The Best Shorts for Men? Mugsy Jeans Shorts Review

Let’s face it. It’s a lot easier to make great shorts than to make great jeans. Mugsy Jeans? They make the best jeans we ever tried. But how good are their shorts? Well, we tested them during summer in places like France, Switzerland, and Sweden, while playing football with them at the highest located football pitch in Europe, or while golfing in Sweden, and that gave us some pretty good insights.The best shorts for men Mugsy Jeans Shorts review pockets

Are they the best shorts for men?

The Most Comfortable Shorts for Men out There

Comfort is what Mugsy Jeans got us used to!

There’s a reason why Mugsy Jeans make our favorite jeans.

When it comes to shorts? It’s a lot easier to make comfortable shorts as the fabric doesn’t need to go down your knees.

With that said, Mugsy Jeans still managed to take comfort on shorts to the next level.The best shorts for men Mugsy Jeans Shorts review

If you previously read our Mugsy Jeans jeans review, then you know they come with a stretchy fabric that’s stretchy to a point that you can play football with them.

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Just like the jeans, these come with a stretchy fabric, and while this material isn’t quite as stretchy as the Mugsy Jeans denim, it’s stretchy to the point that you can notice a big difference when moving a lot with them. And that’s whether you are catching the metro, playing a match, or simply stretching.The best shorts for men Mugsy Jeans

You won’t feel this difference when it comes to shorts as much as on jeans, but you will still feel this difference significantly, and this stretch fabric is the reason for why these are the best shorts for men.

You want to look good, but you also want to be comfortable. These allow for that.

Big Pockets

One of the things we love about Mugsy Jeans is that they always provide big pockets that can fit our smartphones, wallets, and everything that we need to carry without any issues.

On the shorts, these pockets are still great to use, and you do have 4 of them, with two of them being at the back.The best shorts for men Mugsy Jeans Shorts review pockets

However, they aren’t quite as good as on jeans. Why? As the jeans due to being jeans and denim come with a more stretchy fabric, which provides tension against things in your pockets. That is not the case with the shorts, and due to that, items are more likely to fall out.

…But this is already something that happens on all shorts, so it’s not really a flaw. Just something that the Mugsy Jeans jeans got us used to.

A Balance Between Style and Comfort

Mugsy Jeans currently offer 4 different sets of colors. Belmont, Morgan, Olive, and Damen.

We, for sure, would love to see a few different variations, but the styles out there focus on the basics that work with anything, and frankly, they all look incredible.

Which color would we recommend? If looking for a pair that goes with everything, then the Belmont is the best option.

The best shorts for men Mugsy Jeans

Our overall favorites are the Olive, though.

The Damen are great, but they get stained very quickly due to their light fabric, and that perhaps doesn’t make the best option if looking for the best shorts for men and can only get one pair.

As far as quality, we haven’t tested these for 2 years like some of the Mugsy Jeans, but we have been rocking them through all types of different adventures as we already mentioned, washing them 10 times each at this point (summer requires that) and they look just as great as when we got them. Well…

They Have a Slight Zipper Issue

Zippers are always an issue, huh? There’s a ton of products we tested in the past that have zipper issues, and unfortunately, these shorts go in that list.The best shorts for men Mugsy Jeans Shorts review

The zippers on the shorts? They aren’t going to rip or anything, but they do tend to slide down by ab bit by themselves. And that is very annoying. This happened on all these models, so clearly, it’s a zipper issue.

Imagine being constantly told by someone that your zipper is down.

…Not cool!

Most Breathable Shorts We Ever Tried

We were wearing Mugsy Jeans shorts during some massive heatwaves. It was 38°C in Paris, and these did just fine.

They also did fine when I was in the mountains or during any other activities I did with them.The best shorts for men Mugsy Jeans Shorts review

And that’s important.

Best Shorts for Men?

To sum up this Mugsy Jeans shorts review, these are the best shorts for men.The best shorts for men Mugsy Jeans Shorts review

Shorts overall aren’t hard to get right, but the little extra things that Mugsy Jeans takes care of, such as the stretch fabric and bigger pockets, just make these shorts just a little bit better than standard shorts.

…If you are okay with the zipper issue, which perhaps they already fixed.

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