Thursday Boots Major Review – Best Female Boots for Adventures?

Iceland. The land of ice and fire. The most perfect location for testing boots. Are the female Thursday Boots worth it? Are they the best boots for females when it comes to adventures? This is the review of the Thursday Boots Major boots in Shadow Grey because while the men’s Thursday Boots get plenty of attention, while plenty of females whether influencers or not have been rocking the Thursday Boots or Thursdays, there haven’t been many reviews done around them. And that’s an issue because it’s hard for companies to improve if they aren’t getting strong feedback.

Are female Thursday Boots worth it Thursday Boots Major Boots Review best female boots for adventures

If you ever read any of our reviews, you know we love to give feedback, and while Iceland is probably as harsh as it gets when it comes to trips, we do have some vital feedback both to the Thursday Boot Company as well some very useful insight for anyone looking to buy either this Thursday Boots Major boots or any other boots from Thursday Boots.

The Major Boots Make It as Easy as It Gets When It Comes to Taking Boots Off

The Thursday Boots Explorer boots for males that we also reviewed in Iceland were incredible but were a pain to put on or to take off. Something to be expected considering how high these boots are.

The Major boots are in our opinion the equivalent of the Explorer boots, or at least right now, but they do however come with zips on the sides that do make it tremendously easier to put these on and off. They also add to the aesthetic of these boots.

Guide to Iceland female thursday boots

And that’s something worth noting right away. Ultimately how long it takes to put a boot on shouldn’t be the determining factor over whether you buy a boot or not, but it sure helps when you can put a boot on in a quick matter.

With that said, they could have used slightly better zips. They don’t feel like they are going to break off, but they lack smoothness.

The Grip

These are the most expensive female Thursday Boots out there at the price tag of $200 which is a relatively great price when looking for boots that will last for years and for sure is much cheaper when compared to male Thursday Boots that mostly start around that price, but while these are the most expensive female Thursday Boots, they do not offer the grip on the level of some cheaper models that are of similar built and slightly cheaper such as the female Captain boots.

Both the female and male Captain boots come with amazing rubber grip that we tested tremendously wearing the Captain Natural boots for 5 months every single day, but while the Major boots do have that same grip, they only have half of it, with it missing 12 rubberized circles that further prevented slips, at the front of the boot. These rubberized circles make a very big difference when it comes to grip and these only come with 3 rather instead of overall 15. We don’t know why Thursday Boots did it, but we sure hope that their next version of this boot comes with all the 15 if it comes with the same grip.

Are female Thursday Boots worth it Thursday Boots Major Boots Review best female boots for adventures

Now, there’s no official link between the Major boots and the Explorer boots, but if you look at them closely, you could say that they are from the same family. Our main issue is that while they are from the same family, we feel like the male version was taken more seriously. Granted, there’s a price difference of $50 between the male and female versions, but while exploring in the Explorer boots in Iceland was no trouble at all, even with snow and melting ice when going down on slopes, we can’t say the same about the female version. And that makes it hard for us to recommend the female Thursday Boots for adventures as much as the male versions because we are talking about the most expensive female boot right here.

Sure, the Explorer version does come with the Vibram outsole which is about as great as it gets when it comes to slippery surfaces and considering that the Major boots are $50 cheaper than the Explorer, we didn’t expect the Vibram outsole to be there, but we don’t see any reason for the standard grip that pretty much all Thursday Boots come with not to be there.

It’s not that Thursday Boots can’t handle ice and snow, it’s just that the female models out right now are severely under-equipped for that environment right now. Perhaps coming into the end of 2019, when the cold hits again, that will be changed, but for now, that’s an issue.

However, with that said, that grip or half grip, it’s still able to handle slopes somewhat well and is okay in just about all city environments. We just don’t recommend it from the perspective of ice as much as we would recommend the standard grip or the even better Vibram grip/outsole.

It’s great to have great looking boots that look adventures ready until you fall and break something. #WeWantEqualAventures

Are female Thursday Boots worth it Thursday Boots Major Boots Review best female boots for adventures


Suede That Can Survive the Weather

You either stay at home or get wet. That’s your only 2 options in Iceland. These boots? They’ve been in the snow that covered the boots entirely, and they’ve been hit by snow or rain, for hours, and did as great as Thursday Boots used us to.

There’s a lot of great looking boots out there that look great but aren’t able to handle any bad weather at all. These can handle tough environments and from the perspective of best boots for females when it comes to adventures or more precisely wet adventures, put them in wet grass, be in rain or snow, and these will be fine.

Are female Thursday Boots worth it Thursday Boots Major Boots Review best female boots for adventures

What Thursday Boots do an even more impressive job with is with suede because ladies, if you ever dealt with suede, then you know how big of issue water can be to suede. Most suede boots on the market only work in weather that doesn’t consist of rain or snow, and the issue with that is that it makes most suede products unusable during most parts of the year. Not the case with Thursday Boots. Whether female boots or male boots, Thursday Boots come with suede that won’t get destroyed by weather. And that’s due to their WeatherSafe™ Suede which to explain shortly, is suede with a mixture of waterproof and hydrophobic compounds.

Are female Thursday Boots worth it Thursday Boots Major Boots Review best female boots for adventures

With that said, one of the things that the female boots miss out on is the construction of as high quality as the male models. The Explorer model came with storm welt construction meanwhile pretty much all the other come with Goodyear welt construction, meanwhile the female models, well, Thursday Boots don’t speak proudly about it. The female models, unfortunately, do not come with re-soleable construction meaning that once these require a new sole, you’ll just need to buy a new pair. Not that this should be a worry for a long time considering how durable Thursday Boots are. The lack of a proper construction that would be present in the likes of the male models means that while these are perfectly okay in wet weather conditions, we wouldn’t advice that you put them into a river. For that, the construction that you have on your boots is vital.

Comfort Matters

Ultimately, whether on adventures or just on the way to work, comfort is vital. Having a boot that is durable and allows for great adventures is great but only if you are also comfortable. And that’s something that Thursday Boots really do a spectacular job at. The full glove leather lining is the reason for that. We wore boots with it and without it, and boots with it win every single time. Especially after a while when the leather lining breaks in nicely. Speaking of breaking in, don’t expect blisters with these. That leather lining really does a great job at comfort and prevention of blisters.

Are female Thursday Boots worth it Thursday Boots Major Boots Review best female boots for adventures

Staying warm also adds to the comfort, and while this is something that will differ depending on who you are and what kind of socks you are wearing, the boots perhaps won’t make you warm, but they also won’t make you cold to a point that you can’t continue on your adventures. The best female boots for adventure, they need some level of warmth and these provide. With that said, do wair two pairs of warmer socks when in environments like Iceland.

So Does Durability

Meanwhile, males tend to look for one very solid pair of boots, females in most cases prefer to have options.

In fact, that’s why we think that the female boots overall miss out on features. To make it more affordable to buy a few pairs. Maybe that’s not the reason, but it does make sense to us.

These, even though they are much more affordable than the male models, with the male models being affordable for what they deliver in the first place,  deliver on durability. They’ve been through football tricks, they’ve been through kicking stones and rocks of all kinds of shapes with most of them being fresh and sharp volcanic rock, and they have survived without a scratch.

Are female Thursday Boots worth it Thursday Boots Major Boots Review best female boots for adventures

The outsole is perfect, the suede is perfect, and the laces, even with all that water and snow, are still perfect.

You might be thinking about why should you but a pair of Major boots for $200 if the female industry already makes incredible looking boots, and you have a point. However how long do your $50 or $100 pair of boots last? A year if you don’t go on adventures consisting of rocks hitting the boots and water damaging them? You are looking for around 5 years of adventures with these, and maybe more, depending on how you treat them. Although frankly, it could have been 20 years if they provided the construction they provide with the male models.

Are Female Thursday Boots Worth It for Adventures?

We love the Thursday Boot company. They make amazing boots that work in all kinds of scenarios. With that said, we give criticism when it’s due so that companies improve. That’s what reviews are all about. And this pair of Major boots is one of the best out there, just not the best out there for adventures that consist of temperatures that result in ice and snow. The grip, it’s great for normal temperatures and for city life, but once it gets cold, perhaps look for something else.

Are female Thursday Boots worth it Thursday Boots Major Boots Review best female boots for adventures

The issue? That we didn’t find anything better than this, yet.

And when we will, we will write about them whether it’s boots from Thursday Boots or not, as while it’s not everyday one goes to Iceland, if you, as a male you are covered and as a female, you will slip.

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