The Ultimate Power bank for Travel and Creators – TYLT AWALL Review

Ultimately a goal of a power bank should be to make your life easy Most power banks do that job. After all, it’s not hard to charge your phone with a power bank. In most cases that’s it though. The ultimate power bank? It needs to be able to charge everything you need to charge on any trip. And that’s what most power banks fail at.

Tylt AWALL? It doesn’t have every modern feature built-in. Things like USB-C are missing. Yet, still, it’s the complete power bank out there for most because of one crucial feature it comes with, that we’ll cover as you keep reading this TYLT AWALL review.

The Ultimate Powerbank for Creators and Travel Needs to Be Able to Charge Everything

Have you ever been held back by your equipment or rather the battery life of your equipment whether it’s your camera like the Sony a6000 or a6500, or perhaps your drone? You can charge most camera batteries with a USB port, but that is not the case if you want to charge something more complex like drone batteries, and those, they need to be charged often.


If you have the right equipment, you should be able to charge things like drone batteries in a car while on the go. But what if you aren’t moving around in a car and are in the Swiss mountains? Charging on the go will be the only option…


And that’s where the TYLT AWALL comes in. It comes with a socket. And that unlocks charging potential that just about no other portable charger offers right now, and makes it the ultimate power bank for travel and creators.

Sure, you can charge your USB-C laptop with a USB-C power bank, but not every laptop comes with USB-C, and even then, not every other device such as a hairdryer does either. What then? TYLT AWALL isn’t just able to charge. It’s also able to power. And that automatically makes it a fantastic option for all kinds of adventures.


My OnePlus 6T? It comes with an exclusive fast charging technology that no products outside of OnePlus support. Whether I get this power bank or some other, if it’s not from OnePlus, it won’t be able to charge my phone as fast as it’s possible. With the TYLT that doesn’t matter because I can charge it using the OnePlus socket.

Apart from having a socket, the TYLT AWALL also comes with 2-USB ports which frankly is a must-have.


What About Battery Life?

In the past, I used to work with a big player in the power bank industry, Zendure. One of the biggest things I noticed while being with them is how little we know about battery capacity, and how much companies trick us.

We tend to go for the biggest mAh because naturally, we want the power bank to be able to charge our devices as much as possible. Except, it’s not as simple as capacity. Capacity on paper isn’t always the capacity we get. And due to the fact companies make it overcomplicated, they often trick you.

If your device charges at higher volts than the power bank is rated at for a certain capacity, that capacity is naturally going to be lower, explained as briefly as possible. That’s why sometimes you don’t get as much charge from power banks as you were expecting.

TYLT AWALL? It comes with 20,800 mAh, which is overall a lot. How much is that in reality, though? If you have a 2018/2019 Android phone, you should get around 6 charges from one TYLT AWALL charger, based on our tests.

You will also be It’s also able to charge a phone, 2 drone batteries, DJI Osmo Pocket, and 2 camera batteries while still having more than half battery life left making it incredible for trips for creators.


With that said, it gets a lot more complicated when it comes to laptops. How long will your laptop last extra with a power bank? It depends entirely on what you are doing and the laptop you have. If you are just doing something as basic as writing, this Tylt power bank is able to extend the battery life of my 50w battery laptop up to around 16 hours, with an average battery life of the laptop with light tasks being 8 hours. The second you start doing something more complicated? It gets complicated. A single power bank can extend your battery up 2-hours, 30-minutes, or 4-hours. I can’t tell because there’s such a big number of factors that influence that.

Being able to charge all your devices is important, but so is the ability to recharge the power bank quickly. And that’s where this power bank is behind. Of course, 20,800 mAh is a lot of power, and naturally, it makes sense for it to charge for a long while. But 6 hours of waiting is a lot of time. I would like to see an ability to charge the power bank in 3 hours in a future version. Of course, quick charging tech often ruins the battery much quicker, but I would still love to see it.

Convenience Wise

TYLT AWALL isn’t a power bank that fits into a pocket, but it isn’t far off. What I love about it how it’s more of a square than a rectangle. I’ve seen a bunch of power banks that charge phones, that were much bigger than needed. TYLT AWALL isn’t the smallest, but it’s the smallest power bank that supports sockets that we’ve ever seen.TYLT AWALL REVIEW - ULTIMATE POWER BANK

These power banks fit into a backpack width wise without any issues. Pfft, you can fit two of them side to side, width-wise and they will do fine. TYLT AWAL REVIEW - ULTIMATE POWERBANK

The TYLT AWALL itself is also incredibly rugged. It’s frankly the most premium power bank I ever tried, and comes with covers over the ports on it, for extra protection which is great to see.


And while it doesn’t fit into a pocket, it’s incredibly easy to attach it to a backpack or even jeans.

Can You Fly with It?

Ultimately an ultimate power bank is only an ultimate power bank if it works everywhere, and that’s why you might be wondering if it’s safe to fly with it.

To answer that, absolutely.

It’s safe to fly with, even with its big capacity because TYLT is a proper company. It’s not a dropped shipped power bank that looks like any other power bank. It’s a proper company that designs their own products and invests in the development of tech. That makes it more expensive than other power banks with this power bank selling at $149, but it does have features that others don’t while being  incredibly premium, and ultimately, if you want to keep your tech safe and everyone else around you safe, you need to invest in a proper power bank rather than something cheap.

Please don’t be that person that causes further regulations of power banks on airplanes because you decided to buy a poor quality product.

Will you have issues flying with it? I’ve been through airport security with two of these power banks in my backpack in places like Canada, Ireland, Poland, Sweden, and Iceland, and I did not have a single issue with it. Nobody even asked me to take it out of my backpack except for Poland. The security people had an issue with it due to their lack of knowledge. They thought that it was “too powerful” based on looking at mAh even though they should have been looking at watts instead, which I wrote a post about on Zendure many years ago.

Only Convenient If You Rock Products with an American Plug

A big limitation of the Tylt AWALL is that it’s tailored towards the American market. And that, might not be great for users outside of the US.TYLT AWALL REVIEW - ULTIMATE POWER BANK

A lot of my products, whether a hairdryer, drone charger, or laptop charger, are American sockets so even though I don’t live there, it is convenient for me to use my products with it.

For you? It might not be. If you are looking to get this power bank and that’s an issue for you, I recommend that you get a SKROSS adapter which comes with all-in-one adapters that work worldwide.


Is This the Ultimate Power Bank?

To sum up this TYLT AWALL review, this is the ultimate power bank out there. You pay a premium price, sure. But you get what no other power bank offers, in an incredibly premium and rugged package. And a power bank with a socket that is able to charge and power just about everything.

TYLT AWALL 2.0? It should have USB-C and an ability to charge slightly faster. Sure, the battery would become far less efficient much quicker with that, but it would be a great option if needed.

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