The Best Sneakers for Summer – Baabuk Urban Wooler Review

We wrote about the best boots. Summer is here now. As much as I hate sneakers, sneakers are a must in the summer, and frankly, I fell in love with how the Baabuk Urban Wooler look even before I got them.

Urban Wooler best sneakers for summer

But once I got them, I wore them for a period of one month in heat. I tried them in Poland, I tried them in Greece, I tried them in Sweden. Are they the best sneakers for summer or should you go with something else from a known brand?

The Convenience

When it comes to summer, I’m looking for convenience.

I’ll be putting my shoes on a lot, and I will also be taking them off a lot. Whether that’s me going to grab a beer from the fridge and then coming back out, or me going to the shop to buy ice. I need something that I can take off easily.

And if I need that, a lot of you also need that.

Baabuk provides that with their Urban Wooler. Regarding convenience, these are the best sneakers for summer.


Due to the laces.

Best sneakers for summer Baabuk Urban wooler flexible shoe laces

You don’t ever need to tie them. They come with elastic shoe laces, and let me tell you, I never want to go back to regular shoelaces ever again.


Summer means going on a quad. Summer means walking, running, jumping, adventuring. Comfort? It matters.

Best sneakers for summer Baabuk Urban Wooler

I mention a lot that I get blisters from just about all shoes. Not including my Thursday Boots, the last few pairs of shoes I wore, gave me blisters, especially at the start. The Swimms loafers I’m about to review along with my Sperry Chelsea boots for instance.

These? They state that these shoes will give you “no blisters.” And that, they deliver on.

And that is vital. You are looking for the best sneakers for summer, and they can’t just look good! You will be walking. I? I walked at least 200 km with these. Mostly without socks.

A lot of companies make sneakers and charge premium prices for the name rather than features, Baabuk delivers on comfort. The merino lining inside was a great choice!

The Smell Situation

The thing I really loved about my Thursday Boots is that they didn’t smell. EVER.

They constantly smelled fresh. Even after 5 months. These? That’s where I’m a bit disappointed. I was expecting these to be great at not smelling due to the fabric, but they do.

Perhaps I used them more than an average individual, but that’s how I test products out. They smell after a while, and that’s not a great thing for the summer. Especially if visiting a home of a friend.

Best sneakers for summer

Shoe fresheners do exist though.  And perhaps if you are an ordinary user, you might not even have this issue at all.

They are great at keeping your feet cool since wool is excellent at temperature regulation even though one would think that wool would make you too warm, but they do smell.

And my feet generally don’t smell.


I walked on rocks. I stepped on sharp plants. Water decided to hit me. These survived. And that’s what matters. When looking for the best sneakers for summer, you want something that will last. These do.

Best sneakers for summer Baabuk Urban Wooler

Oh, and since they are made from wool, they are also great for travel as they don’t take too much space up due to the fact you can fold them to a certain degree.

Great for the Planet

I love writing about companies that help us but that also help our planet. Baabuk makes the Urban Wooler in Portugal. Most companies fully make their sneakers & shoes in poorer countries. Made in Portugal means less travel needed meaning that it’s much better for the planet.

Urban Wooler Best sneakers for summer

It also tends to mean better quality.

On top of that, these are made from wool that is mulesing free rather than unhealthy materials most sneakers are made of. And the rest is made from natural latex.

The Design

After all the useful stuff such as flexible laces, comfortable fit that gives no blisters, materials that are great for the environment, the design also matters.

A lot of sneakers only have this aspect and nothing else.

Babbuk Urban Wooler best sneakers for summer

These? They look completely different to just about all the sneakers that you see.

And I hate how a lot of sneakers look. These are unique. Sneakers that nobody else has.

They come with a huge variety of colors. Something that just about all sneakers don’t deliver on, also. 10 colors. That’s a lot. Although, I was pretty disappointed when I found out that the version I desired, was not available.

The Best Sneakers for Summer? Baabuk Urban Wooler?

I hate sneakers. I love these.

Rather than just looking good, these also provide features that will make your summer life better.

Baabuk Urban Wooler best sneakers for summer

Convenience due to being able to put them on and off at a fast speed, without ever needing to re-tie them, they dry quick, they adjust to the temperature, they provide comfort that most shoes don’t deliver, oh, and you can say goodbye to blister forever.

Baabuk Urban Wooler is what Successisforall is about products that help. No other sneakers on the market help as much as these.

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