our newsletter while checking our lifestyle product reviews.


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