Are Thursday Boots Worth It…5 Months Later? Thursday Boots Review

Are Thursday Boots worth it? That’s what a lot of YouTubers don’t answer. They say they are great to wear but they never actually tell how much they wear them. And since they often mention boots and shoes, they were a lot of different pairs thus never fully trying one pair out. They do reviews in terms of using these to grab a coffee but never in terms of wearing them every single day for 5 months in all kinds of countries and terrains.

thursday boots are they worth it

I travel. I don’t have a wardrobe with me. I can only bring one pair of booths. That’s why I wore Natural Captains for over 5 months now. And that makes me somewhat of an expert.

Oh, and I average over 15 Km per day. I walked around 2250 Km with these. That’s just about the distance from Ireland to Poland.

I used these boots in every single type of environment one might use them in, whether it’s walking on sand, ice, or on puddles, whether facing snow or rain, whether in the mountains or the city, on rocks or grass. I tried them everywhere compared to most people just wearing them in the city. I have a real perspective on them.

So Are Thursday Boots Worth It 5 Months Later?

See this picture? These are my Thursday Boots as of 15th March so 10 days ago. They aren’t clean. This isn’t some photoshoot picture. I was walking through mood and puddles in nature. They have mood on them. They are also wet.

Except they are only wet on the outside and not inside.

And that’s the first thing. These are water resistant which I mentioned in the first review, but these are still water resistant 5 months later. Something that doesn’t tend to be a thing for too long. I had boots that just stopped being water resistant after a while, oh and then I had boots that just weren’t fully water resistant. And here’s the thing. It’s not good enough to make a boot that will protect you from rain but will make your socks wet once you step on the grass.

And speaking of socks, I do have a problem with that part, but I did from the very start. These boots suck at keeping my socks the same color. Almost every time I take them off, my socks are colored. I hate it.

Happy Socks Dirty

Back to this whole water-resistant thing. A great pair of boots is meant to protect you from water from any angle. That’s crucial. Especially when you only take one pair of shoes or boots with you. Thursday Boots absolutely deliver on. Whether heavy rainfall or snow, I tested it everywhere. I didn’t want to. But I had no choice. I had to walk.

Thursday Boots in Snow

They come with the “Goodyear welt construction,” oh and that makes them fully re-soleable, although I’m not sure when you will even need to get new soles on them as they are fantastic. In fact,  when it snowed, the Thursday Boots logo on the sole showed nicely in the snow. Oh, and the grip on the soles is extremely helpful when walking down the mountains and on slippery surfaces. It’s not fully perfect as there are better boots offered by Thursday Boots for that but they are still one of the best when it comes to these kinds of boots.  

The Smell

This is something that a lot of people asked me about. “Do they smell after a while?”

And this is my favorite thing about these boots. This is the first piece of footwear that did not smell. And on some days I walked 35,000 steps with these boots. They smell fully fresh. Like out of the box. It’s insane. Perhaps the leather lining inside plays a role. If you are wondering are Thursday Boots worth it, this is a big factor to consider. Generally, boots would smell in a bad way, these don’t.

What About Comfort?

The last boots I tried gave me incredible blisters. My football boots generally give me blisters when brand new. My sneakers generally give me blisters when brand new too. These? The first pair of boots that did actually not give me blisters. Seriously. If you always get blisters, you can be confident that these won’t give you any.

Thursday Boots high

These were always comfortable. Like if you walk 35,000 steps some days, I need comfort. I walked with these up the mountains in many locations. I walked a lot. Long hours of walking. My shoulders did hurt, from the weight I was carrying but my feet were in perfect shape.

But something happened on the 22nd of March that I had to mention. I came back from Dublin to see that somehow the same problem happened on both of my boots. The insoles got damaged. As in a layer of them folded. This is kind of weird, the fact this happened on both boots on the same day.

Thursday Boots Damaged

I will probably have to replace these insoles soon. Hopefully, I can get a pair of these from Thursday Boots directly as I am pretty sure that these contributed to the comfort and lack of smell on these boots.


This is what I really hate in these boots. Are Thursday Boots worth it because of the laces? Absolutely not. Luckily, laces are easily replaceable.

They are not in the greatest of how they look anymore and always loved to untie. When it comes to football, I switched to these kinds of laces that don’t require tying, but these are not formal enough to put into the likes of Thursday Boots. The picture here shows how they used to be, but if you look at the second picture on this blog again, you will see how they look now.

I am not a fan of the laces that Thursday Boots come with and you will more than likely need to replace them within a few months. But I hate the laces on the Scouts which are also made by Thursday Boots even more so these aren’t even that bad when compared.

The Overall Look

These weren’t really cleaned or polished that much in the 5 months I used them. For one, I didn’t have time. For two, I didn’t have the right tools. Yet, they still maintained a beautiful look, and since they come with quality leather from the Horween Tannery in Chicago, they will look even better in years to go provided I take care of them.

And of course, I also have the ability to replace the soles in the future which means I will more than likely be making a “5 years later” post in the future. Oh, and these are also handcrafted.

Betabrand Walking France Lyon

If you are wondering are Thursday Boots worth it, to be frank, I would rather a used version of these instead of many new boots out there. That’s how good they are. And since I know they don’t smell and can’t pretty much be rebuilt, my question is why are you asking are Thursday Boots worth it instead of buying them right now?

With that said, will I wear these in the next 5 months? Probably not. Summer is coming. I want my ankles to feel the wind. And I am on a search for shoes and style items for the summer. You know of some? Contact me!

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